Can Birkenstocks Be Repaired? If So, How & Where?

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Living in such an environment which has been a severe prey to all sorts of pollution, it’s not wise to continue throwing away the used sandals. Instead, repairing the Birkenstocks is the most helpful solution in this aspect, and it will ensure the proper utilization of the Birkenstocks.

Birkenstocks are durable and can be repaired without much difficulty. You can easily change most parts, but not all. Technically, you can replace every part. However, it will cost beyond another new pair.

Also, it can save the environment to a great extent. But in this aspect, the first question that arises in your mind is: can Birkenstocks be repaired?

Can Birkenstocks Be Repaired

Can Birkenstocks Shoes Be Repaired?

Birkenstocks can be repaired, but there may be a cost associated with the repair. You may need to replace it if the repair is extensive. With that being said, you may have to look at the Birkenstocks that you want to repair and decide if it is worth repairing.

There are many ways to repair Birkenstocks, and it depends on the type of Birkenstock you have.

Birkenstocks are usually made of leather and are generally durable. They can be repaired with leather patches and other materials. Leather patches are used to cover up small tears and other damages that may occur.

Can Birkenstock Straps Be Repaired

Yes, the straps can be repaired. In fact, they’re probably easier to repair than to replace, although the straps are more likely to fall off if you try to repair them.

Leather is behind Birkenstocks straps. So you can repair them with leather patches and other materials. In the case of serious strap damage, you may have to replace it. 

Can Birkenstock Cork Be Repaired

You can easily repair the cork on the Birkenstocks. Both the footbed of shoes and sandals, the replacement of the sole is equally possible. Because of the general wear, the Birkenstocks attached with an unveiled worn cork footbed might require repairing the direct heat moulded cork itself. 

Through the usage of extreme heat moulded cork sealant, it is easily possible to grind as well as to re-form it perfectly. 

Birkenstock Sole Replacement

If you own a pair of Birkenstocks sandals, you may be interested in learning how to repair them. You should replace the Birkenstock sole if it is torn, cracked, or is no longer fitting properly.

One of the most common ways to repair Birkenstocks is replacing the sole. Ensuring that you have the right sole for the Birkenstock is vital.

You need to ensure that the sole is fitted correctly. It should not be too loose or too tight.

Birkenstock Repair Policy

Birkenstock’s repair policy varies from store to store. There is no official repair policy. However, it is always best to go to the store where the Birkenstocks are sold and confirm. Individual owners manage the stores on their own.

Does Birkenstock Repair Shoes?

Yes, the shoe company repairs shoes through listed retailers. These shoes are specifically designed for the care and repair of Birkenstocks. 

In addition to offering a full line of repair and replacement parts, these retailers also have a full array of insole options for men and women to choose from.

How Much Does Birkenstock Repair Cost?

The manufacturers have recommended resolving the Birkenstock, but they have prohibited not replacing the buckles and straps. 

If there are huge splits inside the cork, replace it soon. It costs you about $85 to set up a new footbed or put on a new sole. Also, if you are about to replace the original sole with a newer one, it may cost you $50 at best.

Furthermore, the replacement cost of the heel with the new EVA is around $30. So understand the condition of your Birkenstock, then make the right decision.

Does Birkenstock Repair Shoes For Free

No, there are no free repairs for Birkenstock shoes. But, it’s easy to find a local repair shop that can do the job. The best way to locate a shoe repair shop is to call your Birkenstock retailer.

Birkenstocks Repaired

How To Repair Birkenstock Cork Footbed?

Birkenstocks have a reputation for being the most comfortable footwear available, and they’re very durable. However, if your shoes have become damaged or broken, you may require cork repair. Here are the steps to take if you want to try to fix your Birkenstock Cork:

Remove the Cork: Remove the cork footbed from the shoe. The easiest way to do this is to remove the laces.

Clean the leather: Use a soft cloth to clean the leather. Next, use a clean, damp cloth to clean the leather. If you have a leather cleaner, you can use that too.

Use a leather conditioner: If you want to restore the leather to its original state, use a leather conditioner.

Reattach the sole: Finally, put the new sole back on the shoe to resole. It will be easier to put the cork back into the shoe if you remove the laces first.

How To Repair Birkenstock Straps?

