Birkenstocks vs Chacos (Explained for Beginners)

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Birkenstock vs Chacos footwear is one of the most debated topics among sandal lovers. We have examined the pros and cons of each shoe type and will help you decide which shoe type is best for you.

Birkenstocks are hippie-type footwear but very much comfy. On the other hand, if you like sporty sandals, you love Chacos. So both are excellent choices. However, both have some pros and cons.

However, go hiking with a pair of Chacos and enjoy your evening walk with Birkenstocks. We will do some research to describe to you more about these two types to make your decision easier.

Birkenstocks vs Chacos

Birkenstocks vs Chacos

When it comes to shoes, there are a few different types that people can choose from. One of these is the Birkenstock, and the other is the Chaco. The Birkenstock is a more traditional type of shoe.

The Birkenstock is a type of shoe that is made from natural materials. It has a cork footbed and buckles on the side. It is often worn without socks. The Chacos is a type of shoe that is made from polyurethane.

Both Birkenstock and Chacos are best for summertime use. But they are two types of footwear. If you go to the market, you will find so many models of these two brands. But before this, it is essential to determine which one would be best for you. So let’s learn more details.

Are Chacos Or Birkenstocks Better?

The main difference between birkenstock and chacos is that Birkenstocks are better than Chacos in some cases.  Actually, it depends on your choice and using purposes.

You can say that a pair of Birkenstocks is the most comfortable shoe for summer or in any warm weather. This simple-looking pair is also lightweight because the building material is cork. You may get more comfort and support from Birkenstocks than from the Chaco brand.

The shape and material all make this brand comfortable for you. You can also wear Birkenstocks as casual shoes, whereas Chacos are not suitable for everyday wear. Birkenstocks look good with most outfits such as t-shirts, athletic shorts, and casual dresses.

However, to know the history, usage case, pros and cons of these brands, continue reading.

Birkenstocks Company Background

Birkenstocks are the shoes of comfy. If you go to the market, you will find that most of the Birkenstocks are slip-on. A few of them come with a back strap. So, Birkenstocks are not the footwear for your hiking.

But of course, you can use some of them for hiking too. The lightweight Birkenstock sandal is best for summertime use. You can choose water-friendly options to go hiking or swimming and even to the beach.

Birkenstocks started their journey a long time ago, and it was 1774. Their main styles are classic Arizona and EVA. The shoes are casual type and also fashionable. The cork footbed is fantastic for providing the best comfort to your toes.

Why You Should Buy Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are a trusted footwear brand. This German-crafted company brings comfortable, simple casual types of shoes. Having a lot of benefits make these shoes the best choice for summer.

The classic shoes are also stylish for old and young men and women. Let’s see the benefits of choosing Birkenstocks as the best summer footwear.


When we go to purchase a shoe, we first consider comfort. If you are searching for one pair of simple, comfortable shoes for summer, Birkenstock is your best brand. The shoes are designed to provide the best comfort to your foot.

You can wear them for as long time as you want. The footbed is so perfect that it keeps your foot away from sweat.  Besides, your foot will fit perfectly on it, and it reduces the stress on the ankles, spine, and feet.

Simple Design

The design of the comfy best sandals of this company is simple and made of soft fabrics. But the design is timeless, and you can wear it with most outfits such as skirts, shorts, and jeans. Many color options and designs are available in the market.


The sandals of Birkenstocks are well-known for durability. The footbed is unique and molds the foot properly. So, you feel more comfortable for a long time. The suction padded soles are made of cork, and the uppers are made of suede or leather. So, a pair lasts for years.

Natural And Renewable

You may be glad to know that Birkenstock brings eco-friendly shoes. This company brings the best quality natural materials made shoes. Cork, latex, ,etc. are used to make the footbeds. You can repair the shoes and also can renew them. So, it saves your money, and you can wear a pair of shoes for a long time.

Looks Suitable For Both Men And Women

For both men and women, Birkenstock shoes are fashionable. The versatile shoes are suitable for men and women. However, you will find many unisex shoes of the exact sizes and widths for men and women. So, quickly choose a pair with your size.

Suitable For Some Foot Problems

If you suffer from some foot-related problems or want to avoid them, your feet need extra care. For this, ensure the best comfortable shoes to heal your feet. Birkenstocks come with better cushioning for feet. This makes foot pain and bunions gradually go away.

Cons Of Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are expensive. It is made of natural leather. When you use it for a long time, and your feet get weight, the leather can be ruined. Also, the waterproof models of this brand are not looking so beautiful.


Unlike Birkenstocks, Chacos are another best brand for sporty shoes. They will be the best choice for hiking and such types of activities. Besides, some shoes are suitable for water sports.

If you consider Birkenstocks vs. Chacos, you will not find a lot of differences. Chaco sandals come with a toe loop, making them different from others. However, they are also comfortable and long-lasting.

When you go to the market to take a pair of Chaco, you will not find huge options or models. Chaco sandals come with a toe strap.

Why Are Chacos Different From Other Brands?

