Can You Put Crocs in the Dryer? (Facts to Know)

You may want to wear Crocs all the time when it comes to comfort. As a result, repeated use may cause them to become dirty. Now the hard part is to wash Crocs and dry them for further use. 

When it comes to drying Crocs quickly, the question is, “Can you put Crocs in the dryer? “.

It’s generally not advised to dry them in the dryer. If you still want to do it, we’ve talked about how to do it and how to control the heat.

Let’s have a look at this subject without keeping you in confusion.

Can You Put Crocs in the Dryer

Can You Dry Crocs In The Dryer?

To be specific, you shouldn’t dry your Crocs in a dryer. Air drying is the only option for all types of Crocs after cleaning. Shoes can shrink or deform when exposed to high temperatures such as those found in the outdoor heat, microwaves, washing machines, or even dryers.

Washing Crocs in the washing machine will not cause shrinkage. The only thing that will cause it to shrink is putting it through the dryer cycle. That is to say, only heat and not water can cause Croc to shrink in size. In other words, if you’re only washing them, there’s no need to turn on the dryer.

Last but not least, if you are drying those Crocs in the heat of the summer, make sure that you air-dry your Crocs inside rather than letting them dry outside in the sun. In addition, manufacturers advise against using a dryer to dry the Crocs, preferring to air dry them.

Can You Put Fluffy Crocs In The Dryer?

The answer is no, and you should not dry your Crocs in the dryer. There is a risk of harming the fluffs that are inside. However, if you insist on drying them, set the dryer to the lowest setting possible.

You should use a delicate bristle or plastic brush to carefully wash the uppers of your fluffy Crocs before applying a waterproofing spray. The best way to clean your fleece-lined Crocs is with mild soap detergent with cold water and a moist rag or the gentle cycle of your washing machine. You can also pour the baking soda for better result.

You can use a hairdryer on the lowest temperature setting to fluff up fuzzy Crocs. The fluffy spots will only get fluffier if you use the dryer to blow air over them repeatedly.

Can You Put Fur-Lined Crocs In The Dryer?

Although it is feasible, it is not recommended that you dry your fur-lined Crocs in a dryer. Removing the lining of a pair of fuzz-covered Crocs clogs or other footwear is not an option. 

They can’t be cleaned in a machine, so putting them in the washer is not a good idea. Using warm water and mild detergent is the best way to remove dirt, debris, or stains from a surface. Let it dry all the way up in the air.

Using a blow-dryer and hand wash, instead of a dryer is another option for drying your Crocs. In this case, too, you should use a low heat setting.

Can You Put Your Fuzzy Crocs In The Dryer?

Yes, you can absolutely put fuzzy Crocs inside the dryer to clean them. However, you should be aware that severe temperatures can damage the Crocs’ shape. However, there is no need to dry your fuzzy Crocs in a dryer. The liners of fuzzy Crocs are extremely fragile. When the liners are exposed to extreme temperatures, materials stretch and break down.

Comfort is what most people crave. Because of this, they prefer to purchase fuzzy Crocs rather than conventional Crocs. The soft lining of fuzzy Crocs makes them ideal for errands because they make walking in them more comfortable. The Crocs are very comfortable to wear and easy to move in. There is, however, little difficulty in cleaning Crocs and drying.

You should remove the liners from the Crocs before drying them because they may be damaged by high heat. Once the liners have been removed, dry the Crocs at a low setting in the dryer. 

After drying the Crocs for several minutes, remove them from the dryer. The Crocs can shrink in extreme temperatures, so keep that in mind. As a result, you should make sure the dryer is properly controlled. Finally, you should reattach the Crocs’ liners to the shoes you just took off.

Can You Put Crocs In The Dryer To Shrink Them?

Crocs can shrink in the dryer because of the high temperatures. However, the heat of the sun can shrink Crocs just as well as using a dryer with wet towels. This is something to keep in mind: the longer you heat your Crocs, the smaller they will get.

As the dryer heats up the foam, it becomes softer, and you may tell that the heat is impacting it. Croslite, Crocs material, shrinks in the dryer when heated and moistened at the same time.

Depending on the amount of warmth and the length of time you expose Crocs to the heat, Crocs can shrink significantly. You should also be aware that leaving Crocs in a car overnight or placing them in direct sunlight will cause them to shrink. More shrinking occurs when there is a high level of humidity in the air.


The following are some queries that are posed rather commonly about drying Crocs in the dryer. This will help you have a better idea of whether you should put them on or not in the dryer.

Do Crocs Shrink With Heat?

Crocs do shrink; that much is certain. Your shoes can shrink or distort if they’re exposed to excessive heat, whether it comes from the solar or a dryer. Crocs can shrink too much in just 30 minutes when exposed to intense heat. So, while you’re not wearing your Crocs, store them in cool, shaded places.

Do Dryers Stretch The Crocs?

They will, in fact, stretch in the dryer. Using a couple of towels to protect your new Crocs from the heat of the dryer is a great idea. You should be able to stretch out your Crocs in roughly 3 minutes with a brief drive to the dryer.

Drying Crocs For How Long?

You should set the timer as soon as the Crocs are inside the dryer. The recommended amount of time for the setting is 10 minutes. After the timer has been set, you should also make sure to include some damp towels to prevent the shoes from becoming damaged.


This guide has come to an end. However, if you’ve read this far, we’re confident that you’ve figured out the answer to your query, “Can you put Crocs in the dryer?”.

In any event, the conclusion was that Croc could be put in the dryer. Conversely, Crocs are constructed of a polymer substance that can easily be damaged by a drying machine. Keep your Crocs in good condition by adhering to the maximum heat restriction when drying them.

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