Why Do Crocs Shrink? And How to Unshrink Crocs Easily

Last updated on October 24th, 2022 at 09:11 pm

Crocs are trendy shoes due to their good ventilation system. Pretty much everyone likes it to wear during the whole summer for comfort and airflow. But have you ever felt like your Crocs are shrinking? 

Well, they definitely can shrink in various situations. Most of these causes are related to high heat conditions, especially exposure to extreme temperatures, getting wet, or simply wearing the shoes for an extended period of time.

So now let’s get to the point: Why Crocs shrink, and What should you do with them to unshrink?

Why Do Crocs Shrink

Why Do Crocs Shrink

First of all, you need to know about the Crocs material. The Crocs shoes use crostile as their essential material. Crostile material is quite soft and flexible. It is a closed-cell resin. The reason behind using crostile material as Crocs material is that it can hold your feet’s shape perfectly.

If your question is, the answer is it’s possible that you left it in direct sunlight. Usually, Crocs shoes don’t shrink when you keep them in a cool place. The crostile in it stays still at a normal temperature. But it cannot bear extreme heat. 

So it may be possible that you left your shoes in one of the high heat conditions. It must not always be the sunlight that shrunk your shoes. Sometimes, your hot car engine or hot water can cause these situations. Let’s see every possible reason for it.

Do Crocs Shrink In The Dryer

Yes, the dryer machine does shrink the Crocs. Every kind of dryer machine, including a hair dryer or a clothes dryer, can shrink your Crocs easily. The reason behind this is they exhale hot air. Moreover, it can shrink your Crocs quickly as compared to other situations. 

It is so fast that a dryer can shrink your shoes within 10-15 minutes, even at the lowest temperature. People who make a mistake by buying a larger pair of Crocs use this method to get them in shape. It does not harm the material inside. It reshapes the Crocs and makes them smaller in size.

Do Crocs Shrink In The Freezer

No, Crocs don’t shrink in the freezer. Many people think that extreme temperature is the reason behind shrunk Crocs. It’s not true, though. Crocs can only shrink in high heat conditions like in hot water or in a hot car, or in direct sunlight.

Crostile material doesn’t shrink in cold water or in the freezer. Moreover, the chillness of a freezer may expand the size of the Crocs.

Do Crocs Shrink In Sunlight Or Heat

The most searched question on the internet is can Crocs shrink in sun? The answer is yes; they can. As we discussed above, Crocs consist of a material named crostile. These types of closed-cell resin are quite good for holding up a shape. But they become vulnerable when exposed to high heat conditions, i.e., direct sunlight, hair dryer, clothes dryer, etc.

You can notice only a little difference if you leave your Crocs for an hour. You can barely tell that something’s changed. But if you leave them for several hours to direct sunlight or near a heat source, you can see the clear differences. 

Do Crocs Shrink In The Washing Machine

Do Crocs Shrink In The Washing Machine

Yes, Crocs can shrink in the washing machine. Any kind of washing machines such as a dishwasher or clothes washer can shrink your Crocs. It’s because these machines use water(sometimes boiling water).

Every kind of exposure to heat may shrink the crostile inside Crocs. So, it’s pretty much obvious that if you wash your Crocs inside a washing machine, the shoes are likely to shrink.

How To Unshrink Crocs

Well, you can see that your Crocs can shrink in one of many ways. Either way, the question now comes to mind: what to do for unshrinking Crocs? So. here are some methods on how to fix shrunken crocs:

Method 1: Using A Dryer 

Dryer to unshrink crocs

It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to unshrink Crocs. Both clothes dryers and hair dryers can help you here. If you are using a clothes dryer, put it in the dryer and run it for about 5-7 minutes. When it’s hot enough, take it out and wear it when the temperature feels tolerable to you.

It’s safe to wear a pair of thick socks first. Now let sit the Crocs, and when it comes to the room temperature, take them off. You can follow the exact same method in the case of a hair dryer too.

Method 2: Using Hot Water

Hot Water To Unshrink Crocs

It’s the most effective and quickest method to get the forms back of shrunken Crocs. First, take a bowl and fill it with hot boiling water. Now dip the Crocs into the water. Set a timer to 2 or 3 minutes. It will give the warm water an opportunity to unshrink the croslite material. 

Now take out the Crocs and let it cool. It will seem soft when it’s hot enough. Next, when the temperature becomes tolerable, put your feet in and start walking. Wait until they are cool enough. This method help to stretch crocs with hot water. You can also use thick socks if the Crocs are too hot to wear. 

Method 3: Using Thick Socks

thick socks To Unshrink Crocs

Another way to expand or unshrink your tight Crocs is using thick socks. It’s quite a lengthy process to take. But it will surely work. Use thick socks whenever you put the Crocs on. It will start shaping the shoes according to the new shape of your feet.

FAQs In Crocs Shrink

How Long Does It Take For Crocs To Shrink In The Sun?

If you keep your Crocs in direct sunlight for just half an hour, they can shrink. But you can barely tell the differences. But if you keep it there for about a day or more than two days you will get a notice about the size of the Crocs.

Can Crocs Shrink In The Dryer?

Yes, they can. When you put your Crocs into the dryer, it will loosen the Crocs material. When you take it out from the dryer, they will start to re-stretch. As they get cold, they will start shrinking. Or you can use a wet towel if you want a faster result.

How Do You Make Crocs Bigger After They Shrink?

The most effective way is to use boiling water and dip your Crocs into it. When it’s hot enough, put your fit in, and it will ultimately make the Crocs bigger. There are also other ways like using a dryer or thick socks.

How To  Keep Crocs From Shrinking?

The best way to keep your Crocs from shrinking is to keep them in a cool and dry place. Shades provide a cool atmosphere that helps your Crocs to hold their shape and comfort.


Well, that’s pretty much everything about why are my Crocs shrinking? Don’t panic next time if you see your shrinking Crocs. It’s just a natural process.

From now on, use your Crocs roughly but always keep an eye out so that they don’t get overheated.

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