Are Chacos Good for Plantar Fasciitis? [Podiatric Guide]

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During the hottest period of the year, you will see a lot of people putting on sandals. One primary reason why many people put on sandals during summer is to provide comfort for their feet. The fundamental truth is that most of these sandals have some hidden problems.

Though some sandals may look very good, they are not suitable for your feet. They have some hidden problems that may cause foot or heel pain.

However, out of the numerous options available in the market, you will still find sandals without any hidden problems. A typical example of this type of sandals is Chacos.

Now, the main question is: are chacos good for plantar fasciitis? Continue reading to learn more.

Is Chacos Good for Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

Before we move to the main discussion in this article, we need to understand the meaning of plantar fasciitis. To understand what plantar fasciitis is all about, we need to break it into two simpler words.

Plantar: This is related to the sole of your feet.

The sole of our feet is called plantar, and it is straightforward to remember because the total weight of our body is usually placed on the soles of the feet.

Fascia: This is the fibrous tissue that joins or connects bones and other parts of our body.

Since the total weight of the body is placed on the soles of our feet, then the condition of the fibrous tissue (fascia) becomes crucial because it acts as a body-balancer. Once the fascia is not functioning correctly again, our feet and the other parts of the body will be affected.

Plantar Fasciitis is now one of the common complaints globally, and a lot of people are experiencing this pain. Results gotten from recent research stated that the common cause of foot pain or heel pain is plantar fasciitis.

When the fibrous tissue (fascia) is damaged, inflammation will occur, and this may result in pain that disturbs your comfort.

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Some symptoms are associated with plantar fasciitis, and they include:

  • Morning Hobble
  • Contracted Fascia
  • Subsiding Pain
  • Morning Heel Pain
  • Recurrent Morning Pain
  • Pain after a Prolonged Period of Rest

When you begin to feel some of these symptoms, the next thing you need to do is to discover how to alleviate them. One of the several ways to alleviate these symptoms is by wearing supportive footwear.

Other recommended ways for treating plantar fasciitis are:

  • taking anti-inflammatory medications
  • stretching or massaging your foot
  • icing the areas
  • orthotics
  • modifying your activity
  • Weight loss.

What are the causes of Plantar Fasciitis?

The following issues listed below are the causes of plantar fasciitis:

  1. Genetics
  2. Aging
  3. Obesity
  4. Supinating
  5. Hard Flooring
  6. High-Intensity Activities
Chacos sandal

Are Sandals Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Summer sandals may look very good, but not all sandals are suitable for plantar fasciitis. The majority of the sandals that many people wear during summer are one of the causes of foot pain and heel pain.

Most of these sandals do not support the arches, which may cause you pain after putting them on for a while. Some of these sandals are flat, and this can worsen plantar fasciitis. Flat shoes or sandals are not ideal for our feet because they will not provide the proper shock absorption and support.

However, out of the numerous options in the market, you will still find sandals that can help alleviate the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis, and a typical example is Chacos Sandals.

Is Chacos Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

One important thing that you need to know is that Chacos sandals were not specifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. But these sandals are used for this purpose because they don’t have the hidden problems associated with other sandals. They also provide comfort for our feet.

Sandals that will help alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis must have good arch support. It is this arch support that helps to provide a comfortable experience while putting on the sandals.

Chacos sandals come with the proper arch support that provides shock absorption and also supports our feet. Choosing the right size of model and size of chaos sandals can help alleviate plantar fasciitis symptoms.

Another important thing you need to know about these sandals is that they come with the perfect cushioning that supports your feet while walking. This little support may look very insignificant, but it is one of the things that the sole of our feet need.

Are Chacos Sandals Designed for Comfort?

These sandals are not associated with any hidden problems that may cause you discomfort. They provide more comfort than you would ever think of. Their open design allows your feet to breathe.

It is one of the best sandals that you can wear in warm weather. You can also wear it in other seasons of the year, and it will still provide comfort for your feet. Some travelers always put this sandal in their bag when they are traveling.

Another beautiful thing about chacos sandals is that their straps are made with durable fabric. You can easily adjust the straps to fit you perfectly. 

On top of that, chacos sandals have good soles and proper cushioning. These are some of the things needed in sandals to help alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Although they may cost you more money, the durability and comfort that these sandals offer make them worth the price.

How do you Choose Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis?

Choosing the best sandals for plantar fasciitis is quite tricky because you will have to do some research. To choose the best sandals for plantar fasciitis, you need to put some things into consideration.

  1. One important thing to look for is adequate arch support.
  2. It would be best if you also chose sandals that have flexible midsoles.
  3. Your number one priority when looking for sandals that can help alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis is cushioned and thick soles.
  4. The straps of the sandals are another thing that you also need to consider. Make sure you choose sandals that have durable and adjustable straps.
  5. Finally, ensure that you choose sandals with a higher heel. Sandals with higher heels help to keep you in a comfortable position.

NOTE: Sandals with all the qualities listed above will help prevent rolling and pronation when walking.

Does Chacos Sandal Have Any Recommendations or Certification?

Only a few brands have been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), and Chacos is one of them. In addition to that, Chacos also come with Ergonomic BioCentric.

Chacos sandals were explicitly designed for adventurous people because it has the proper cushioning and sole. But now, it is not only used by outdoor adventurers. Other people also wear chacos because of the various benefits it provides.

People who are experiencing heel pain or feet pain will benefit a lot from wearing this sandal. You can also put it on if you don’t have foot or heel pain; it will help to prevent other kinds of pain (e.g., ankle pain).

Some of the sandals that can help to alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis include:

  1. Chaco Men Z/cloud 2 Sport Sandal
  2. Chaco Men’s Z/Volv 2 Sandal
  3. Chaco ZX2 Classic Athletic Sandal
  4. KEEN Men’s Newport H2 Sandal
  5. Taos Women’s Trulie Wedge Sandal
  6. Mephisto Helen Thong Sandal
  7. Drew Warren Men’s Sandals
  8. OOFOS Unisex Slide Sandal
  9. Vionic Unisex Wave Orthotic Sandal
  10. Birkenstock Arizona Oiled Leather Habana Sandal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it true that Chacos Sandals are certified for proper foot support?

Yes, Chacos is one of the few footwear manufacturing companies that have received the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA’s) ‘seal of acceptance’ award for their stability, shock absorption, and arch support characteristics.

Did my shoes and sandals cause Plantar Fasciitis?

We wouldn’t say that sandals and shoes are the leading causes of your plantar fasciitis, but they also contribute to it. When you put on a walk or run long distance with unsupportive footwear, they can increase the load placed on the sole of your feet (plantar fascia), which may result in heel or feet pain.


Recent research shows that one of the common causes of feet pain is Plantar Fasciitis. One of the several ways to cure the pain of plantar fasciitis is by wearing supportive footwear.  

Chacos are not specially designed to alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, but they have the characteristics needed to provide comfort and prevent foot or heel pain. These characteristics include proper arch support, high heel cups, shock absorption, stability, and durability.

With the help of this article, you should be able to supply accurate answers if someone asks you, are chacos good for plantar fasciitis.

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