How to spot fake birkenstocks (Easy Checklist)

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For those looking for a comfortable slip-on shoe, Birkenstocks are a great option. They’re available in a wide range of colors and designs. Everywhere you go, you’ll be able to find them. Fake Birkenstocks, on the other hand, are a problem on the market. As a result of their widespread appeal, a plethora of replicas are on the market. So, you may want to know how to spot fake birkenstocks.

You can inspect Birkenstock’s entire appearance and find a problem. You can tell the difference between a real and a fake shoe by inspecting the packaging, sole, footbed, labels, or stitches. Don’t worry. There are several ways to tell if they are genuine.

Check out this post for more information on how to spot fake birkenstocks and differentiate the genuine ones.

how to spot fake birkenstocks

How To Tell Birkenstocks Are Real and spot fake Birkenstocks

Determining the originality of your favorite Birkenstocks requires consideration of various factors. Many lookalikes and immigrants are available because of Birkenstocks unique design and comfort. However, they differ from birks in some important ways. They’re all here-

Verify the Retailer Before Sale

As a first and primary step, make sure you only shop for your Birkenstocks at officially recognized retailers. This is because the official Birkenstocks website lists all the well-known stores. So, there’s a tiny probability that you’ll face a scam by a fake in those stores.

Check the Packaging Then

In addition to being visually beautiful, the design of the packaging of Birkenstocks footwear is educational. The front of the packaging includes an attractive image of a person wearing these shoes. The back provides extra information about their specifications. The product characteristics and care instructions are also present on the package’s outside.

Check the Sole

Checking the sole of a shoe for authenticity is critical because it is among the most frequently counterfeited regions on footwear. The Birkenstock soles look to be genuine due to their uniform color and texture. There are no loose strands or flaws in the sewing. In general, the Sole looks to be authentic and well-crafted.

Examine the Footbed

When analyzing the footbed of a Birkenstock footwear, it is important to ensure that the shoe is real. A Birkenstock is real if it has a branded “toe bar” and natural materials are the main raw materials. There are also many other clues. Some other things that make Birkenstocks stand out are their original and unique patterns and ways of sewing.

Inspect the Labels

The footbed should have a deep heel cup and toe bar. The suede lining should indeed be plainly printed with Birkenstock’s brand and size, as well as “Made in Germany” to distinguish it from the rest of the shoe. Is the imprint “Made in Germany” on the product? If this occurs, be on the lookout.

Scan the Stitching

The embroidery on Birkenstock sandals might state whether or not it is genuine. It’s a fake if the stitching is poor and uneven. However, if the sewing is clean and uniform, it is most probably the real deal. Birkenstocks are well crafted; thus, if the stitching is of high quality, the shoe is most likely authentic. The manufacturer determines the authenticity.

Inspect the Buckles

In addition to being robust and flexible, the straps on the complex substance composed the Birkenstocks. With this material, the buckles may move around your foot for more comfortable wear. Besides, the buckles are customizable, allowing you to fine-tune the fit of your footwear to your preference.

Look into the material

As a general rule, it’s easy to tell if Birkenstock shoes are fake or real based on the material used. When it comes to distinguishing between the two, stitching is the most usual method. 

Birkenstocks with tight, even stitching distinguish themselves from knockoffs by their sloppy imitations. The cork footbed of Birkenstocks is unique among other shoe companies. You may not find that in most other styles of footwear.

Examine the Weight

Despite being a popular sandal, the Birkenstock is frequently counterfeited. The weight of a Birkenstock is the most evident method to tell if it is genuine or a counterfeit. A genuine Birkenstock is going to be a lot heavier than a knockoff. In comparison to fake Birkenstocks, genuine ones have sturdier and more robust soles.

Check and Compare the Prices

Depending on the shape, color, and size of the shoe, the price of Birkenstock sandals can vary significantly. There is a significant price difference between a genuine Birkenstock shoe and a fake Birkenstock shoe. Original Birkenstock shoe cost $50 to $200, but fake Birkenstock shoes can go as low as $10.

How To Tell If Your Birkenstocks Are Real Leather?

Birkenstocks are often constructed of genuine leather. However, there are certain Birkenstocks that are made of other materials as well, such as synthetic leather. It is possible to identify if your genuine leather Birkenstocks are looking at the material used. There are several things you can check for to tell if your Birkenstocks are genuine leather:

  • A well-made pair of shoes should feel strong.
  • If the leather is supple to the touch, it should also be grainy.
  • A protective covering is uncommon in Birkenstock sandals. Thus, little scratches and marks on the leather will be apparent.

