Can Dr Martens Be Resoled: Make your Shoes Brand New!

Last updated on January 17th, 2023 at 12:03 pm

We all know that feeling. You’ve had your Dr Martens for years, and they’ve been through everything with you. But now the soles are starting to become loose and you’re not sure if you should get them resoled or just buy a new pair. So, can Dr Martens be resoled?

Fortunately, Dr Martens can be resoled. Knowing this will give you relief that you will not have to throw away your favorite shoes.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at how can you resole these shoes and how to go about repairing the soles yourself. Read on to find out more!

Can Dr Martens Be Resoled

Reasons Why Your Doc Martens Might Have Worn Out

There are many reasons why you might need to repair your Dr Martens. Some problems of shoe repair may require the service a professional cobbler, others can be fixed by yourself.

Some of the most common causes of worn-out shoes have been stated as follows.

  • Frequent Use

Using the same pair of shoes too frequently or for several years is the most recurrent reason responsible for shabby-looking shoes. The constant friction between the road and the sole may require the shoes to be resoled over time.

  • Not Enough Care

High quality shoes such as suede heels should be worn with utmost care. For example, you might want to tread lightly wearing these on a rainy day to increase their longevity.

  • Poor Quality Materials

If you have previously attempted to resole but have failed, you may have used poor quality materials for the procedure. In such cases, buy the recommended products to resole or rely on a cobbler.

  • Rough Use

Rough use can cause some of the stitched parts of your shoe to open. To fix your Martens, you can gather the necessary materials and attempt to fix them. But if you are not confident in your stitching capabilities, do not attempt to do so as it might ruin them further.

Can Dr Martens be Resoled?

Dr Martens shoes might not be a one that is the best for it’s looks for everyone, but as you start wearing these shoes you will make it your favorite shoes to wear. But when you see the outsoles to worn out it will obviously make you sad that you have to throw away these pair and buy a new one.

Don’t worry, you can easily get your Dr Martens resoled. But can you do it on your own? That would be tough to tell that everyone can do it on their own. Because removing these soles which are fused using good adhesive will be hard and you might even damage the shoes in process.

That is why to resole your Dr Martens shoes you will need to contact with a professional cobbler. They will resole your shoes using their expertise and you will not have to worry about buying a new one as you are getting your old shoes in a brand new shape.

Can You Repair Dr Martens Soles?

Due to prolonged wear in harsh weather conditions or challenging working environments, Dr Martens boots may begin to become loose or brittle. Especially around the heel areas. 

Therefore, many question if their soles can be repaired. The answer to this is yes! In fact, there are several ways to do so. You just have to find the replacement for your sole according to your shoe type or any other comparable model.

In case of a split sole (when the midsole layer is separating from the rubber outsole), simply use a strong leather filler to rejoin the parts of the shoes. The steps to do so have been stated as follows:


  1. Thoroughly clean the exposed surface of the sole with alcohol.
  2. Evenly apply the leather filler beneath the midsole and on the upper part of the outsole.
  3. Join the sole and hold it firmly in place.
  4. Remove any excess glue by wiping it away with alcohol.
  5. Let the glue dry overnight.

If the sole completely falls off, you should probably get new outsoles instead of attaching it with the previous one, as a shoe is greatly dependent on its stable base. In case of brittle or completely damaged sole, it is recommended for you to get your Dr Martens professionally restored.

Shoe repair during refurbishing often replaces the worn-out Dr Marten sole with vibram soles. They are great for rainy days and hiking in water congested areas. For such reasons, vibram soles are loved by many.

When you initially begin to notice any sort of damage within your Martens, make sure to address the issues beforehand to reduce the risk of further damage.

Can Other Parts of Doc Martens Be Repaired

Apart from the soles, other parts of the Martens can become heavily damaged with excessive use. Unless you are buying a pair of Martens with the sole purpose of going to work with them, it is recommended not to wear the same pair of boots every single day. This makes them wear out easily. 

If you have any queries regarding your pair, you can try to contact their customer services to ask for suggestions for shoe repair.

Martens boots are professionally refurbished in many places by professional cobblers. Dr Martens shoe repair prices can cost ranging up to $100. Although this might seem expensive, restoring your boots will be worth the price. 

It makes the boot return to its original state and saves you money from buying a new pair. But it does become difficult to repair and find the original soles for discontinued or unavailable models.

How to Take Care of Your Dr Martens Boots?

After shoe repair or refurbishing, many worry as to how they can maintain or increase the durability of their Martens. There are numerous ways how this can be done. Some of the common and crucial practices have been stated as follows.

  • Leather Cleaner

First remove the laces of your boots. Then with a toothbrush, clean dirty or dull areas within the boots with a leather cleaner. Wipe away the excess with a cloth.

It is recommended that you wipe down your boots after every single wear. Also, make sure to let the boots dry properly before the next time you wear them.

  • Leather Conditioner and Spray

Once again, remove any accessory straps and laces before proceeding to apply conditioner to your shoes. Make sure your Dr Martens are clean and dry, then proceed to apply conditioner with a clean cloth. 

This helps bring life back to dull-looking leather and prevent cracking. Just make sure not to use too much as it may over-soften the leather, and wipe away any residue after you are done polishing.

If you do not wish to purchase a leather conditioner, baby oil or Vaseline can be used as a substitute.

Also, make sure to use a waterproof spray protector to ensure that the leather of your Martens is not damaged by water which can completely ruin the boot. As it is impossible for you to always prevent getting water on your shoes, purchasing a good protector spray is your best bet.

  • Dust Bag

If your doc Martens are laying around at home and not being used often, make sure to store them in a dust bag. These lightweight bags not only prevent the shoes from dust but also from germs and other contamination. 

Apart from only being used as storage containers, dust bags can also be used to pack your shoes while traveling. Cover handling shoes, therefore, increase their longevity.

The leather in an unused pair of new Martens can begin to look dull and old if it starts to lay around and collect dust. Therefore, a dust bag is a must-have for people with Dr Martens boots.

  • Shoe Tree

A shoe tree is used for the purpose of maintaining the shape of your boots. When Martens is not being worn, storing them without any form of support can cause the shoe to lose its shape. 

Apart from preserving the form of the shoes, people also use shoe trees to protect the leather by letting it dry from excess moisture.

The inserts are shaped like blocks and are usually made from either wood or plastic. Purchase one as soon as you can to help your Dr. Martens shoes retain their shape. 


How many times can Dr Martens be resoled?

Your Dr Martens shoes can be resoled by the company for 2 to 3 times. They will provide you with 1 year warranty. So, in this time period you can take this advantage of resoling.
But, after that you will have to take your shoes to a professional cobbler to resole it.

Dr Martens Resole Cost?

If you want to resole your Dr Martens shoes in the New York City, then it would cost 40 to 75 bucks to resole by a cobbler.
The price is kept within this range because the price will differ from material to material. For rubber you will have to pay one price and for foam soles you have to pay another price.


Can Dr Martens be resoled? This is a question that many people have asked in recent years, as these popular boots are seeing renewed popularity among young people. 

Dr. Martens boots and shoes are durable and last a long time, but the soles will eventually wear down. Fortunately, you can extend the life of your favorite pair of Docs by having the soles replaced.

Follow our tips, and you should be just fine. 

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