The specific difference between Chaco from some other brands is its strap and adjustability. Most of the Chaco sandals come with a 360-degree heel strap. The strap is like a single fabric piece that keeps your foot in the right place.

You can easily adjust the straps to tighten or loosen the sandals. Just pull the strap perfectly to keep the shoes comfortable. Another thing about this brand is the grip outsole.   The outsole is made of rubber that provides proper stability and necessary grip.

Of course, Chaco is the best brand for water and land use.

Why You Should Buy Chacos

Chacos are always the better choice. However, let’s know why you choose these shoes or why Chaco is a better option. The advantages of this brand are described below:


Comfort is the main consideration for footwear. Chaco has this property. These shoes are comfortable enough for summertime wear for a long time. Though the sandals contain a strap, they are comfortable also.

The shoes are great for hiking sandals and for water activities sporty sandals. The footbed is comfortable. You will feel so pleased that you can wear it for a long walk.

High-Quality And Durable

Yes, investing in Chaco is a good decision if you consider its durability. Though they are a little bit expensive, they last long. In addition, the strong build-up and durable materials make the sandals high-quality.

Use Anywhere You Want

If you are willing to enjoy family camping, keep a pair of Chaco with you. If you are going to enjoy your summer in some watery place, then Chacos are the best water shoes. A good pair can deal with all types of surfaces.

Provides Great Support

For rough uses, the shoes of this brand provide fantastic support to your feet and legs. Use it all day long without facing any shore. So, it is a fantastic brand for hiking.

Cons Of Chacos

When you walk with Chaco sandals, debris can get stuck in them. It brings discomfort. Besides, you may feel the necessity for a toe cover. These issues are not big.

The sandals are great from most sides.

Birkenstock Vs Chaco Sizing

The Birkenstock sandals are typically a bit bigger in size than the Chaco sandals. In terms of sizing, they are almost the same. The difference is that Birkenstocks come with a slightly lower price. 

There is no need to worry about your shoe sizes, as the sizes are standard across all brands. The sandals come in a wide range of sizes. You can choose the size that is suitable for your feet.

Chacos Vs Birkenstocks For Plantar Fasciitis

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, then you should consider Chacos sandals. This company has a great reputation for making shoes specialized for plantar fasciitis. But this does not mean that Birkenstocks is a bad choice.

Some people may prefer Birkenstocks because they are more comfortable, while others may prefer Chacos because they are more supportive. Ultimately, it depends on the individual’s preference.

Do Chacos Mold To Your Feet

Chacos mold to the shape of your feet, but they are not adjustable. It molds to your feet like a second skin. When buying shoes, you should make sure the shoe is flexible enough to accommodate the shape of your foot.

Chaco sandals are made from natural rubber, making them very durable and resistant to foot odor. Unlike conventional rubber shoes, which are hard and heavy, Chacos are soft and flexible. It gives you a great sense of fit and comfort while on the trail.

Chacos Vs Tevas

Chacos and Tevas both are sporty type sandals. But the shoes of Chaco are not so simple as Teva sandals. The straps of them are complicated. But when you wear a pair of Chaco, you will feel more flexible to lose or tighten them. On the other hand, you can quickly put on or off Tevas as another option.

Besides, Tevas come with a  softer footbed. Though the footbed of the sandals of Chaco is not so soft, they provide excellent support.

Birkenstock Vs Naot

Most of the users prefer Naot then Birkenstock. Both of them are comfortable and long-lasting. But if you use both, you may find Naot so quickly fits your feet. Besides, you may find more color and style options in Naot.

But one thing is that, if you see the shape, you may find Naot a little bit narrower than Birkenstock.  Some models of Birkenstock, such as Alegria, are better than Naot because of comfortability.

FAQs Regarding Birkenstocks vs Chacos

Birkenstock Or Chaco, Which One Is More Comfortable?

Ans: Both are comfortable and the best choice for summertime use. Both keep you feel comfortable and breathy. However, if you compare these two, I would say Birkenstocks are more satisfied than Chacos.

Which One Is Best For Hiking And Swimming?

Ans: Chaco shoes are best for hiking because of their toe strap and durability. Besides, for long time use, they are also comfortable. As most of them are waterproof, they are best for swimming.

Are Birkenstock Is A Sporty Shoe Brand?

Ans: No, you can use Birkenstock as casual shoes. But they are not suitable as sporty sandals. You can take Chacos as the best pair of sporty sandals.

Does Chacos Or Birkenstocks Have Better Arch Support?

Ans: Chacos have better arch support than Birkenstocks. Chacos are made of a softer material that is more comfortable over a longer period of time. They are not as durable as Birkenstocks, but they are a good choice for people who are looking for a more comfortable option.


Both Birkenstock and Chaco are the best brand for summertime footwear. Both of them are comfortable and expensive. However, from this Birkenstocks vs. Chacos review, you can tell that Birkenstocks have more advantages than the other option. For casual uses, Birkenstocks are the best option.

However, if you want to know more about Birkenstock competition, you can compare flip flop vs. Birkenstock or Grunland vs. Birkenstock.

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