Find Out Why Are Dr Martens So Popular and Expensive? What Makes Doc Boots Iconic

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Doc Martens is renowned for its iconic boots that are strikingly more expensive than other shoes on the market. 

Some people may wonder why they cost so much, and others may just want to know the reasons behind their popularity. So, exactly why are Dr Martens so popular and expensive? What exactly sets them apart from other brands? 

In this blog post, We will explore some of the reasons why these shoes are so popular and expensive. Stay tuned!

Why Are Dr Martens So Popular and Expensive

A Little Bit About Doc Martens

Doc Martens is a British footwear brand that was popular from the instant when it first came out in the year 1960. In contrast to the fact that DMs are worn by several celebrities and well-off people nowadays, decades ago, they were only popular amongst the working class. They also targeted older women.

Work boots back then were known to be severely uncomfortable. Initially, Dr Martens was a family-owned local factory. Martens was the first to introduce the comfort of air-cushioned soles within working boots. This was the primary contributing factor to their rise in sales.

No other footwear business is known to have a history as iconic as Dr Martens. At one point, simply wearing a pair of Dr Martens became a symbol of rebellion supporting freedom and individuality. With time, what once was pitched as working shoes, slowly became the statement of fashion it is now.

Why Are Dr Martens So Popular?

There are many reasons why this international fashion brand is well-renowned for its products. Some of the biggest contributing factors have been stated as follows.

Top-Notch Quality

The biggest reason why Doc Martens is so expensive is the premium quality of the products. All Doc Martens shoes are known to be highly durable with comfy soles.

It is therefore easy to distinguish DMs knockoffs from the originals. To further identify the authentic Martens brand, look for the inspection sticker in the boot.

dr martens

Array of Choices

Dr Martens is known to have abundant choices of various shoe styles. From foot utility boots to perfect gardening shoes, Martens creates it all.

Both men and women have a lot to choose from Dr Martens, and now even babies can as well! Their adorable Martens shoes start at $40.

Apart from shoes, Doc Martens produces several other accessories such as bags, laces, thick socks, and other shoe care equipment. Therefore, although shoes are their main focus, the purchase of such accessories has greatly boosted Martens revenue.

Impact of Celebrities

Doc Martens boots have been seen to be worn by several Hollywood celebrities with massive fan bases. Renowned actors and singers such as Robert Pattinson, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, and many other artists have been seen to flaunt their Dr Martens.

This inspired the masses to save up and purchase Doc martens boots and heavily increased their popularity.

Why Are Doc Martens So Expensive

Why Are Doc Martens So Expensive?

It has been a while since Doc Martens established its name as a premium brand in the market. But it is surprising to many why boots that cost merely $3 a pair decades ago can now cost up to $750 (USD). What is the reasoning behind their steep prices?

Some of the most contributing factors have been stated as follows.

The Manufacturing Process + Quality

Although it may sound repetitive, it is true that the usage of high-quality materials makes their boots so pricey. Shoes that were once mainly sold for their comfort and practicality, are now also sold due to their reputation of promised premium quality.

The production process of Doc Martens is prolonged and tedious. All of their products are created with great care and patience. Therefore, with respect to the quality of the materials used, including the labor cost, Doc Martens is priced highly.

All DM boots are waterproof to protect the leather from turning brittle. What makes Martens so expensive is their superb quality as well as the assurance of their durability.

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Comfort and Style

The comfy sole of Martens boots makes them suitable for daily wear. Their heavy duty work boot is preferred by many.

A few Dr Martens boot are so popular, they have become a must-buy for a lot of people. For example, the yellow stitching Dr Martens is a personal favorite of numerous people. Even their snow boots don’t fail to add flair to an outfit.

Doc Martens are also considered a statement piece of punk appeal. During the 1980s, footwear seen amongst the punk scene mainly included Martens as the main focus.


Last but not the least, this brand’s popularity is a huge contributing factor to its steep price. Many Doc Martens boots worth several hundreds of dollars are happily being purchased by customers as they have gained such popularity throughout the years.

For reasons such as these, rather than purchasing cheaper uncomfortable boots, numerous people prefer Doc Martens over other brands any day.

Outfits Doc Martens Can Be Worn with

A pair of Martens consists of the possibility to create many looks and outfits. Include these boots with your fit to spruce up your entire aura. Doc Martens creates looks according to your own individuality. 

But as some people still look for outfit inspiration and guidance, here are a few ideas.

The combination of shirt, jeans, and Dr Martens boots is the most classic combination seen to be worn with Martens.

Doc Martens paired with fitted pants (such as tights) and an oversized shirt is a go-to grunge look.

A pair of Vamp Mary Janes goes stunningly well with a dress or even a skirt. Both the flowy and fitted pattern of a simple dress or skirt is beautifully complemented by Dr Martens shoes.

