Top 7 Reasons to Buy Birkenstock Shoes

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One of the most trusted, popular, and reliable footwear is Birkenstocks. These shoes are well-known for their durability and the comfort they provide. Birkenstocks shoes last for an extended period because they are made with high-quality materials. 

Some of the materials used for producing the shoes include non-leather uppers, uniquely contoured footbeds, high-grade leather, and a lot more.

If you are looking for one of the best shoes to wear in the summer, you should consider Birkenstock shoes. They are very stylish, and they can fit most summer outfits. These shoes are very comfortable, and they can fit both men and women. 

You can wear the shoes on several occasions, including traveling around town or going to the beach with your family.

Do you still need more reasons why you should buy Birkenstock shoes? Continue reading this article to see more reasons to buy Birkenstock shoes.

Reasons to Buy Birkenstock Shoes

History of Birkenstocks

Before we start discussing some of the reasons why you need to buy Birkenstocks shoes, let’s take a brief look at Birkenstocks’ history.

Birkenstock shoes originated in a small village in Germany, brought to America by Margot Fraser, and later found their way to the global market. Margot fell in love with Birkenstocks after discovering that the pairs of Birkenstock shoes she bought helped cure the chronic foot pain she had been suffering from for years. 

Birkenstocks shoes are majorly designed to provide support, stability, and comfort. Birkenstocks have seven different features that make users feel comfortable wearing them. 

The seven features include the deep heel cup, cork-latex footbed, footbed edge, suede leather lining, toe bar, cross arch supports, and outer and inner longitudinal arch supports.

One primary reason why a lot of people prefer Birkenstock shoes is because of the comfort that they provide, and the secret behind the comfort of Birkenstocks lies in their four layers:

  1. The layer at the bottommost part is also called the base, and its primary function is to absorb shock.
  2. The next layer is the two middle layer that follows each other. The primary function of these two layers is to regulate moisture.
  3. The last layer is the topmost layer which helps to support insulation and cushioning. This layer is the contoured footbed and natural rubber.

Reasons to Buy Birkenstocks Shoes

Suppose you are still wondering whether you should buy Birkenstock shoes or not. We have provided 7 significant reasons why you should get Birkenstock shoes for yourself below:

1. They Are Very Comfortable

The topmost priority of every shopper when shopping for footwear is comfort. It is one crucial factor you need to consider when choosing a shoe. You need to choose a shoe that you can wear for a long time without hurting your foot. 

If you are looking for very comfortable shoes, you need to consider Birkenstock. Birkenstocks come with a perfectly designed footbed that conforms easily to your foot shape. 

One beautiful thing about Birkenstock shoes is that the longer you put them on, the more comfortable you are in them. This means that someone else cannot be as comfortable as you are when they put on your shoes.

The materials used for the footbed also help protect the user’s foot against sweat and fungus, thus allowing you to remain comfortable when you wear the shoes for a long walk. 

These shoes are moisture regulating, so users will experience a pleasant feeling when they wear the shoes.   Unlike other shoes that rub your feet when you wear them, Birkenstock will not cause rubbing. Also, the impact on the foot is absorbed by the footbeds.

Women in Birkenstocks Shoes
Women in Birkenstocks Shoes

2. They are Durable

Another critical factor that shoppers also consider when choosing a new shoe is Longevity. The last thing that every shopper wants to do is buy shoes that can get spoilt quickly. 

Every shopper wants to invest in shoes that will last for an extended period – especially if you wear them when traveling longer distances. If you don’t want shoes that will not get spoilt when going on a trip, you have to invest in durable shoes.

Birkenstocks are typical shoes that can last for an extended period. These shoes are durable because they are made with high-quality materials. 

You can wear these shoes throughout the year, and they will still last for an extended period. Thanks to the high-quality materials used for making the shoes. If you mistakenly damage the shoes at some point, you can quickly repair them and continue to wear them as if nothing happened to them.

Birkenstock shoes are made of renewable, durable, natural, non-toxic materials. Birkenstocks are made with a combination of materials, and the upper material’s internal part is made with a soft layer. 

This soft layer is gentle on the user’s skin and prevents irritation and blisters. The upper part, often made of suede and leather, helps to give the shoe a unique look.

3. They Mold to the User’s Feet

Some of the dangers of wearing ill-fitting shoes include lack of comfortable, and it can also lead to health complications like lower back injuries and misaligned knees and spinal cord. Fortunately, Birkenstock shoes easily mold to your feet, and they are very comfortable.

