How to Break in Doc Martens Overnight? With 7 Simple Tips

Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 12:35 pm

It’s no secret that the new pair of Dr. Martens is very difficult to break in, no matter how stylish or durable they are. The end result is sores, blisters, and ulcer formation of the feet and toes. 

So, it’s normal to ask how to break in Doc Martens overnight?

Well, If you want to break in your new Doc Martens overnight, there are some key techniques that you can use. You can soften the leather by applying a small amount of heat using a hair dryer or heating pad. Or you can use thick or multiple socks to protect your feet. 

In our article, we’ll go over these methods in detail and additional ones that you can employ. 

How to Break in Doc Martens Overnight

What Size Dr. Martens Should I Buy?

A common issue with your favorite brands of boots is getting the wrong size and regretting later. The same applies to Docs as well. Since Doc Martens are designed to fit true to size, we recommend picking the regular size only. 

Most customers opt for a size bigger than what they regularly wear in hope that the breaking in will become easier. But it will only make matters worse.

We strongly recommend choosing the boot according to your regular size guide. Also, keep in mind that Docs do not come in half sizes. So, if you wear a half size on a regular basis, step a size down when shopping for Docs. 

For example, if wear a 7.5 size boot, get a 7 size for the Doc Marten ones. Always make sure that the shoes fit you and feel comfortable before making the final purchase. 

How Long Does It Take to Break in Doc Martens?

The wear-in period for Doc Martens varies from two to six weeks. It may take around 10 days for some people, but usually, it takes two weeks for the majority of people.

This period is different for each person because of the break-in methods used and the category of the boot. Most people attempt to wear their Martens boots before they’re convinced about the fit. 

This practice should be avoided as it can cause more harm to your heels than good. Make sure the boots are comfortable enough and then proceed to wear them for long hours.

What Is the Trick Behind Perfectly Breaking in Doc Martens?

The ultimate trick to perfectly breaking in Martens’s boots is to be patient and tolerant throughout all times. There will be times when you feel like giving up, but the key is to wait for the results. Nothing perfect can be achieved in a day, and the same applies to the Martens’ boots. 

Give your boots the time to adjust to your feet. If you try to rush the process, you’ll end up with sore toes and blisters on your feet and heels. 

Lots of people suffer through unbearable pain and later blame the shoe and its brand. If you just take things slowly and give the boots some space to breathe in, you will find that the wear-in period becomes much easier.

What Is the Best Way to Break in My Doc Martens?

A common question among customers is, “How can I make my Doc Martens more comfortable?” 

There is no single method to achieve a perfect break-in for a Doc Martens boot. What works for you might not work out for someone else. 

So, it is better to give every method a try and then settle for the one that works best for you. Here are some easy and convenient ways to break in Doc Martens that can help the shoes adjust to your feet —

1. Wear Two Pairs of Socks

It may sound odd, but with Doc Martens shoes, two pairs of socks can help in breaking in the shoes in comparison to one pair. 

Two pairs of socks in the right size will provide you with maximum thickness and thus act as a barrier to prevent any painful blister from occurring. You can find the best socks for Doc Martens in brands like True athlete, Fox River, and Doc Martens itself.

2. Wear Thick Socks

Another hack you can try is by wearing thick socks. If you choose thin socks over a thick pair to wear with your Doc martens, there’s a chance of rubbing, which will ultimately cause sores and painful blisters. By choosing thick socks for your Doc Martens boots, you can prevent this rubbing and protect your feet. 

3. Look for Signs of Discomfort

Most people do not pay attention to the first few wears with their Dr. Martens shoes. They even think that feeling discomfort is a part of the process and will eventually calm down. 

However, this is a wrong notion. If your Dr. Martens feel tight and uncomfortable, you need to stop wearing it until the situation is fixed. The more time you spend wearing these tight Dr. Marten shoes, the more harm you will do to your feet.

4. Softening the Leather

Another trick you can try out is to work on that leather and soften it enough to break in. Breaking in the first pair of Dr. Marten can be challenging as the fibers remain highly tough. In this situation, the best method could be loosening up the fibers and creasing the tough leather Docs. 

To soften the leather, massage your boots and insert some rolled-up newspaper tightly inside the boots. Try stuffing as much newspaper as you can to make the insides of the boots as tight as possible. 