How To Spot Fake Birkenstock Arizona?

One of the most well-known shoe brands, Birkenstock Arizona, has a slew of knockoffs on the market. Other than the Birkenstock logo, there are a few tricks that can help you tell if a shoe is real or not.

Stitching is the first thing to look at. If something appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Second, search for discrepancies in the overall design. Third, go over the strap for any damage. An obvious giveaway that a strap is a fake is its thinness and fragility. The contour of the footbed is another telling feature of a fake Arizona.

Birkenstock Rubber Original Vs. Fake

While the genuine Birkenstock rubber sandals are famous for their durability and comfort, replica Birkenstocks are often crafted with lower-quality materials. they do not last as long.

There is also a difference in the footbeds of the various types of shoes. The genuine has a molded footbed created to aid your feet, while the replica footbed is usually flat. Besides being more expensive, authentic Birkenstock rubber shoes are harder to come by than replicas.

Fake Birkenstocks EVA

The fake Birkenstock sandals look like a well-known Birkenstock brand, but they’re crafted of lower-quality materials. Besides, they aren’t as comfortable as genuine ones. They advertise the replicas as a “cheap alternative” to the genuine article. They are particularly popular among teenagers and other price-conscious customers for this reason.

Fake Birkenstocks White

The shoes are a forgery because they are not manufactured by the Birkenstock firm. They look like Birkenstocks, but they are not of the same high quality as the real thing. There’s a chance that the shoes are made of natural materials or that they’re poorly made. These imitation Birkenstocks may not be as pleasant as genuine Birkenstocks.

Fake Birkenstocks Rubber

The rubber used to make fake Birkenstocks is not of the same grade as the rubber used to make genuine Birkenstocks. As a result, the genuine is more expensive. The rubber in replica Birkenstocks is sometimes composed of lower-quality materials. Consequently, they do not last as long as the genuine ones.

Aside from that, it is possible that the imitation Birkenstocks rubber will be less comfy and supportive than the genuine Birkenstocks rubber. When purchasing footwear, it is critical to be aware of these distinctions. Otherwise, you may become disappointed if you buy a pair of fake Birks.

Birkenstock Serial Number Check

For the purpose of tracking and identifying Birkenstock shoes, serial numbers are highly useful. You can find the serial number of the shoe on the heel of the footwear. The Birkenstock company says that before you buy a pair of shoes, you should check the serial number to make sure you are getting a real pair of Birkenstocks.

FAQ In Birkenstocks Fake vs Original

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Birko Flor And Leather

PVC and polyurethane are the main raw materials for making Birko-Flor. Aside from leather, animal dyed skin is useful in manufacturing leather. Birko-Flor is less expensive and less difficult to clean than leather, but it may not have the same natural patina as leather. Leather is more costly than other materials, but it is also more durable.

Are Fake Birkenstocks Just As Good?

This is a difficult question to address easily. On the one hand, fake Birkenstocks may be just as comfortable and high-quality as genuine articles in terms of comfort and quality.

However, they might not last as long and may not have the same amount of accuracy and attention as a high-quality product. Additionally, purchasing replica Birkenstocks may encourage unethical business practices. Thus, they can contribute to the growth of the global counterfeit market.

How Do I Know If My Birkenstocks Are Soft Footbed?

Birkenstocks with a softer footbed are present to make the wearer feel more comfortable. They include a layer of foam in the footbed, which makes them softer and more supportive than most other sneakers.

In order to determine whether or not your Birkenstocks have a soft footbed, look at the bottom of the shoe. If your Birkenstocks have a red label on the bottom, this indicates that they have a soft footbed.

What Do The Numbers On Birkenstocks Mean?

On the heel of the footbed of Birkenstock shoes is a numerical code that identifies the style. Using this code, you may find out how wide the shoe is. The first number shows the width in inches, and the second number shows the width in centimeters.

If a Birkenstock shoe has the code “47” on it, for example, it has a width of approximately 7 inches in inches or 17.78 cm in centimeters.


In conclusion, Birkenstocks are not only stylish and comfortable. However, for the best comfort, you must choose the real Birkenstocks. They are also a great value. You can wear the real ones on a variety of occasions, and they will last for years.

To choose those, you have to know how to tell Birkenstocks are real. We highly recommend giving them a try!

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