A classic black can easily be paired with any type of clothing. For this reason, time Dr. Marten’s purchasers often opt for this safest option. These boots, when worn with even the most basic outfits, can be made to look stunning.

Criticism Dr Martens Has Received

Despite the surge of numerous positive feedback about these boots, Doc Martens have also received several negative comments. Some argue that their quality is not quite as good as before.

People usually invest in these boots with the hopes of them lasting for several years. Yet, some claim that these boots are becoming easily worn out, such as after wearing them for merely 6 months. A factor of this might be extreme creasing due to harsh weather conditions that have caused the boots to become completely damaged.

As Doc Martens are not created for such rough conditions, they are most likely not meant to last as daily wear in such situations. In addition to this, many have claimed Doc Martens customer service to be unwilling to help and dismissive. 

Therefore, as customers spend quite a hefty sum on these boots, they are unhappy about such circumstances.

Why Do People Invest in doc Boots?

Are Doc Martens worth the hype? As mentioned previously, there are several reasons why Doc Martens is so popular and expensive. But, the question still remains, “Why do people keep purchasing and repurchasing them?” The three most common reasons have been stated below.

  1. Comfortable

People initially decided to purchase Doc Martens due to the comfort they provide. Occupations that require standing or working on feet for long periods of time, such as factory workers, preferred Doc Martens. They liked it more than their everyday working boots. 

Initially, when this brand was first introduced, Martens was even advertised as gardening shoes,

To this day, Doc Martens continues to maintain its reputation of being much more comfortable than other boots on the market. Martens waterproof rubber sole boots are preferred and recommended for demanding work conditions.

  1. Durable

The majority prefer to wear Doc Martens due to their durability. Making a purchase from this iconic footwear is more of an investment than a one-time purchase. 

Unlike celebrities who plan to wear Martens with a certain outfit for a day, usual customers purchase them with the plan of using them for several years.

The Doc Martens site itself carries products that help to increase the durability of such boots, such as their shoe care spray, shoe polish wax, and cleaners.

  1. Stylish

Doc Martens has been a part of many trending styles for several years and will be for many more years to come. From the several choices, you are bound to find shoes matching your personal style.

The simplest outfit, such as jeans and a jumper, can be spruced up by pairing it with a pair of Martens boots. Doc Martens created some of the most iconic styles till now.

Many famous celebrities have incorporated Martens into their personal style, which caused an uproar amongst their massive fan bases.

How to Take Care of Your Doc Martens?

Before and after making a pricey purchase, people worry about how to maintain the condition of the product; and the same goes for Doc Martens. The site itself sells many products that help take care of your boots. 

Yet purchasing shoe care accessories from Martens can comparatively cost much more.

Therefore, you’ll be happy to know that there are several other affordable ways to take care of your Doc Martens!

  • Clean with a Damp Cloth

Once your Martens get dirty, open the boot laces and cleanse the shoe with a clean, damp cotton cloth. Yes, it is as simple as that! You do not need to purchase a fancy polishing rag, as any unused cotton cloth lying at home will suffice.

It is recommended that you wipe down your boots after every single wear. Also, ensure to let the boots dry properly before the next time you wear them.

  • Polish with Baby Oil

With a soft clean cloth, apply baby oil to any dry and clean leather boot. This helps them retain their moisture and brings the luster back in the leather. 

It also helps to prevent cracking. Just make sure not to use too much as it may over-soften the leather and wipe away any excess oil after you are done polishing.

Another substitute for oil can be Vaseline or any petroleum jelly.

  • Store in a Dust Bag

If you don’t plan on wearing your Doc Martens often, make sure to store them within a dust bag. A barely worn pair of boots start looking old as it begins to collect dust. The dust bag prevents such circumstances from occurring and keeps the Doc Martens fresh and new.

  • Use a Shoe Tree

A shoe tree is used to maintain the shape of the shoe as they might start to look deformed when they aren’t worn. These block inserts are usually made from either wood or plastic. 

  • Purchase a Protector Spray

This spray is mainly used for protecting the waterproof layer of your leather Martens boots.

Water can completely ruin leather, and it is inevitable for you to go outside and not get water on your shoes. Therefore, purchasing a good protector spray is the best choice for you to maintain the quality of your Dr Martens. 

It is recommended for you to invest in a good spray, preferably the Doc Martens proprietary shoe care spray.


Doc Martens embraced several senses of fashion and styles throughout the years, and in return, people have appreciated and invested in their shoes. So, you can easily understand why are Dr Martens so popular and expensive!

Once Dr Martens used to be made in the Northamptonshire factory, and now it is produced in Asia. Although, the manufacturing process of the boot and its quality have still remained the same.

There are more than a couple of reasons which make Doc Martens so expensive, but their popularity can never be denied by people. If you are considering purchasing one, go ahead and do it today!

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