Are Crocs Waterproof Shoes? Top 5 Waterproof Crocs to Choose

Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 11:33 am

Crocs are preferred to be one of the best summer shoes and footwear to people. But when you buy a pair of shoe you would want to make sure that you can wear it on any weather condition. Suppose it is a rainy day or you are willing to go on the beach. Now can you wear crocs and are crocs waterproof enough to handle this conditions?

You can wear crocs in the beach or in a rainy day because crocs are waterproof and are manufactured in a way that you can wear them in any situation. So, either you accidentally step on water or intentionally want to walk around in a rainy day, just wear your crocs.

Let’s get you into the article where we will get you an in-depth description on crocs being waterproof and which are the best waterproof crocs shoes in the market.

Are crocs waterproof?

Are Crocs Waterproof and Why?

Crocs are well known for their comfort and not their look. So, you are choosing crocs because they are easy to use and you can wear them in any condition.

But when we are talking about any condition does it mean that crocs are even waterproof?

Crocs are waterproof as they don’t absorb water and will not let water stay of the surface of the shoes for a long time. The material which is used to manufacture crocs are Croslite. This is a material of closed cell resins and it is organic.

This material will not absorb water. So, when you accidentally step over water while your crocs are on, your feet will not get wet. Also the crocs will dry quickly and always have fresh look.

The reason why crocs don’t let water to be absorbed is due to the air bubbles inside them. They prevent water to get stuck and get the shoe wet. But point to be noted that, when you completely dip your feet under the water, then you will obviously get your feet wet because there are holes designed in the crocs for increased airflow and comfort.

Wearing crocs in the beach as they are waterproof.

Can Crocs be worn in the water?

You can wear them in the water. After wearing them in mud, or other icky situations, you can clean them with mild soap and warm water.

Crocs are perfect for boating, swimming, and partying at the pool. These can be easily removed and put on again when you want to return inside.

Crocs are also suitable for use in the bathroom and kitchen. Crocs are waterproof, meaning they don’t absorb water. So you can wear your Crocs while doing dishes or taking a bath.

You can wear them in the water, but it is essential to consider how comfortable they are. You might consider a different shoe if you plan to swim a lot.

These are perfect for boating or beach days. They can be worn while swimming in the ocean or at sea.

Crocs can be made from a closed-cell resin called Croslite (TM). It has antimicrobial and odor resistant and can be worn in the water. However, they will become soiled if not cleaned regularly enough. The foam can absorb up to one gallon of water before it becomes saturated, meaning that your feet may get wet.

Wearing Crocs in water.

Are crocs good shower shoes?

If you want to choose a pair of shoes to wear in shower, you need to consider some factors. The factors will be if the shoes are waterproof, if the shoes are anti-slippery.

As we have already discussed that crocs are waterproof, you have to worry no more about your crocs getting wet in the shower. But up next comes if crocs will slip while you are showering because it makes you prone to accidents. The material that is used to create crocs, makes them anti-slippery in water. Also the outer soles of the crocs have grip which will prevent you to slip and fall on the ground.

Can you wear crocs in the rain?

Crocs were initially designed as boating shoes, as mentioned earlier. Crocs were designed to withstand harsh water conditions. They can be worn while boating, washing dishes, or fishing.

Crocs make great water shoes. Crocs can be worn in the rain because they don’t absorb any water. Crocs will not get damaged by water and be slip-resistant, proving useful on rainy days.

Can You Use Crocs as Water Shoes?

Yes, you can use crocs as good water shoes. Below, you will know the reason that you can wear crocs as water shoes.

Versatile and Multifunctional

Crocs can be used for multiple purposes, as we have briefly explained. Crocs are an excellent choice for beach shoes. They allow you to take off your heavy hiking boots and slip on something lighter and more breathable.

Crocs have a strap that can be worn over your heel or on the top of the shoe. Crocs are a perfect lounging shoe that can be easier to put on than others.

Quick Drying

Crocs are often made from rubber that doesn’t absorb water. They don’t retain water so that they can dry quickly. Crocs are the fastest drying and most moisture-wicking fabric.


