What Socks to Wear with Doc Martens? Top 7 Best Socks for Doc Martens

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Doc Martens boots are some of the most popular shoes in the whole world. I mean, who wouldn’t love to have a new pair of Dr. Martens? 

And if you’re like me, then you probably love your Doc Martens but hate when your feet get sweaty and gross. Well, never fear, because today I’m going to share with you my top 7 picks for the best socks to wear with Doc Martens. Stay comfortable and stylish all day long!

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Best Socks for Doc Martens

What Essentials to Look for?

Before you look at our list of the best socks for breaking in Doc Martens boots, you should know what makes a great pair of socks. We’ll take you through the whole journey, no worries!


Doc Martens and their shoes are special in the sense that they’re made to last for a long, long time. However, the sturdy construction also means you can’t wear them for long hours, at least not in the initial period. 

But if you have to, then the best way to tackle this issue is to wear comfortable socks. In general, socks that are made using soft fabric like cotton or wool are preferred to wear with a pair of Dr. Martens boots.

Extra padding on socks also works wonders if you plan to wear these boots for a long period of time. The additional padding gives you extra comfort, thereby making it a great pair with your sturdy, tight boots and its air-cushioned soles. 

To add to that, the first pair of socks to wear with a Doc martens shoe should have an adequate level of thickness — not too much, not too less. If your preferred socks fulfill these requirements, they might just be the right option for you.


Color combinations, no-show socks, or not — fancy features like these won’t really come in handy if your socks can’t protect you in the break-in period. So before you look at the fashion, you need to check if the socks can protect your feet from rashes and blisters or not. 

A sock that can give you decent arch support should be your priority. In general, socks that are slightly longer than the boots should provide protection to your ankle, feet, and related body parts. 


If a pair of socks end up suffocating your feet and making your feet sweat like anything, then it’s surely not the right pair for you. When it comes to inner garments like socks, hygiene is crucial. You won’t like it if your socks turn smelly after minimal use, would you?

Moreover, Doc Martens boots are leather-made, so they’ll have to be dry all the time, otherwise, the sweat might damage them. So you’ll have to get socks that absorb sweat from your skin as fast as possible. You can pick antimicrobial socks, though, they’re quite soft and can absorb moisture quite easily.


If the socks you wear are too tight, they won’t feel comfortable with Dr. Martens shoes. Again, if the socks are too loose when you walk, you’ll feel weird. So you need just the right fitting, something that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. 

Keep your boot height and foot length in mind while picking the socks- it shouldn’t be a problem for you. A properly fit sock would also help the ankle and heel region to suffer no damage in the break-in phase of the shoes.


After spending a decent amount of money on the boots, many people prefer not to spend at all on pairs of socks. It is understandable, but in order to have a comfortable run with Dr Martens shoes, you need to put some importance on socks as well.

We won’t ask you to buy the most expensive sock weaved from premium cotton — that’s too much anyways. A normal 5-pair pack of socks usually costs around $6-$8 in the market these days. 

However, maximum comfort comes at a cost. We would suggest you spend at least $15-$20 on socks if you wear Doc Martens boots — and not less than that.  

7 Best Socks to Wear with Doc Martens Boots

After thorough research, we came up with a few top quality socks to pair with Doc Martens boots. Time for you to go through the list and pick a new pair of boot socks for yourself!

1. Dr. Scholl’s Advanced Relief Blisterguard Socks

Dr. Scholl’s Advanced Relief Blisterguard Socks

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Dr. Scholl’s is a renowned footwear brand that has been serving millions of people for a long time. They specialize in providing comfort to their customers and also bring a little bit of style into their products. As the name suggests, their Blisterguard Socks are specially designed to fight off blisters that occur from wearing new boots.

When it comes to Doc Martens and their shoes, patience is the key. You need to understand that Doc Martens may cause you irritations on your feet in the first few days, maybe even a couple of weeks. To ease you off that stress, comfortable pairs of socks are essential — which is what Blisterguard provides you with.

We haven’t found a lot of complaints about this particular brand of sock, mostly because they have a very well price-point and it prevents blisters quite well. The anti-microbial technology used in the production of this sock helps remove odor quite efficiently, and the moisture-wicking fiber actually works pretty well.

