Are Doc Martens True to Size? Here’s the Truth!

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One of the biggest problems that many faces when purchasing their first pair of Doc Martens is the sizing issue.

These shoes & sandals are made in England, and the UK size isn’t the same as the US. It can lead to confusion for new buyers who aren’t accustomed to the sizing of the boots.

That’s why many new buyers ask: are Doc Martens true to size?

Yes, doc martens are true to size. These popular boots are designed to fit snugly around your foot, with just enough room to wiggle your toes. 

In this article, we will tackle this question in detail and will also provide you with a guide on Doc Marten sizing guide from classic boots to doc marten sandals. 

Are Doc Martens True to Size

Do doc martens run small or big?

So, how do Dr Martens fit? are they stay true to size? Well, to directly dive into the question, yes Dr. Martens’s boots are true to size and only offer true-to-size leather shoes for all of their products. This means you won’t find any half-size shoes on Dr. Martens.

But don’t worry because the Doc Martens sizing isn’t very complicated. And if you know what size of shoes you need to look out for then you can easily find the perfect one for yourself.

Doc Martens Sizing Guide: Everything You Need to Look Out for

Here are the most important factors that you need to keep an eye out for when you are picking your Dr Martens for the first time.

Factor No 1: Understand the Martens Sizing

First and foremost, you need to understand the sizing difference between the UK size standards and the US size standards. To put it simply, the UK sizing has 2 more extra sizing options than the US. Meaning if you are following the US standard and your size is 5, then your sizing according to the UK standard is 7.

But there are also some slight variations in this case too. First of all, for Dr Martens boots, the 2-point size difference is noticeable for women while the size difference for men is 1.

This difference is the reason behind most of Dr Martens size-related issues. But it isn’t much of a hassle to figure out if you just know how to.

Now, you might be wondering, what about the unisex style for Dr Martens?

Well, the unisex style Dr Martens follows the size rules for the men’s Dr Martens. Meaning the size point has only 1 point difference if you are following the US standard shoe size.

Factor No 2: Doc Martens Stretch to Fit

Whether you have wider feet or narrow feet, you can count on your Dr Martens to fit true to your comfort after wearing them for a while. So, whether you run big or small, Martens fit true feature ensures that your leather boots will adjust to your foot size perfectly.

But this doesn’t mean you can just go out and get a pair of full sizes of Dr Martens that are way over your actual foot size or size lower than your actual one.

If you are looking for a half-size Dr Martens then you will be disappointed because there isn’t any. Every shoe provided by Dr Martens follows the strict policy of staying true to its size. 

There are a few exceptions, but even those pairs of shoes don’t go overboard, and the difference can only be felt by people who wear half sizes on a regular basis.

So, if you don’t find a boot that fits your size or have wide feet, then pick the nearest size and trust the Martens fit technology to do the work for you.

Factor No 3: Select the Style of Dr. Marten Boots, You Are Getting

There are quite a lot of Dr. Marten’s boots and shoes out there. Starting from the classic Martens 1460s, Martens Jadons to the latest Dr Martens x Schott New York City. And the type plays a big role if you want to have comfortable boots that fit you perfectly and give you a snugger feel.

Some of the most recognized styles are not actually true to fit and begs the question does Doc Martens run big or small? Well, mostly all of Doc Martens’ pairs are full size and true to fit. But some of them like the 1460s or the Chelsea are not true to size and offer a bit of extra space in front of the boot area.

Customers often get confused due to this anomaly and suffer as their Martens run big than it was supposed to. This is especially true if you are shopping online. That’s why checking the style of the shoe is very important, unless you want to ask if Dr Martens run big or not.

As with most Dr. Marten products, initial pictures may make you feel that they will be a perfect match, but once you get the product, you find that it is a tighter fit. Or, maybe way too wider than your regular ones and there is no wiggle room for your foot!

So, first of all, you should check which style of Doc Martens footwear you are getting for yourself. Not to mention whether or not they have any unique factors compared to the regular models.

A few Dr Martens footwear that you should look out for are:

Dr Martens 1460s

The 1460s is arguably one of the most recognized Dr Martens shoes out there. It is one of the most confusing ones for many to pick due to the size issues that come with it. 

As mentioned earlier, the 1460s offer a bit longer foot area than the other Martens. Meaning it is one of the few Doc Martens fit that doesn’t run true to size.

That doesn’t mean you will have to get a bigger size when picking 1460s, as the size difference can only be felt by those who wear half sizes.

So, if your true size is 10.5 then you don’t need to opt for 11 size marten. Instead, you can easily put on a size 10, and it will fit true to size without any trouble.

This type of Dr Martens shoes is the most unique for both men and women. But the models for women have a few styles difference that can affect the overall fitting.

So keep a lookout for the style of sandals you are getting. Styles like the Gladiator or Myles slip can give a tighter feeling even if you are going with a true-to-size fit.

For these cases, it is safe to run big as Martens shoes do adjust to your foot over time. But more on that will be discussed later.

Dr Martens Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boots have a narrow edge around the heel area which can make wearing this footwear a bit difficult for many. It also has a similar feature to the 1460s, it also doesn’t run true to size. But that is only true for half sizes enjoyers.

So if you belong to the half sizes group, then you don’t have to upgrade to a higher size number; instead, you will have to size down. For example, if you are looking for a boot with a 9 and a half size, then going with full size of 9 Dr Martens will do just fine.

So, if you wish to have extra room, then going with the fit true to size will be the best option.

Factor No 4: Remember the Add Ons

Keep in mind that you will be wearing pair of socks when you are wearing the boots. You might have to add insoles to your boots if you have brought a pair that offers too much extra room in the front.

Also, make sure that the boots you are ordering have adequate space for your socks because the patent leather won’t become soft. Instead, it will bite into your heel and ankle. That’s why we suggest that you wear thick socks unless you want to see some shoe marks on your ankles.

If you wear thick socks, then it will also protect your heel from the leather, which will remain rigid for the entirety of your usage.

The insoles and socks can seem like an additional cost to many but having them will ensure that your feet stay away from the harms of stiff leather. So, consider them before you pick the size for your new pair of Dr Martens.

You may read our answer to a popular question about what socks to wear with doc martens boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Doc Martens supposed to be a little big?

Doc Martens are true to size and aren’t supposed to be a little big. 

Are Doc Martens good for wide feet?

Yes, they are an excellent option for wide feet

Are women’s Doc Martens sizing different than the men’s?

The difference in sizing between men’s and women’s Docs is simply a single size. For instance, a men’s 8 is equivalent to a women’s 9.

Final Thoughts

Buyers face a lot of questions regarding Doc Martens, like how do Dr Martens fit, which size of Doc Martens to get, the stretching capability of the boots, and more. 

And if you can’t pick the ones that are compatible with your size, you will instantly regret it. But if you pick the right one, those leather bad boys will serve you for years.

Most people fail at the size picking part and end up with dissatisfying results. But if you get the hang of the Doc Martens size chart from start to finish, then you do not have to wonder whether are Doc Martens true to size. 

You will be able to pick the right size and enjoy the quality, and comfortable feel that Dr Martens offer. Best of luck!

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