Are Doc Martens Waterproof? Can They Get Wet?

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Are Doc Martens waterproof? That’s a common question for doc boots users.

Truth is not all models of this iconic shoe are waterproof. Depending on the specific style and construction of the shoe, some may keep your feet dry during heavy rain, while others may not be up to the task.

In general, it is best to look for rubber-coated or fully waterproof models if you need reliable waterproof protection from the elements.

Stay with us till the end to discover all about this interesting footwear brand and learn about its ability to resist water damage.

are doc martens waterproof

Doc Martens Shoes — Overview

Doc Martens did not become famous overnight; their success is because of their endless contributions to improving the quality of their footwear over the years.

In terms of design, craftsmanship, fit, and sizing, Doc Martens have earned a special place in the market. So, why are the Martens shoes so hyped?

Firstly, these shoes have soft and comfortable air-padded insoles. Since the main concept of these shoes is comfort with style, much emphasis has been given to the making of the insoles. Apart from being comfortable, these insoles are built with shock-absorption features.

Next, these shoes have rubber outsoles built with tough construction. The outsoles are designed to resist oil and offer strong support to the feet.

Besides, these shoes are completely cruelty-free, which is why most shoe lovers are drawn to this brand.

Lastly, the most unique thing about these shoes is that they come in all sorts of colors — from neutrals to even funky ones. You can even find these shoes in gold and pink leopard-which is pretty interesting. The wide range of colors gives the customers the satisfaction to choose according to their style.

Are Doc Martens Boots Waterproof?

Although Doc Martens are amazing boots for everyday use, all boots under the Doc Martens line are not water-resistant or waterproof. Most Doc martens boots are water-resistant while some are waterproof.

These water-resistant and waterproof Doc martens are favorable for using in the rain, snow, puddles, and any other wet condition.

Besides, it’s not easy to determine how waterproof boots from Martens actually are. Since the waterproof boots do not bear any IPX rating, you cannot have any idea about their strength and resilience.

In order to get your own waterproof version of Doc martens, you have to make your own waterproof version. You can start waterproofing Doc martens by using waterproof agent or spray.

Besides, you can minimize the dirt and grime on your boots by using Doc Martens wonder balsam, a unique product containing natural and synthetic waxes.

can doc martens get wet

Can Doc Martens Get Wet?

Unfortunately, Doc Martens sandals and boots can get wet if they are not built with water-resistance or waterproof features. Doc Martens boots without waterproof or water-resistant leather will barely survive the dripping weather for a few minutes, and you will experience wet and soggy feet in no time.

Although Doc martens are not your typical winter boots, you can still wear them during your travel journeys in the snow.

Most Martens boots act as good winter boots because of their fleece lining, which helps to keep the toes and feet dry and warm. You can also wear wool socks to survive the winter weather with your Martens boots.

In case of rainy weather, you can utilize your Doc martens rubber boots by applying a layer of waterproof protection spray. The waterproofing spray will help your Doc martens stay dry and warm even when it’s raining cats and dogs.

Doc Martens has launched its own Ultra Protector waterproofing spray to ensure your boots can survive the winter and the rain. Formed with water, synthetic polymer blend, and polydimethylsiloxane, this waterproof spray can help you wear your Doc martens in any weather.

However, this waterproof spray is not a good fit for synthetic material or patent leather material.

How Can You Tell If Your Doc Martens Are Waterproof?

You can determine whether your leather doc martens are waterproof, water-resistant, or prone to leakage easily from the type of leather. Leather shoes in the Martens product line are made of impeccable leather quality.

You can find these shoes made with different types of leather starting from smooth leather, carpathian leather, Virginia leather, Temperley, antique temperley, patent lamper to Brunish servo. However, not every leather type is built with the property to resist water.

Let’s have a look at some of the leather Doc Martens (waterproof and water-resistant) —

  • Streeter Leather

This is a unique type of leather that is oil-treated, tough, and rugged. On top of that, this leather is waterproof and one of the best leather types for making excellent boot collections for Dr. Martens.

  • Republic WP Leather

This leather is the waterproof edition of the Crazy Horse leather from Dr. Martens. From rainy weather to light snow, this leather will be your company even in the most adverse situations. Most Drywair marten boots are constructed with this type of leather and a heat-sealed waterproof welt to achieve a completely waterproof feature.

  • Snowplow Leather

Another waterproof edition of Crazy Horse leather, this one is designed to withstand grit and sand. Wearing Docs made of Snowplow leather can help you keep your feet warm in tough weather conditions.