If your Birkenstock straps have broken or become worn, you can fix them. Here are the steps to take if you want to try to fix your Birkenstock straps:

Remove The Damaged Strap

Start by removing the damaged strap. If it’s a leather strap, cut it off and remove it. If it’s a nylon strap, you’ll have to pull it off. Next, cut the leather on the side of the shoe where it meets the sole.

Separate The Leather

Cut through the leather as far as you can, and then pull the two leather pieces apart. This will allow you to remove the bottom piece of leather.

Replace Or Use Glue To The Leather

You can either place a new piece of leather over the hole in the shoe or use glue to attach the straps.

Birkenstock Popular Repairs Shop

Nobody likes to part with the soles of your beloved sandals but when it comes to making your Birkenstock more comfortable for you, then taking the help from a verified repair shop is mandatory for you. Some repair shops are available for you to rebuild it with genuine Birkenstock parts.

One such shop is Aaron’s Cave Springs Shoe Repair which always assures you of the best quality service available for your Birkenstock sandals. Also, they can transform your dark, worn sandal into a newly bought one looking glossy and well finished.

Aaron’s Cave Springs Shoe Repair

Address: 4111 Mexico Rd, St Peters, MO 63376

There are some other repair shops available. The Footprints is famous among them for repairing all sorts of Birkenstock sandals. 


Address: 1339 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

Also, there are some online platforms for you to fix your Birkenstock replacement issues through online staying at home. You will find all of the official repair stores from the link below.

Best Birkenstock Repair Kit

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Birkenstock shoes, you need to know how to repair them. It’s a well-known fact that Birkenstock shoes are comfortable, stylish, and durable. Unfortunately, they’re also quite expensive. For that reason, it’s no surprise that many people want to know how to repair and restore their Birkenstock shoes.

We’ve selected the best Birkenstock official repair kit to help you keep your shoes in tip-top shape.

Birkenstock Deluxe Shoe Care Kit

Birkenstock Deluxe Shoe Care Kit

Birkenstock has been making shoe accessories since the late 80s, and these Deluxe Shoe Care Kits are the newest innovation by the brand.

It is one of the best old shoe care kits available today. They combined all the best features you would expect in a shoe care kit and packed it into a beautiful shoe box.

This shoe care kit contains all the tools you will need to clean and refresh your shoes. In addition, it has a magnetic closure that makes it easier to store the shoes. The composite frame in the shoe is a durable material that will ensure that your shoes stay in original shape for a long time.

The composite lens polarized helps reduce glare, and it’s a soft material that is easy to clean. In addition, the lens is wider than the typical ones, so you can easily clean the shoes with no issues.

Moreover, The suede nubuck brush is ideal for cleaning and refreshing suede and nubuck materials. Overall, this is a very simple and effective shoe care kit.

Frequently asked questions

How Often Should You Replace Your Birkenstocks?

The lasting period of your Birkenstocks depends on their frequent use of them. For example, the longer you use them, the more they become durable and long-lasting. Their expansion may even stick to at least a decade or more. Surprisingly, it becomes more comfortable as you use them for a more extended time. 

Is It Normal For Birkenstocks To Crack?

Yes, the cracking of Birkenstock is pretty normal. Even it symbolizes the adaptation of your shoe to your gait. There are some other models of Birkenstock available in the market which tend to expose more cracks than those of the others.

When Should You Throw Away Birkenstocks?

The tread pattern is the most valuable part of a Birkenstock, which assists you in holding onto yourself pretty precisely. So, if you can’t see it well, throw your Birkenstocks away as the manufacturers have suggested.

How To Fix Cracked Birkenstocks

If any crack is visible in the Birkenstock, the cork sealant is the most common fix. In case of the chipping out of the small cork footbed pieces, repair it as soon as possible. Moreover, it is wise to replace both the footbed if the cork itself breaks down at a long distance.


In conclusion, it’s not always the case that you can’t repair or repair a pair of shoes. You can do a lot of things to help you get a good result. Pretty sure your thoughts about “can Birkenstocks be repaired” should be cleared at this stage.

To make your Birkenstock sandals more comfortable and keep them in good shape, you should be very careful. 

However, if the shoes do not go as expected, you should go with any officially listed Birkenstock repair shop.

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