5 Best Skechers for Flat Feet and Overpronation

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Finding the perfect shoe that fits your needs can be difficult, especially when you have a foot condition like flat feet or overpronation.

If you suffer from these foot problems, you’re not alone. Millions of people have these feet conditions. And it’s hard to know what type of shoe will work for your flat foot.

You will need a pair that perfectly balances comfort, stability, and durability. And Skechers has the answer. Find the best Skechers for your particular foot type and stop wasting money on terrible-fitting shoes.

This brand specializes in making shoes for people with foot problems, including flat feet, overpronation, arthritis, and more. They have shoes designed to provide overpronators with the comfort and stability they need in every step.

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Top 5 Skechers for Flat Feet & Overpronation

The best Skechers for people with flat feet are those with a more flexible sole, like sneakers or running shoes, and moderate support around the arch. With that in mind, let’s look at some shoes from the brand that offer the best cushioning for people with flat feet and are also suitable for people who overpronate. 

1. Skechers Sport Men’s Stamina Nuovo Cutback Lace-Up Sneaker for flat feet

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If you suffer from flat foot or plantar fasciitis, you might want to consider these Skechers shoes as an option for your footwear. These running shoes from Skechers help relieve foot pain and pressure by making the foot more stable, reducing the risk of heel slippage, and improving balance.

The shoes also have a flexible shock-absorbing supporting sole that absorbs impact, and along with that, you are also getting Skechers Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole. Although this isn’t your regular orthopedic grade insole, it does the job well, and you also have the option to remove it if you want.

In addition, this footwear has an anti-friction outsole with enhanced traction. It has a wide toe box, which allows it to accommodate those with wide feet while also providing enough room in the forefoot for natural movement of the toes. This feature alone makes this a great choice for people with low arches and flat feet.

This shoe style is perfect for all-day wear, as it’s designed with comfort. The nubuck leather material provides softness, while the lace-up closure allows you to adjust the fit to your liking. It also has a padded tongue and collar, making it perfect for all your everyday activities.


  • A low-profile design that provides a natural fit
  • Lace-up closure for an easy on/off experience
  • Offers optimal support around the heel counter
  • The non-slip rubber sole helps you stay on your feet
  • True to size


  • The insole could’ve been better

2. Skechers Men’s Gowalk Arch Fit Walking Shoe – Best Skechers For Arch Support

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Pain in your feet? Get your feet back on the ground with comfort and medical-level arch support with the Skechers Gowalk Arch Fit. These walking shoes were designed to provide support and comfort in the arches of the feet and cushioning by using a combination of breathable upper and air-cooled memory foam.

The Skechers Arch Fit Shoes are made with a new, improved design that provides the best possible fit and comfort with its patented podiatrist-certified arch support system. In addition, the shoe’s shape is designed to help reduce pressure on your plantar fascia ligament while providing support where it matters most.

The flexible stretch front makes these shoes easy to put on and take off. The top of the Arch Fit shoe has a raised design that helps with pressure relief from the heel area and arches. The air-cooled cushion is made up of a soft, breathable mesh that wicks moisture away from the feet and helps to keep them cool and dry.

These Skechers shoes also feature an internal heel counter for comfort and stability and a rubber outsole for durability. If you are looking for a shoe that will keep your feet cool, comfortable, and dry all day long, the Gowalk Arch Fit is one of the best options. You will never go back after trying these shoes.


  • Arch support that is certified by podiatrists
  • Shoe shape is designed for people who have flat feet
  • Works well with custom insoles as well
  • Slip-on design for easy on and off


  • Nothing to nitpick about

3. Skechers Women’s Performance Go Walk Arch Fit Walking Shoes

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Looking for a pair of shoes to support your feet the way they should be? Give your feet a little extra love with these Skechers Arch Fit sneakers. These walking shoes feature a patented, podiatrist-certified arch support system that is designed to help your flat feet and posture regardless of your arch type.

For the price point, these sneakers are surprisingly well made and offer proper shock absorption in addition to the support in the arch. It also has a nice slip-resistant and durable rubber outsole and a lightweight design that makes it perfect for everyday wear. In addition, the mesh upper makes the shoe very breathable.

Skechers are great for this price range because they are the only brand that offers high-quality insole and midsole with shock absorption features, making them an excellent choice for shoppers on a budget. In addition, these Skechers are great for people who have a lot of physical activity and want to be able to do it without pain or fatigue.

These Skechers arch fit are also good for those with a lot of walking to do, whether at work, school, or in your neighborhood. These shoes also look very stylish. All in all, a great pair of Skechers shoes for women who suffer from pronation problems or need more stability in their stride.