Leave the newspaper inside overnight and remove them the next day. You can also use sanitary towels instead of newspaper, and the results will be the same. What it does is open the hard fibers and loosen them so that they don’t feel tight anymore. It also helps to stretch the toe box, so that the shoes are an appropriate fit for your toes.

You can also soften the leather by using a product called Doc Martens wonder balsam. This is an excellent product made with a combination of natural and synthetic waxes. The waxes do a fine job at making the leather soft and flexible enough to break within Doc Martens.

Start using this wonder balsam and see results in just a few weeks. You can wear a spare pair of shoes for the time being until your Doc Martens is ready for you. Apart from the wonder balsam, you can try other leather softening agents like beeswax, coconut oil, lanolin-based leather conditioner, sandalwood leather balms, and so on.

Besides, products like boot shoe stretchers and two-way shoe stretchers can also work in softening the leather to some extent.

5. Take It Slow

This has to be one of the most crucial steps in the breaking-in process for your Doc Martens. Taking it slowly can work wonders for your new Docs. If you’re planning to wear Doc Martens shoes for an upcoming event or long walk, we recommend giving the shoes a try every day for a few minutes to adjust. 

Rather than wearing the Doc Martens straightaway on the day of the event, wear them for 10-15 minutes indoors and walk in them to give the shoes the time to habituate with your feet. 

Gradually increase the time for more extended periods once you feel that the boots are not tight anymore. If you wear Dr. Martens for longer durations for the first time, there’s a high chance that you will suffer from blisters and sores for the rest of the day. 

By giving the pair of shoe time to adjust, you’re doing yourself a favor and avoiding the misery that could happen later.

6. Heat Treatment

Another method you can try to help break in Dr. Martens is by applying some heat to soften the pair of boots. To make this method work, give your brand new Docs a try and try to identify the tightest point of the boots. 

Now, take off your boots and switch on your hairdryer. Blow the dryer at a low setting on the tightest section of the boots and do the step for 10-12 minutes. The heat treatment will disintegrate the oils in the new boots and condition the leather for short periods of time. 

7. Freezing Your Dr. Martens Shoes

Lastly, you can break in Doc Martens quickly and easily by simply freezing them. So, how does it work?

To do this step, fill some freezer bags with water and place them within the Dr. Martens shoes over the inner sole. Place the pair of shoes in the refrigerator or freezer and keep them inside for a good 8-10 hours. 

The water inside the shoes will expand after freezing, and the boots will eventually stretch. Once they’ve been frozen for at least 8 hours, take them out and leave them on the counter to melt the ice into the water. 

You will notice that Dr. Martens has loosened up a lot, and the leather will feel soft and comfortable. This means that your shoes have fully broken, and you can start wearing them on an everyday basis. 

All of these methods have been tried and tested and every one of them has been proven to be effective and worthwhile. So, start with one of these methods today and get ready to fit into your new leather Docs as soon as possible!

FAQs in Break-in Doc Martens Overnight

How does a shoe stretcher help with Docs?

A shoe stretcher at the largest setting helps in breaking the Docs by loosening the tough and robust fibers of the insides of the boot. It will also help prevent any deep creases and maintain the shape of the footwear.

How to break in Doc Martens quickly?

There is no absolutely sure way to break in your Docs quickly. However, if there had to be one single quick method, it’d be wearing the Docs frequently for shorter durations multiple times a day. At one point, they will fully break. 

How to break in Doc Martens 1461?

The best way to break in Docs 1461 is to select the perfect fit, keep the laces tight and opt for thick socks. You can also choose wonder balsam or other leather softening agents to fully break Docs 1461.

Which sock is perfect for pairing with Docs?

The Doc Martens cotton-blend socks would be an ideal option to pair with your Docs. These socks come with extra padding that helps people with high arch on their feet. It also provides extra protection to the friction points minimizing the chances of blisters and sores.

Can I apply the wonder balsam on patent leather Doc Martens?

No, you can’t, as the wonder balsam is not an ideal fit for patent leather Docs. Since this balsam is designed to provide a matte finish to your boots, they are not suitable for use on shiny, glossy, and patent leather boots. 

Final Words

So, how to break in Doc Martens overnight? The answer is pretty simple- using leather conditioners, using stretching spray, or wearing the thickest socks. 

Breaking in Doc Martens in a single night can be a difficult and time-consuming task, but the results are worth it! You can wear your new shoes after breaking in Doc Martens and prevent blisters or sores from affecting your feet.

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