Dr Martens Winter Grip Review & Editorial Ratings

Imagine you’re going to work on a cold winter morning. You get dressed in enough layers and put on your regular shoes. By the time you reach work, your feet are completely soaked from the snow and the puddles, and you are uncomfortable despite the layers of clothing.

Not a fun thing to happen, right? Well, to prevent such incidents, we recommend trying out the Dr Martens Wintergrip Chelsea boots. These shoes are great at making sure that you are well protected even in the snowiest climates and that you don’t end up slipping and hurting yourself. 

Read our full Dr Martens Winter grip review (Chelsea boots) to know more about how amazing this footwear is and why you should purchase it.


Dr Martens Wintergrip Chelsea boots

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Dr Martens Wintergrip Chelsea boots

Dr Martens Wintergrip Chelsea boots leather quality is beyond expectation. You will find them in 3 colors on amazon. The boots are very comfortable to wear in winter & snowiest weather. You can wear them in camping as well. These boots are completely water and slip-resistant. Its Synthetic slip sole adds more comfort for the user.

Overall 10
Style 10
Durability & Comfort 8
Build Quality 7
  • 100% Leather
  • 100% Comfortable & Warmful
  • Water & Slip Resistant
  • Easy To Clean
  • Not Enough room for insoles

What You need to Know About the Brand?

Docs have been making a name for itself in the footwear industry ever since the 1960s. It has always taken care to not identify itself as a worker’s boot only and cater to the taste of the fashion industry alongside industrial workers. 

In fact, the story of its rising fame starts with being worn by rock bands, which suddenly made an influx of a whole new group of customers.

The boots are not your usual style boots and instead feature cushioned soles and visible stitching. Workers, fashion pioneers, rock bands, and fans of such bands are the primary customers of the brand now. 

The brand is mostly known for its military combat style boots; however, they have diversified their production to leather oxford shoes, work boots with steel toes, and even fishermen’s sandals.

Though some say that the line of products is too broad and the brand should focus on only one category, the brand stands by its strategy. As a result, they have customers, both men and women from all industries, who look forward to getting their demands met by Dr. marten.

Doc also makes great winter shoes. The first feature that any good boot should have is slip resistance. If the shoe does not have good traction, there is a big chance that you will fall and injure yourself on snowy days. 

Keeping that in mind, DM has made their soles slip resistant and ensured that they provide enough superior traction to keep you on the ground, no matter how much ice there is.

Dr Martens Winter Grip Review

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Dr Martens Wintergrip Chelsea boots Review

DM’s Winter Grip is one of the best shoes to invest in if you live somewhere cold. This model is a favorite of many consumers, not only for its superior protection but also for the comfort it provides. 

The cushioning inside takes care that your feet feel good even after long walks in terrible weather, and the 100% leather material ensures that the exterior does not get ruined.

In terms of being compatible with cold climates, this is one of the top products in consumers’ minds. The shoe is slip resistant, protecting you from sudden falls, while the fleece keeps the feet warm at all times of the day. Even if you step into a snowy puddle, you will face no issues as the material is completely water resistant. 


  • 100% leather ensures durability and comfort
  • Water resistant material keeps your foot protected even in extremely bad climates
  • Faux and fleece lining provides enough insulation to provide adequate warmth
  • The insulation does not make feet sweat
  • Slip resistant quality makes walking easier and helps to prevent injuries
  • Synthetic slip sole adds to the comfort of the user
  • High quality materials add to the lifespan of the shoe


  • There is not much room for insoles
  • The style might not appeal to all people

Key Features of DM Wintergrip (Chelsea Boots)

Doc makes products for almost all sorts of needs of the daily worker. Hence, a shoe that meets the requirements of workers in winter is among their lines as well. A good winter show has some attributes that help the wearer no matter how terrible the weather is. 

So, in the following section, let’s check whether Dr Marten Wintergrip scores well in these attributes –

Slip Resistance

The Docs Wintergrip Chelsea boot take slip resistance to another level by adding grooved cleats, which provide superior hold. Some other lines have slip resistant GripTax soles, and those help to make sure workers are safe while working in construction areas that are bound to have wet surfaces and oil spills.

Despite all these measures, make sure to walk cautiously along the road in terrible weather, as even the best sole cannot always prevent accidents. This is true only for extremely harsh weather.


Since the Doc Martens Wintergrip line has been made keeping the needs of people in cold climate, the shoe tries to provide some extra warmth than the normal cushion layer of the other product lines. Additional fleece lining and faux fur do a good job of keeping your feet warm even in the coldest weather. 

And if you are someone particularly prone to colds, you can always wear some thick socks with these boots to give you the extra insulation you need.


What consumers absolutely love about wearing Docs is that it makes the comfort of its target group a clear priority. You will never have any problem regarding the sturdiness, shape, and feel of the shoe on your foot. 

The model is specially created in a way that you can wear it for long periods of time without feeling the need to take it off and let your foot relax at all.

Furthermore, the soles of Doc Martens Wintergrip are synthetic, and this especially adds to the comfort. Besides, the cushioning layers make sure your feet are along a soft bed all day. 

This helps to avoid any blisters or friction. The lining is just enough to keep the feet heated, but not to make them sweat. Overall, the material used in the shoe work really well together to provide you with the comfort you need.


There is no use in wearing products that absorb water in snowy regions. Before you know it, your feet will be wet all day from the water that gets in your boots. You might even end up catching a severe cold if you do not have the option to take those off and dry your shoe before putting them off again.

To take care of that, the boot is made of water-resistant leather. The other lines also have models which are 75% waterproof, but nothing can beat this model in terms of protection.

The boot is also resistant to snow, so the quality of its upper will not be affected by such weather. Nevertheless, you can use a shoe protector in case you are too concerned. 

How to Clean a Doc Martens Winter Boot?

To make sure that your DM’s Wintergrip Chelsea boots stay in their prime condition for long periods of time, you need to take good care of them. The best product to do that is the Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam.

First of all, wipe any dirt away from the shoe using a clean, damp cloth. Then apply the balsam to the leather. This product helps to keep the model smooth and long-lasting. It also adds to the shine and softens up the tough leather.

You can then buff the shoe to the amount of shininess you want. For buffing, we recommend using a shoe brush from the same company. Make sure you do this regularly for the best results.


A pair of good winter boots can help take care of you and keep you warm in the coldest of months. Now that you have read this article about the Dr Martens Winter grip review (Chelsea Boots), you must have understood how this unit perfectly meets the required criteria for a good pair of boots. 

So, next time the cold season comes knocking at your door, get these boots and have all your worries sorted. 

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