Crocs might potentially be a fantastic option for those who want to pack minimally. The weight of a typical pair of Crocs ranges from 11 to 16 ounces. Additionally, they are light to wear on your feet.

You may want to wear water shoes if you have to cross the water. Having a pair of lightweight shoes in your backpack is a good idea if you use them on beaches.

Generally Comfortable

Crocs are popular camp shoes because of their comfort. Crocs provide just enough support for your feet and padding, while the Crocs are soft and breathable to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

The Disadvantage of Wearing Crocs as Water Shoes

Crocs can be worn as water shoes. However, there are some disadvantages. These cons were mainly related to safety concerns when wearing Crocs water shoes. Check out these sections to get an idea of why Crocs may not be the right choice for you.

Rock Collection

You may not be obsessed with finding every cool rock, but you might find yourself unintentionally building quite an extensive rock collection. Croc shoes often have holes, which can lead to rocks getting stuck in your shoes.

Unstable and Slippery

The sole purpose of a water shoe is to dry your feet quickly. However, it is also essential that the shoe be stable so that you don’t slip and fall in the water. This is crucial for your safety as many streams, rivers, and creeks have very slippery or rocky bottoms.

Crocs in many styles are not designed to be water shoes. Crocs may not have the right treads under the shoe to support your feet as you walk across the water.

Too Loose on Feet

Your shoes should fit snugly when you’re hiking. However, your feet shouldn’t move in your shoes while you are walking. Crocs could be too loose for some people, making them unstable when they cross a body of water. This was particularly problematic when the water was moving quickly.


Some individuals complained that Crocs are heavy and difficult to transport. This is true since Crocs are relatively wide shoes that don’t easily fold up into a packable size.

They Float

Although it is true that flotation was one of the benefits, it can also be a drawback. For example, if your Crocs slip on the water while walking, they may be lost to the current, and you might never see them again.


Just like any shoe that doesn’t cover your foot, you are at risk of leeches, which is a big concern if you’re hiking in states like Arkansas or Georgia. Long pants and closed shoes are the names of the game in leech country.


Crocs have a squeaky sound. Did you hear the sound of a squeaking Croc? Because I sure did. You should probably not wear rubber Crocs as your hiking or water shoes if you get annoyed by the sound of your feet digging into the Crocs.

Although you may be able to reduce the sound of your Crocs by wearing synthetic socks, this can also make them more ominous and could cause your feet to become swollen. Socks may be unnecessary since the Croc is a water shoe that dries quickly and is lightweight.

5 Best Waterproof Crocs Shoes

1. Crocs Unisex Classic Marble Tie-Dye Clog

  • Original, Sparkly And Comfortable: If You Can'T Seem To Get Enough Sparkle In Your Daily Routine, These Glitter And Metallic Crocs Clogs Will Be The Perfect Accent To Your Outfit. Sparkle Away.
  • Versatile And Comfortable: Light And Easy To Wear, These Crocs Are Created With Croslite Foam For Iconic Crocs Comfort. The Flexible Material Is Sure To Be Loved By All.
  • What Size Should I Buy?: These Metallic And Glitter Shoes Offer A Roomy Fit And We Recommend Ordering A Size Down To The Next Largest Whole Size.
  • Crocs For Women And Men: The Crocs Classic Clogs Are Not Only The Most Comfortable Shoes For Men And Women But Also Easy To Clean Just Using Soap And Water And Allowing For A Quick Dry.
  • Shop with Confidence: Crocs products are backed by our 90-day manufacturer's warranty for high quality and authenticity. Terms and conditions apply

The Crocs are super light, so they will feel like a weightless garment when worn in the water. These Crocs will be a hit in the water.

The lightweight quality and the ability to fix the Crocs while wearing them using the band at the rear.

I appreciate that this Croc will keep in place and be comfortable while worn in the water. It’s fortunate that Crocs also can float. Since it floats on water, you won’t need to search for it.