Key Features

  • Advanced ‘Blisterguard’ technology to prevent blisters from occurring
  • The sock comes in two pairs 
  • Very affordable pair of socks
  • Socks are non-binding on the top, so blood can freely flow through your calves while walking
  • Anti-microbial technology enabled to control of odor and other foul smell
  • The fibers of this sock have moisture-wicking properties, so your feet will feel dry and fresh

2. Fox River Fatigue Fighter Medium-Weight Work Over-The-Calf Socks

Fox River Fatigue Fighter Medium-Weight Work Over-The-Calf Socks

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Fox River is another renowned footwear brand that helps keep your feet and toes as comfortable as possible. From their unique compression technology to their excellent usability — Fox and their socks are surely something to watch! 

This very sock specializes in fighting fatigue — as the name suggests. The socks make sure you don’t drain out way too much sweat and be comfortable wearing them.

Unlike other socks, this one is made from polyester fabric — a much more durable option over cotton. According to various reviews, polyester-made socks give you better breathability, and you won’t have to worry about your socks restricting your usual blood circulation!

The gauge elastic sewn inside the socks makes sure you have a relaxing time wearing your Dr. Martens boots.

The URfit system in this sock gives you a personalized response — which means no matter what size your legs are- you’ll find the right fit for you. Overall, we felt like this sock can be a more long-lasting option over socks made with ordinary cotton.

Key Features

  • Unique compression technology to add extra support to the users
  • Specifically designed and engineered to be as breathable as possible
  • UltraSpun feature enables users to have enhanced shape retention
  • Made from polyester fabric that is way more durable than basic cotton
  • Gauge elastic in the fabric enables proper blood circulation in the leg

3. Ortis Heavy Duty Work Boots Socks

Ortis Heavy Duty Work Boots Socks

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Ortis and their footwears are mainly high-performance socks that work well with heavy-duty boots. Although we can’t technically consider Doc Martens as heavy-duty boots, this very boot sock goes perfectly with their boots. 

The reason behind this is that Ortis also focuses on the breathability and comfort of the sock — something very crucial for Doc Martens boots too.

If you plan to save your ankles from your work boots in the first few days, these socks can actually be of help. The fact that they’re a blend of wool and polyester makes them a very long-lasting option for users.

A common problem with most of these woolen socks is that after a few washes, the socks feel a bit shrunk. However, if you follow their washing manual and wash accordingly, you shouldn’t face such issues. 

Considering the price and overall features, it’s a brilliant option for you. Both men and women can wear it since the color is quite unisex.

Key Features

  • Comes with a four-pack package, all at a low price
  • Made from a blend of Polyester and Merino wool
  • Exceptional moisture-wicking capability
  • Unique fabric helps reduce odor and keeps the sock breathable
  • Heavy cushioning added to reduce blisters and foot pain

4. Wetsox Work & Outdoor True Fit Impact Cushion Sock

Wetsox Work & Outdoor True Fit Impact Cushion Sock

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Boot users often face a common problem while wearing the boots for too long — the sweat doesn’t let the feet dry quickly, and they feel uncomfortable altogether. Wetsox has found a solution for this with this special pair of socks. 

They’ve designed it in such a way that it gets natural moisture-wicking, something that will keep your precious feet dry even in the most humid conditions.

Their DryVent technology works wonders here — it provides a good amount of air circulation, all the while keeping the feet dry. 

If you plan to go to work on a daily basis wearing Doc martens boots, we’d suggest you pair them with this very sock brand — they’re very resourceful! From the anti-slip ribbing to the arch support, these socks have some excellent features to lure you! 

This very sock from Wetsox excels in terms of breathability, but there’s more to it. The arch support and reinforced toe make sure you feel as relaxed as possible when you wear them. Even in the most humid conditions, the light compression on these socks will make sure you get the comfort you’re promised. 

