Are Converse Good for Walking? According to Podiatrists

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Converse are durable shoes made from high-quality materials. These shoes can last for a period depending on what you used them for and how you care for them. Like every other shoe, converse shoes are for specific purposes. Converses are great for playing sports like weightlifting. Also, many people choose converse for walking. But, are converse good for walking?

The truth is that converse is bad for walking long distances. You may wear your converse shoes for walking a short distance, but they are not appropriate for jumping, running, and walking long distances.

Are Converse Good for Walking

Are Converse Comfortable?

Without a doubt, converse shoes are durable shoes that have been around for several decades. Although these shoes have been around for a long, they still stand among the most famous shoes in the world today. Most people love the Converse All-Stars because of their affordability and simple design. Like every other sneaker, the converse is for specific purposes. 

You also need to know that the comfort of converse shoes depends on how you use them. There’s a common myth, we think, we can use our converse shoes for all situations because they are made from high-quality materials. But the reality is converse shoes are not made for all types of use. Using your converse for the wrong purposes may lead to some foot problems. So, before buying a pair of converse shoes, you have to know the purpose and uses of converse shoes properly. 

If you want to be wearing converse shoes for walking, you need to ask your podiatrist whether converse shoes are okay for walking or not. According to some podiatrists, converse shoes are great for walking short distances. Aside from that, converse shoes are also great for other specific tasks like deadlifting, skateboarding, powerlifting, and lots more. The Converse shoe is not a wrong choice for a workout because it has no shock absorption.

Are Converse Good for Walking Long Distances?

Though converse shoes are great for walking short distances, the case may be different if you need to wear them for long distances. So one important question you need to ask your podiatrists before you start wearing them for longer distances is the usefulness of converse for walking long distances.  

No, the converse is not great for walking long distances. Converses are shoes with flat soles and almost zero shock absorption; it provides very little or no arch support or cushioning. 

According to some podiatrists, wearing flat shoes like converse for a long may result in different foot problems like heel pain, arch pain, tendinitis, and back pain. If walking long distances, you should wear shoes with proper arch support and cushioning. Finally, you need to know that converse is only great for your feet if you use them for the correct purposes.

High Top Converse
High Top Converse

Are High Top Converse Comfortable?

The popular Converse Chucks Taylor All-Star is divided into the low top and the high top converse. There has been a strong debate about which is better between the low top and the high top converse for a long period. Because of this reason, many people don’t know whether to go for the low top or high top converse, which has led to multiple questions that we face every day, Are low top converse comfortable?

Many podiatrists believe that high-top sneakers provide more ankle support since high-top converse are laced up from the foot to the ankle. Wearing high-top converse will help to provide mechanical support for your feet. Wearing high tops converse doesn’t prevent ankle injuries, but it provides more ankle support than low tops converse.

Are Converse Good for Walking Babies?

Though it is best to allow babies to learn to walk barefoot, that is not the safest option. Some podiatrists recommend that babies wear shoes when walking in environments exposed to potential dangers like sharp rocks, unfriendly insects, and broken glasses or bottles. Most parents prefer to get the cutest pair of shoes for their babies without knowing if they are good for their babies or not.

Some parents love to use converse, and they may want to get them for their babies, but it would be better to visit your podiatrist before you buy them. In fact, you can ask your podiatrist what the best shoes for babies starting to walk are?

The converse shoe is a good choice if your baby walks on uneven ground. Converse Kids Chuck Taylors have a solid rubber sole that will protect your baby’s feet when walking on uneven ground. They are also made from materials that will help promote air circulation. You also need to know that converse doesn’t run wide, so ensure that you test the shoes on your baby’s feet before you buy them.

Another important thing you need to know about converse is that they are just fashion shoes, so I would not recommend you use them as primary footwear for your baby. They have flat soles and provide minimal arch support and shock absorption. Because of this, some podiatrists recommend that babies should not use them as their everyday footwear – babies should not wear converse more than 3-4 hours per day.


How Do I Care for My Converse?

Two important things will determine how long your converse shoes will last and what you use them for. And how can you care for them? Some of the basic tips that can make your converse shoes last longer are explained below:

  1. Wash Them Frequently

One major way to care for your shoes is by washing them frequently. Please do not wait until they are too dirty before you wash them; wash them when you notice any stains on the fabrics and that the fabrics on the converse are becoming stiff. To avoid destroying your converse, ensure that you only hand wash them.

Always remember that rubber can be easily affected by direct heat, so never put your converse in the dryer because it will destroy them completely. You should avoid putting them in extremely hot climates and also ensure that you do not rinse them with hot water.

  1. Insert a Shoe form paper in your converse

After washing your converse, make sure you put balled-up or shoe form paper inside them from the toe area to the midsole. Putting this shoe from paper in your converse will help keep the shoe in shape as the shoe dries.

  1. Unloose shoelace before storing your converse

Ensure that the laces are undone before you store your converse or whenever they are not on your foot. There are several reasons why the converse loses its shape, and one of them is tightening the laces always.

  1. Let them breathe

This is very important if you want your shoes to last for a long period. Please do not assume that; since my converse is made from high-quality materials, they should last long under all conditions. Even the best shoes need some breathing space. When you give your converse some breathing space, foot sweat will not rot your shoes, and your shoes will not stink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are converse good for running?

No, the converse is not good for running, jumping, and walking long distances. They are only good for powerlifting workouts and for walking short distances.

Is it advisable to wear converse shoes for a long period?

Converse shoes have flat soles, and they don’t provide proper arch support and cushioning, so they may cause some foot problems if you wear them for a long period.

Can converse flatten my feet?

No, converse won’t flatten your feet, but you may start experiencing some foot problems if you wear converse every day.

What are the basic features that everyday shoes must have?

Two important features of everyday shoes are thick outsoles that provide proper arch support or cushioning, firm heel counters, shock absorption.

Can I rinse my converse with hot water?

No, you should only rinse your converse with warm water. Since converse has rubber soles, they may shrink if you rinse them with hot water.


Converse shoes are made from high-quality materials, and they last for a long period if you care for them. Some tips that will make your converse last for a long period include – washing them frequently, avoiding putting them in the dryer, etc. But, before you choose your favorite pair of converse, you should ask yourself an important question, “Are converse good for walking, especially for walking lost distance?”

Though Converse Chucks All Stars are durable, they are only good for walking a short distance. They are not good for jumping, running, or walking long distances. One major reason they are not good for jumping, running, and walking a long distance is that they have flat soles that provide almost cushioning and shock absorption.

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