You can also tell if your boots are waterproof or not by inspecting the inside. A naked or vegan leather indicates that your boots are not fully waterproof. However, if your boots have an extra layer of lining, a thin layer of fabric, or synthetic material — it’s highly likely that your Doc martens are fully waterproof.

Most boots come with a heat-sealed waterproof welt to indicate that its a waterproof version.

Another way you can tell if your Doc Martens are waterproof or not is by looking for the metal badge on any of the sides or corners of the boots. Most new boots from Martens bear a small metal badge that serves as an identifying point for waterproofing.

How to Waterproof Doc Martens?

There are many ways you can waterproof your boots, starting from using traditional beeswax, wonder balsam to using a waterproof spray. However, we highly recommend going for good-quality and safe waterproofing sprays.

Of course, you can’t expect waterproof sprays to keep your genuine leather boots waterproof forever. But you can achieve waterproof Doc Martens temporarily with the help of such a waterproofing agent.

Waterproofing products help to make sure your feet remain dry and warm despite the drizzling weather. They form a temporary protective layer on your shoes that can withstand heavy snow or rain and resist the entry of water through the boots.

You can wear Doc Martens footwear even in the most unfavorable weather conditions, thanks to the waterproofing product.

Although there are many products out there to ensure your Doc Martens good for the damp weather, we highly suggest going for the Crep Protect universal protector.

This product is specially designed to work with a wide range of materials starting from suede to canvas. If your Martens is not waterproof, this protector can create a barrier between the water and the boots and resist the entry of water and the formation of stains.

And the plus point is, it’s completely invisible! So, if you’re worried that using a protector might alter the natural leather color and finish of your shoes, you’re in the wrong. Since it is invisible, your shoes will look brand new and still stay protected from the rain.

Are dr martens waterproof? Interesting facts

FAQs in Waterproof dr Martens

Are Jadon Doc Martens Waterproof?

The Jadon Doc Martens are water-resistant to some extent, but it’d be wrong to call them waterproof. These Marten shoes lack a breathable membrane within the leather material, because of which they cannot provide adequate protection during puddles and rain.

Are Pascal Dr Martens Waterproof?

Most Pascal Dr Martens boots are water-resistant but not waterproof. However, the upgraded 1460 W Waterproof Republic Wp Fashion Boot, Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Abruzzo Waterproof, etc., have been designed to be waterproof.

Built with good quality leather, synthetic sole, and iconic yellow stitching, these Martens boots have been designed to withstand puddles and mud.

Are Vegan Doc Martens Waterproof?

Although many articles claim that Vegan Doc Martens are waterproof, unfortunately, this is not true. Some vegan Martens boots may be water-resistant, but they are never waterproof.

If you’re out in the snow or rain, vegan Martens shoes might help to keep your feet safe from getting drenched, but they’re not going to do the job for you eternally. You will find out eventually that after some time, especially if you’re walking in the middle of rainwater and mud puddles, your vegan Martens shoes will get wet.

How to Take Care of Waterproof Doc Martens?

If you’ve stumbled upon a waterproof Doc Martens brand, the quest is still not over. You can’t expect to wear your Doc Martens footwear on an everyday basis in the wet and damp weather and expect them to stay tough forever. Frequent use of these shoes in puddles and rain will eventually wear your shoes down.

Here’s how you can take care of these shoes—

  • If you see any dirt or grime on your shoes, wipe them with a clean cloth.
  • Keep the boots clean every time you wear them
  • Use wonder balsam from Martens or beeswax to maintain the robustness of the leather
  • Take a shoe brush and buff the boots until you achieve the best shine possible

Can Doc Martens Be Worn in the Rain?

Are Doc Martens sandals waterproof? Can you wear them in the rain?

If your Doc Martens sandals or shoes do not have a lining inside of your boots, and do not have waterproof leather, the chances for your shoes to survive the rain are pretty negligible.

Most Martens sandals do not survive more than 10 minutes in the rain, and soon, you will start facing soggy feet. So, if you know that your Doc Martens are not fit for surviving the weather, it’s a safe idea to skip wearing them in the rain before they are waterproofed.

But if you’ve managed to get a waterproof spray in your hands, the best thing would be to apply a generous layer on your shoes before stepping out in the rain. Not only will the spray protect your feet, but it will allow you to walk on slippery surfaces and puddles with no chance of getting soggy feet.

Final Words

So, are Doc Martens waterproof? Well, it depends on the leather type and features of the Doc boots you’re using. However, even if your Martens is not waterproof, there’s no need to worry. You can still achieve waterproofing for your Martens with the help of a waterproof spray.

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