It is best to wear something lightweight in water. You will notice a tendency to become heavier when you put on heavy clothing and then immerse it in water.

You won’t need to carry heavy items when you’re in the water. This is something I love about Crocs. You will feel free to swim in the water, as you won’t be restricted by weight.

You will love it because it comes in many colors. They will look great on you and make it really stand out.

Although people may not see the beauty of your Crocs when they are in the water, I can guarantee that everyone will love them when they are out of water.

2. Crocs Men’s Swiftwater Mesh Wave Sandal Water Shoe

  • Athletic, Adventurous And Amphibious: The Swiftwater Mesh Wave Sandals For Men Are One Of Crocs' Most Active, Water-Friendly Styles To Date. The Sandals Have A Sporty And Minimal Design That Allows You To Move Through Life Swiftly.
  • Water-Friendly: The Crocs Men'S Water Sandals Are Water-Friendly And Have Siped Outsoles Designed To Channel Water Away In Rapid Fashion. These Water Sandals For Men Are Great As An All-Purpose Sandal And Are As Adventurous As You Dare To Be.
  • What Size Should I Buy?: These Men'S Sandals Offer A Standard Fit And We Recommend Ordering A Size Up To The Next Largest Whole Size.
  • Iconic Comfort: From Water Relaxation To Land Exploration, These Mesh Outdoor Sandals For Men Are Flexible And Made Of Croslite Material For Iconic Crocs Comfort. These Men'S Sandals Have Mesh Uppers And An Adjustable Strap For Best Fit.
  • Shop with Confidence: Crocs products are backed by our 90-day manufacturer's warranty for high quality and authenticity. Terms and conditions apply

Crocs’ Swiftwater Mesh Wave Sandals are one of the most water-friendly and active styles. These sandals are sporty and minimalist in design, which allows you to move quickly through your day.

Crocs men’s water sandals have siped outsoles that channel water away quickly. These water sandals can be used as all-purpose sandals.

These mesh outdoor sandals are perfect for water relaxation and exploration. They’re made from Croslite material for Iconic Crocs Comfort. This sandal is made for men with a mesh upper. The adjustable strap ensures that it fits perfectly.

Crocs sandals are lightweight, easy to wear, and flexible with toe coverage.

3. Crocs Women’s Kadee II Sandals

  • Cute Meets Comfortable: Every Lady Needs A Casual, Slide Sandal And Crocs Has The Perfect Option. The New Kadee Ii Slide Sandals For Women Pair Perfectly With Any Outfit!
  • Water-Friendly: These Slide Sandals For Women Are Water-Friendly And Designed To Channel Water Away. Needless To Say, If You'Ll Be Near The Water, You'Ll Want To Have These Sandals With You.
  • What Size Should I Buy?: These Women'S Sandals Offer A Relaxed Fit And We Recommend Ordering A Size Up To The Next Largest Whole Size.
  • Iconic Comfort: From Lakeside To Date Night, These Women'S Sandals Are Flexible And Made Of Croslite Material For Iconic Crocs Comfort. Soft, Flexible Straps Were Constructed For Easy Slip On And Off.
  • Shop with Confidence: Crocs products are backed by our 90-day manufacturer's warranty for high quality and authenticity. Terms and conditions apply

Similar to the Crocband flip, the Kadee II Flip has a smaller design. Croc’s unique, closed-cell foam resin will provide extra comfort if that is what you desire in your heels because it also has a fuller heel. They are also among the Croc lineup’s lightest flip-flops.

Crocs’ Kadee II is for you if you don’t like chunky sandals. These shoes are available in a variety of colors and designs. They are waterproof, with channels that divert water. These sandals will be your summer favorite for beach days, brunches, and barbecues.

