Can You Wear Crocs In Winter: If So, How To Wear Them Right?

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Crocs are people’s favorite footwear, especially during the summer. Though some people actually treat it as an ugly shoe, it’s well known for its excellent comfort and good ventilation system. If you have a sweaty foot, you should always go for a pair of Crocs footwear. Besides, these shoes are quite flexible and handy due to their Croslite material. But what about winter?

Can you wear Crocs in winter? Of course, you can seamlessly use Crocs in the winter time. This kind of footwear can provide you with both comfort and unique style during winter too.

So, hop with us into this post to know even more about wearing crocs in winter and how to wear them in winter.

How To Wear crocs in winter

Can You Wear Crocs In Winter?

Even though crocs are considered to be a wonderful choice as a summer shoe, your curious mind would try to find out, can you wear crocs in winter or not.

You can definitely wear crocs in winter. Crocs were originally designed as boating shoes. They can easily eliminate the water. These kinds of shoes are perfect for any weather. They can handle everything like sunlight, snow, rain, etc.

The material inside them is a closed-cell resin which provides it with much more durability. They are less vulnerable than other regular shoes.

These shoes can handle every weather, including the rainy season and winter. They are lighter than the other shoes. They come in both designs, i.e., with holes and without holes. So you can choose your shoes according to the situation. They are not that slippery.  Besides, you can show off your Crocs with style even in winter.

You can wear crocs in winter changing your style for uniqueness. For an example- you can try out having Crocband clogs and wearing a jeans with a skinny fit. This is just a single idea. There are many more style you can attire.

As you are willing to wear crocs in winter, then you can combine them with a pair of socks which will help you to keep your feet warm. Socks with fur lining or a having a contrast match with the crocs will give your feet a different look.

can you wear crocs in winter

Are Crocs Good On Ice?

Crocs are a product of lightweight Crostile material. It doesn’t make the Crocs so heavy. Besides, its appearance can let you misjudge these shoes. You can think that they are not good on ice. It’s the wrong idea. Crocs faux fur shoes are designed to keep you on your feet warm all day long on your foot even on ice.

There are some other ways to wear your Crocs on ice if they tempt you to slip. You can always attach it to the bottom of that Crocs. It will give extra safer grips to your shoes. Ice grips are truly easier to attach. You can just slide them to the bottom and then fasten them with some rubber straps. 

Though we believe you don’t need them with your Crocs boots, they will provide you extra safety.

How To Wear Crocs In The Winter

Croc are a kind of comfortable shoes; people of all ages love to wear them. People wear it all year.  Not only is it famous because it is a comfortable flats, but also it will match your style as well as express your dress code sense.

You can always wear Crocs shoes bare feet during the summer. But if you are thinking of wearing crocs in winter, you should follow some steps. So here’s how can you wear Crocs in the winter?

Step 1: Wear Your Crocs With Socks.

It is obvious that in winter, our feet get cold. It’s very irritating. So if you want to avoid the cold, wearing socks is a must have. During winter, you don’t really think about the sweaty foot condition, though. You can wear thick socks because your feet tend to sweat less in winter. 

Besides, the holes on your Crocs can provide enough air circulation to keep your foot dry and warm.

Step 2: Avoid Wearing Crocs During Rain or Snowfall.

Crocs winter footwear is totally fine for the winter season, except the temperature is much lower. When it’s too cold, you can encounter snowfall or rain. Always try to avoid rain or snow with this regular footwear. Rain or snow can get into your shoe from falling on your shoe. 

They contain holes through which water can get into. It will get messy and out of comfort. So try to get fleece-lined Crocs with no holes on top of them. This will solve the messy situation.

Step 3: Try Putting On Some Crocs Boots If Possible.

Your regular classic Crocs with socks may not be enough when it’s too cold outside. You should have a look for a pair of Crocs rain boots here. They are a special kind of winter shoe made for eliminating colds. Besides, they provide a dry surface for your foot. 

This type of shoes will also match your fashion sense. You can use any of your outfits perfectly with these shoes.

how to wear crocs in winter

Can You Clean Your Winter Crocs?

The most asked question on the internet is can you wash your winter Crocs? Well, the answer is yes, you can wash your winter Crocs. Your Crocs can get dirty within a week if you use them all day long. Worry not, as all kinds of Crocs, including winter Crocs, are washable. If you have a regular pair of flip flops, then you can wash them just with detergent and cold water. 

But if you have fur-lined white Crocs, you will need to remove the fur lining first as they are removable. Then you should wash them separately from each other in cold water. Take extra caution before washing the linings to prevent damage.

The same steps should be followed to clean a pair of Crocs boots. Use cold water and detergent and let them dry naturally. 

FAQs In Winter Crocs

Does Crocs Have Winter Boots?

Yes, Crocs have winter boots. There are lots of options available in the market for Crocs winter boots. Among the fur-lined Crocs, ankle-high boots or knee-high boots are most popular. They are available for both men and women and even for kids.

Do You Wear Socks With Winter Crocs?

Crocs are the kind of shoe you can use barefoot or with socks. Sock prevents your shoe from getting sticky due to your sweaty foot. Besides, it will provide extra warmth by eliminating the wind coming from the holes. It’s always recommended to wear thick socks in the winter tough.

Are Crocs Good For Snow?

Crocs contain Crostile material, which is a closed-cell resin. One of the best features of this material is it can handle snow. They are lightweight, so people think they can’t perform well on snow. But these shoes can help you stand on your feet on even a slippery surface. Crocs with holes on them are a problem, though.

Are Crocs Winter Puff Boots Waterproof?

Crocs winter puff boots are a kind of shoes that are not actually waterproof. The linings of the boots can get wet during snowfall or rain. So, you will want to avoid all the possible wet situations with this winter shoe.


Regardless of it being a shoe not admired for looks( in the opinion of some), the croc is an excellent option to get rid of cold. These shoes are a unique way to show off your outfits, even in winter. But not everyone can think about wearing their regular Crocs during winter. 

So, we showed you how can you wear Crocs in the winter. Now you can wear your Crocs even in winter without any hesitation.

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