Can You Wear Crocs With Jeans? If So, How to wear it?

Last updated on November 11th, 2022 at 07:34 pm

Crocs is a type of comfortable shoe for the human foot which is made by Crostile. Crostile is a closed-cell resin that is flexible but costlier than plastic or rubber. People love this footwear during the whole summer as it has an excellent ventilation system.

Crocs are comfortable and stylish for Jeans at the same time. Nowadays, people like celebrities are wearing Crocs as a fashion outfit. They wear Crocs with pretty much everything like denim shorts, light wash jeans, ripped jeans, etc. 

But here is a question apart from the celebrities, can you wear Crocs with jeans? Let’s get into that.

Can You Wear Crocs With Jeans

Can You Wear Crocs With Jeans

You may have asked yourself what pants to wear with Crocs. Well, Crocs are a kind of comfortable shoes that you can wear anywhere with anything casually. It may seem a little bit strange about the combination of Crocs and jeans. But they are perfectly fine together.

Comfy pair of Crocs don’t only provide you comfort, but they also allow you to customize your fashion choice. You can wear Crocs classic with any type of jeans you want,i.e., mom jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, slim-cut jeans. Let’s see how you can wear jeans with Crocs and which outfit will match your own style.

Crocs With Skinny Jeans

Fleece lined Crocs with skinny jeans is a perfect combination. Skinny jeans make your legs look longer and slim down your shape. Chunky Crocs, cushioned Crocs or even classic clogs are very much fine with it.

It doesn’t cover your ankle usually. So, you can perfectly show off your Crocs as it doesn’t hide your comfy Crocs. It’s a trendy dress code almost every celebrity follows these days. 

Both men and women can wear skinny jeans with Crocs. But if we talk about flared jeans, they don’t work well with these shoes. The bell-bottom of them hides too much of your Crocs.

Crocs With Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans will perfectly match your style once you wear them with Crocs. They are another great fashion idea besides skinny jeans. This kind of jeans shows the curves of your body perfectly. Both the skinny jean and bootcut jeans elevate your attire to a whole new level of opulence. So. These types of pants always tend to show your shoe. 

But this doesn’t mean you can’t wear loose jeans or trousers with this kind of shoe. You can always wear loose jeans or trousers which taper near your ankle. They, too, are innovative outfit ideas.

Crocs With Mom Jeans

Pairing Crocs with mom jeans are becoming trendy day by day. Mom jeans don’t mean that these jeans are for moms or women only. Both men and women started to follow this trend. Mom jeans are not really narrow fitted or skinny like bootcut or skinny jeans.

They will go great with Crocs shoes. So people, irrespective of their gender and age, use this dress code as one of their stylish outfits nowadays.

White Crocs With Jeans

Crocs originally revealed as boating shoe, come in different colors,i.e., black, white, red, cyan, etc. But the favorite color among men, women, or celebrities is black or white. Now, remember white Crocs are more attractive with white or blue jeans. They also look awesome with light wash jeans.

Can Guys Wear Crocs Jeans

Crocs are both comfortable and good-looking footwear. They are made for a casual outfit for both men and women. These types of shoes don’t represent any gender. They are a unisex product.

People love this kind of shoe because they are cost-efficient and they provide much more comfort than regular sandals. Another perk of Crocs classic is they can hold the shape of your foot.

They can be worn anywhere and anytime. Most people and celebrities like Justin Bieber, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, and Ariana grande use these shoes as a casual dress code. Besides, they can be used even at a party or on a sea beach. During the summer, pretty much every man and woman use them because of their good ventilation system.

It is wearable with any unisex outfit like ripped jeans, denim shorts, boyfriend jeans, or slim-cut jeans. So, of course, guys can wear them.

How To Wear Crocs With Jeans
How To Wear Crocs With Jeans

How To Wear Crocs With Jeans

Some people call Crocs a childish, impractical, and ugly shoe. The reason behind it is mostly that people don’t know how to wear Crocs. Don’t let these words discourage you. You can wear your favorite Crocs shoes with any jeans or outfit. So here are some tips on how to wear Crocs fashionably.

Tip 1: Put on your Crocs with your narrow-fitted jeans

Crocs look best when paired with a pair of slim-fitting jeans like skinny or bootcut jean. These types of jeans allow you to showcase your Crocs. Short jeans or short denim are good choices to combine with Crocs.

Tip 2: Try to avoid flared jeans

Avoiding flared jeans is a good idea. The greatest ways to show off your slip-on are with skinny, straight, and fitted bootcut styles. But if you want to wear flare trousers which taper near the ankle, then it’s good enough.

Tip 3: Use your Crocs as a casual outfit only

Never use Crocs as a formal outfit. They don’t match the formal shirts or blouses. They are best with your casual dress or outfit. You can go anywhere wearing these except at a board meeting or a formal party. 

Tip 4: Always be cautious about color combination

Color combination is important when you are wearing tie dye Crocs. Too much bold color will make you look peculiar. So choose a natural color like black, white, or brown. Choose a color that will match the color of your Crocs.

Tip 5: Use a pair of socks if it seems necessary

When it seems necessary, you can wear socks. Many of the celebrities have been wearing socks with Crocs during summer also. This is because the socks can soak the sweat from the feet. Anyway, you can wear socks both in summer and winter with your Crocs to get rid of the sweat and cold.

FAQs in Crocs with Jeans

What Pants Go With Crocs?

You can wear almost every type of pants with Crocs. But if you want to wear it more accurately, you should go with narrow-fitted jeans or short denim. They are the perfect combination. But you should not wear flip flops with flared jeans.

Do Crocs Look Good With Jeans?

Yes, Crocs do look good with jeans. But all jeans are not made to wear with Crocs. Unisex jeans like skinny, bootcut, mom, and slim-cut are perfect for these shoes. These kinds of jeans allow you to show off the shoes and the ankle. 

Is It OK To Wear Crocs Without Socks?

Yes, it is okay to wear Crocs without socks. People use socks with Crocs because they can soak the sweat. Sweat can make your Crocs sticky and adhesive, which is quite irritating. But if your feet don’t sweat that easily, then you can always wear them without socks.

What Color Crocs Go With Everything?

There are different colors available for Crocs in the market. But you should avoid those bold colors like red, green, blue, or maroon. This is because they highlight your footwear too much. But a slight light color like white, black, navy blue, or cyan can go with every outfit.


Though some people treat a croc as an ugly shoe, it’s quite a comfortable shoe everyone likes to wear. It’s true that they don’t go with every dress. But they are quite compatible with jeans. You only need to know how to wear them properly, and they will offer you a marvelous look.

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