4. Crocs Men’s All Cast Rain Boot

  • Make A Splash: Everything You Want In Rubber Rain Boots And Nothing You Don'T. These Waterproof Rain Boots For Men Are The Perfect Pair To Keep Your Toes Dry In Wet Conditions.
  • No Leak Men'S Rain Boots: No Seams Means No More Leaks. These Are The Rubber Boots Men Need In The Garden, On The Shore Or At The Muddy Job Site - Anywhere You Like To Muck It Up.
  • What Size Should I Buy?: These Men'S Rain Boots Offer A Roomy Fit And We Recommend Ordering A Size Down To The Next Largest Whole Size.
  • Comfort And Cushion: These Men'S Boots Are Made With Iconic Crocs Comfort For All-Day Comfort And Lightweight Support. Lightweight And Waterproof, These Water Boots For Men Offer A Comfortable Fit.
  • Shop with Confidence: Crocs products are backed by our 90-day manufacturer's warranty for high quality and authenticity. Terms and conditions apply

Crocs shoes are waterproof and water-resistant, so they won’t compromise your style. Crocs waterproof shoes are available in many styles to suit any occasion. Are you looking for waterproof rain boots that can withstand any storm? Crocs for men come in many styles, colors, and designs. Perhaps you are looking for a pair of water-resistant kitchen socks to protect from the occasional spill.

For total foot support, choose a pair made of our Iconic Crocs Comfort(TM), our proprietary material, which is super comfortable and waterproof. You should avoid any styles with holes or not made from Croslite(TM).

Rubber rain boots have everything you need. These waterproof rain boots are ideal for keeping your feet dry and safe in wet conditions.

Iconic Crocs Comfort is used in the construction of these men’s boots to provide all-day ease and lightweight stability. These men’s water boots are lightweight and waterproof, with a snug fit.

Crocs All Cast waterproof boot keeps your feet dry and cushioned, no matter if you are just hailing a vehicle or getting caught up in the storm for an entire afternoon.

5. Crocs LiteRide Pacer (Women’s)

  • Literide Pacer Sneaker: Get Invigorated With These Superbly Cushioned Hybrid Sneakers For Women. Inspired By Your Evolving Lifestyle, The Literide Collection Was Created To Be Worn On Your Terms, At Any Pace.
  • Innovative Comfort: Next Generation Literide Foam Insoles Are Super-Soft, Incredibly Light And Extraordinary Resilient. These Tennis Shoes For Women Offer Sink-In Softness For Innovative Comfort.
  • What Size Should I Buy?: These Women'S Shoes Offer A Relaxed Fit And We Recommend Ordering A Size Up To The Next Largest Whole Size.
  • Foam Design: This Women'S Sneaker Is Made Of Crocs Croslite Foam Outsoles That Provide Durable, All-Day Support And Comfort While The Soft, Flexible Matlite Uppers Feel Broken-In From Day One.
  • Shop with Confidence: Crocs products are backed by our 90-day manufacturer's warranty for high quality and authenticity. Terms and conditions apply

The Pacers are soft, lightweight, and flexible. The Pacers have soft bubbles in their footbeds, making my soles feel more comfortable than any other shoe. They were straightforward to put on and take off.

The 360 Pacer is a more sporty silhouette than our Pacer pick. It has an updated midsole, rubber outsole, and a sportier silhouette.

Crocs footwear is made to suit your lifestyle. Thanks to our world-class comfort, you will feel sensational every step of the winding path.

FAQs on waterproof crocs

Are Fuzzy Crocs waterproof?

Yes, fuzzy crocs shoes are waterproof and water-repellent. So they won’t compromise your style. CrosliteTM, the patented material, is super comfortable and waterproof.

Can you put Crocs in the dishwasher?

No, your crocs should not be put in the dishwasher. If you place your crocs in the dishwasher, they can become damaged and shrink. You will need mild detergent and lukewarm to clean your crocs. Hand washing your crocs is the best option.

Final Thoughts

Well, Now you know crocs are absolutely waterproof. So you can wear it in water, mud or any other environment. Crocs are made from highly durable material, so you can wear them for many years. They offer great style, comfort, as well as other durability features. They will not be damaged by water. They can be worn in extreme conditions without any worries.

It is not made of rubber or plastic but from Croslite, which is very lightweight and durable. If you ever want to use Croc in water, I can assure you that it will serve you well. It can survive in water.

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