Key Features

  • Made from moisture-wicking properties that will keep your feet dry almost always
  • DryVent toe construction system ensures breathability and maximum airflow
  • Comes with arch support, light compression, and a reinforced toe and heel 
  • Athletic anti-slip ribbing on the top to ensure that the socks stay up always
  • Excellent option to wear in the most humid or hot conditions

5. Fox River Wick Dry Military Socks

Fox River Wick Dry Military Socks

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If you’re looking for comfortable socks for Doc Martens boots, you might find these military socks to be an ideal companion. Many people find it hard to break into their Doc Martens and end up with rashes and blisters on their feet. If you don’t want to be like them, you can start with these military socks from Fox River. 

With a blister prevention feature, this here is a durable option that can serve you for a long time.

The contoured rib top and spandex compression zones work like magic in the direst of conditions. 

Their wick-dry technology for controlling moisture makes sure that the chances of growing blisters are relatively low. Finally, the copper fibers in the sock help you to easily wash and dry it. Overall, these are the kind of socks you’d wear both for comfort and for safety!

Key Features

  • Comes with memory knit compression 
  • Wick-Dry moisture control technique is used to reduce blisters and lets the feet remain dry
  • Reduces frictions and hot spots as much as possible
  • Copper fibers and quick-dry sliver for easy washing and drying
  • Spandex compression zones to keep your feet comfortable

6. Mirmaru Multi Performance Hiking Crew Socks

Mirmaru Multi Performance Hiking Crew Socks

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Not everyone looks for fancy no-show socks with exclusive technology, some of us just want a simple pair of socks that will reduce the moisture build and give us comfort. 

Mirmaru’s multi-performance hiking socks are quite like that. They’re not super-fancy, but they’re durable and do the basics well. You won’t face blister issues with them for sure!

Even though they’re a very durable option, we’ve noticed that the socks often stiffen after a number of washes, although it’s not a common case. 

While trekking or camping, people often require multiple socks- and their multi-pack can be of help here. If you’re wondering- what socks to wear with low Doc Martens — then this one could be your answer!

Key Features

  • Highly affordable sock that comes in a pack of five
  • Specifically designed to keep your ankles, heels, arches, and skin safe 
  • A mix of Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex
  • The high-density fibers will save your toe from blisters 

7. Darn Tough Merino Wool Work Socks

Darn Tough Merino Wool Work Socks

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The name says it all; these socks are indeed very tough and durable. The manufacturers are so confident about the quality of their products that they’ve set a lifetime guarantee on these comfortable heavyweight socks. 

The quality Merino wool used here makes sure that comfort is ensured in all situations. The thermo-regulating and moisture-reducing fabric can actually reduce the number of hot spots, even in the primary days of wearing Doc Martens boots!

With all these being said, we’ll have to say that Darn Tough has produced another fantastic sock — the only issue is its price. Considering the excellent durability, it does make sense. If you’re an Amazon customer looking for thick socks to wear with doc martens — this might be your pick!

Key Features

  • Made from high-quality Merino wool that will give you comfort in all weathers
  • Creative performance slip design enabled to prevent your skin from blisters 
  • Comes with moisture-wicking and thermo regulating
  • Reduces hot spots through the unique moisture-reducing fabric

FAQs in Doc marten socks

What kind of socks are comfortable to wear with Dr. Martens?

Cotton socks are comfortable, but if you’re wearing a Dr. Martens in its break-in phase, then it would be smarter to use tough, durable wool socks. If the socks come with additional cushioning, it would be even better!

Is it okay to wear thick socks with Dr. Martens?

Thick woolen socks work as a protective layer between your ankles and heel and can prevent issues like blisters or rubbing. Even if the sock is mostly made from cotton, a thick sock almost never goes wrong in the break-in period of a Doc martens shoe.

Are there any socks for Doc Martens women’s boots?

Fortunately, most of the socks on our list are unisex, so both men and women can wear them accordingly. All you have to do is pick the right color for you!

Final Words

It’s your very first week at the office, you wear a classy Doc Martens boot, and everyone’s praising your fashion sense — it’s all so perfect. 

But are you feeling comfortable? If not, then it’s mostly because you picked the wrong socks to pair up with your lovely boots. 

Don’t make that mistake. Pick a quality sock from our list of the best socks for Dr. Martens, and enjoy your day!

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