  • Very supportive and comfortable Skechers shoes
  • Arch fit design is ideal for flat-footed women
  • Cushioned insole is removable
  • Dual-density traction outsole provides excellent traction


  • Runs half-size big

4. Skechers Men’s GOrun Walking Shoe – Best For Flat Feet

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What if you could find Skechers shoes that would take your running to the next level? The GOrun from Skechers is designed specifically for flat foot runners. With these Skechers shoes on, you will be able to maintain an upright natural running form while also protecting your feet from injury.

Featuring a supportive midsole & shock absorbing insole, these Skechers running shoes are designed for runners with a mild to moderate level of pronation. This shoe has a wide toe box that allows your toes to spread out, giving you the freedom to run in any direction without feeling like your toes are being squished together.

The midsole is also flexible enough to allow the foot to move naturally and comfortably without creating pressure on the metatarsal head or overpronating. These Skechers are designed to naturally correct pronation and provide ample support for the foot while maintaining a neutral heel-to-toe drop.

These Skechers shoes will work well with your everyday activities, whether you’re hitting the gym or your day-to-day grind. This is the one for you if you’re in the market for a comfortable lace-up running shoe. Wearing these shoes also helps prevent plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains.


  • Well-balanced stability shoes for day-to-day activities
  • Stability and support from a parametric midsole
  • Upper design is well ventilated
  • Midfoot strike zone makes each stride more efficient


  • Durability is a bit lacking

5. Skechers Max Cushioning Arch Fit Walking Shoes – Best Skechers For Overpronation

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Last but not least, we have the Max Cushioning Arch Fit from Skechers. This is an ideal example of a well-balanced Skechers that is both comfortable and supportive for those with wide or flat feet. With a contoured footbed to cradle the foot, you’ll feel comfortable and supported all day long when wearing these Skechers.

Its design features a cushioned support to reduce long-term stress on your feet, while its knit upper is designed to be breathable, lightweight, and flexible. In addition, these Skechers are a part of the Arch Fit series, meaning you get the same podiatrist-certified insole system.

The midsole is flexible and contours to your foot’s natural shape, providing maximum comfort and support in every step. Furthermore, these also come with a rubber sole that helps to provide stability and comfort while providing excellent traction on various surfaces.

This Skechers shoe features a classic lace-up design that provides a snug, secure fit without being too tight or constricting. These fit snugly and have a narrow shape, so they are an excellent choice for those with high arches and narrow feet. As they run a bit small in the width, you may want to order one size up if you have wide feet.


  • Skechers recommended by a podiatrist
  • Midsole cushioning that’s lightweight and responsive
  • The upper is lined with a soft, lightweight fabric
  • Fits wide and flat feet well


  • Runs a size small

Main Factors Look for When Buying Skechers Shoes for Flat Foot & Overpronation

Overpronation is a condition where the feet tend to roll inwards, causing the arch to flatten. Flat feet are also a condition where the feet do not have enough arch support.

Skechers that are designed for these conditions will help you avoid injury, pain, and discomfort. That is if you know what type of shoe to get. The following are some of the main features to consider when buying a pair for people that overpronate or have flat feet.

Stability Shoes with Arch Support

When buying shoes for flat feet, you should look for stability shoes that offer support and cushioning in multiple areas of the shoe. Stability shoes are designed specifically for those who often experience pain or injury from overpronation and flat feet.

Balanced Comfort & Support

It is important to Find a shoe that supports your overpronating or flat feet and provides comfort. This key feature will help reduce foot pain and improve overall performance.

A shoe with too much support may not be comfortable enough to wear all day long. A shoe that is too soft will not provide enough support. Look for a balance between comfort and support.

Lightweight & Breathable

Less weight on your feet means less impact on your body and less stress on your joints when you walk. If you are looking for a shoe with a lightweight design and high breathability, look for mesh uppers or mesh inserts.

Wide Toe Box

A wide toe box also means that your toes will have more space in front of them and less pressure on your foot’s sides. In addition, you will have more room for toes to spread out, which can help relieve pressure on the foot.

FAQs in skechers for flat feet

Are Skechers good for flat feet?

No one can answer that question with certainty because there is no such thing as a shoe that is perfect for every foot type or condition.

However, many people with flat feet find that their symptoms improve when they wear Skechers because the shoes provide better support than other brands.

Are memory foam shoes good for flat feet?

Memory foam shoes are good for people with flat feet because they help relieve the pressure on the foot when walking or standing.

Are Skechers arch fit good for flat feet?

Yes, these shoes are good for those with flat feet because they have arch support that can help in reducing the impact on your joints and feet.

Final Words

Many people have different opinions on whether or not Skechers are good for flat feet. While some claim that these shoes are good for flat feet and their performance is great, others disagree.

The reality is that it depends on the shoe model you want to purchase. The best way to find out if these shoes are good for your flat feet is by trying them out first.

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