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Last updated on August 12th, 2022 at 03:23 pm

Hey, It’s me, Kristin Wilkins, and I welcome you to my website for your favorite footwear suggestions. I’ve founded the website to help workers, office goers, and footwear enthusiasts; it’s time to introduce myself. 

I am currently working as a full-time footwear designer at a local company in West Virginia and a proud mom of a four-year-old cute baby. I have been in the FOOTWEAR designing industry for over 7 years now, and I love when people appreciate my designs. 

As a FOOTWEAR designer, I always had to look at the trends and changes in people’s fashion, including their footwear. Thus, I have had a keen interest in footwear design and fashion ever since joining the industry. 

But, that’s not my story…

My story begins…..

In 2019, I went into a baby shop to find a comfy yet good-looking pair of baby shoes for my daughter. Sadly, I found most of those baby shoes inappropriate. Some of these displayed shoes were not true to size, and others had harder midsole. 

Kristin Wilkins

But what shocked me the most was that people were choosing these shoes like nothing else for their babies. And one day, while I was in another shop in early 2020 (Pre-COVID era) for my flip flops, I saw the same rush. 

People were coming, buying, and going away, not focusing on the shoe’s comfort, safety, and durability. 

It was shocking, horrific, and heart-wrenching!!! 

So, I decided to help people get their favorite and suitable footwear, including work boots, hiking boots, flip flops, etc. 

Thankfully, I met Sheril and Murphy (the researcher and writer of my website) with the same enthusiast to teach people about footwear. I appreciate their in-depth knowledge of the boots and shoes they accumulated in their long, expansive careers. 

I sincerely hope, together, we can pull up excellent reviews, recommendations, suggestions, and solutions to your problems regarding feet and legs here. 

But here’s a disclaimer:

“I am not a professional podiatric or shoe specialist. I am an average woman with a special interest in footwear and experience in footwear fashion. My writings and suggestions are based on my keen research on shoes, boots, sandals, etc. Do not take these as physicians or podiatric suggestions.”

Nonetheless, the good news is that our research team includes Sheril Leah, who is a podiatric student, and Robert Murphy, who has been serving the shoe industry for over 10 years. I’m thankful that they put their best efforts into preparing the most informative, detailed, and understandable footwear content for everyone. 

I am proud of my writing team, and we aim to protect, comfort and serve your foot with the best recommendations in different conditions. 

Whether you want a work boot, hiking boot, office shoes, semi-casual cowboy shoes, you will get information here from the history and rivalry of the shoe and boot brands to their comparative discussion so you can quickly fix your purchase. 

And before I wrap up this lengthy information, here’s something more about me:

I love spending time with my daughter Sarah in my leisure time. I have a Munchkin cat at home. His name is Toby, and I am jealous of Toby as he finds cuddling time with my hubby and daughter more than me. 

You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Quora.

And now to the last part of my story, my team members. 

Team Member:

I’m truly proud of my research and writing team comprising two footwear enthusiasts. So, it’s time to introduce them. 

Sheril Leah:

Sheril is studying at Samuel Merritt University on Podiatric Science and wants to be a successful podiatric specialist in the future. Currently, she is working with us and rendering her valuable knowledge on footwear to our audience through the website. 

Her skill in researching deep down into any footwear problem is amazing. Plus, her subjective knowledge of different podiatric situations is truly admirable, thanks to her ongoing degree. I hope you will love her knowledge and find it useful for you. 

She recommends solutions to podiatric cases such as:

  1. Compartment syndrome 
  2. Bunions and twisted toes
  3. Back pain and feet ache 
  4. Sciatic problems
  5. Hammer and mallet toes, etc. 

Robert Murphy 

Robert has been in the footwear industry for over 10+ years now, and I met him due to professional requirements almost 3 years ago. Now, Robert is a key member of our team with his expertise in work boots, hiking boot, sports shoes, etc. 

He looks at our product review and writing section under my direct supervision so that our audience might get the best suggestions for different boots and shoes. Plus, Robert has a keen interest in the changing technologies in the footwear industry. It helps him combine his skill and enthusiasm to test and review the boots and shoes with unfathomable depth. 

He further teams up with Sheril to bring model-specific footwear suggestions for different footwear problems. Thus, Sheril, Robert, and I work together to bring the latest footwear review, solutions to your foot-related problems, essential information, and everything else you want to know about the footwear industry.

That’s all for now. if you want to know more about us please contact us.