Their footbeds are made with natural latex and cork. If you need a shoe with proper arch support, you have to consider Birkenstock shoes.

Another feature in Birkenstock shoes that helps to keep you comfortable in them is the Toe Bar. Some of the benefits of the toe bar include stimulating circulation, helping maintain balance, exercising your leg, grip, and flexing your toes. 

Birkenstock footwear also comes with a deep heel cup that helps to provide stability.

4. They Can Help In the Healing Of Common Foot Problems

One of the common causes of foot-related problems is wearing ill-fitting shoes. You can avoid foot-related problems now or in the future when you begin to take your foot health very seriously. 

Those who already have foot-related problems should buy shoes that can help heal. One of the several benefits of Birkenstock is that it helps heal some foot problems. 

Birkenstock shoes can have problems that include ingrown toenails, bunions, calluses, and foot pain.  

You can also use Birkenstock for correct temporary flat feet issues.

The orthopedic insole in Birkenstocks helps to provide cushioning and stability. Aside from that, its orthopedic support allows for correct positioning of your foot and provides needed support for your foot. 

When you put on Birkenstocks, excess pressure is reduced on some specific part of your foot. 

To learn More, You can read some books about the health benefit of wearing Birkenstocks shoes.

5. The Nourish the Joints and Muscles in Your Body

Did you know that your feet are very crucial to your body? So proper blood circulation is needed around your feet. Putting on the right shoes is one of the things that helps to facilitate proper blood circulation around your feet. 

One of the benefits of proper blood circulation is that it helps relax your muscles.

Luckily, Birkenstocks allow proper blood circulation around the feet, allowing for healthier joints and muscles in the body. These shoes are perfectly designed to make users feel very comfortable and easily carry out their daily activities. 

Birkenstocks are best for those who stand for long hours; they will provide the support needed to feel comfortable.

6. They are Unisex

Another benefit of Birkenstock shoes is that they are unisex, so you can also buy them for your loved ones, either male or female. If you need to buy a perfect gift for your son and daughter, you can consider Birkenstock shoes because they look great on males and females.

They also come in different colors, both flashy and neutral colors, allowing everyone to find their favorite colors. The best Birkenstocks that can easily match most of your summer outfits include Birkenstock clogs, sandals, and slip-ons.

Unisex birkenstock shoes

7. They are Stylish

They come in different sizes, colors, and styles, allowing buyers to choose from different options. You can wear them for different occasions, including a walk down the street or a casual outing with your loved ones. 

Some people also prefer to wear these shoes as home slippers. You can wear these shoes on different clothing items, including trousers, skirts, gowns, or jeans – because they are available in different designs, colors, and materials. The most popular colors are brown and black; other flashy colors like orange and pinks are also available.

You can wear Birkenstock shoes with or without socks. If you want to wear it with your socks, make sure they match your outfit. To help beautify your look, you can also paint your toenails with the same colors as your Birkenstock straps.

The Basic Features of Birkenstock Shoes and Their Functions

The following features listed allows you to feel comfortable when you wear your Birkenstock shoes:

  • Footbed Edge: Birkenstocks manufacturers elevate the footbed edge deliberately to help protect the toes.
  • Toe Bar: The function of the toe bar is to help grip and flex the toes, stimulate blood circulation, and help maintain balance. It also helps to guide the toes.
  • Cross Arch support: It helps to shift the pressure on the middle foot to the front foot.
  • Deep Heel Cup: It helps maintain your heel profile and your foot to sit comfortably in the shoes.
  • Outer and Inner Longitudinal Arch supports: The primary function of the arch support is to provide stability for your heel and the needed support for your foot.
  • Cork Latex Footbed: It is highly flexible, and it helps to provide overall comfort for the feet.
  • Suede Leather Lining: This allows users to experience pleasant wearing Birkenstock shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the secret behind Birkenstock’s comfort?

Birkenstocks is one of the most comfortable footwear globally, and the secret behind its comfort includes the proper arch support, the orthopedic footbed, deep heel cup, and the toe bar.

State the difference between regular and soft Birkenstocks footbed?

The size and shape of the regular and soft footbed are the same. The only difference between the two is that the soft-footbed can allow your foot to expand more than the regular footbed.

Can I use Birkenstocks to cure foot-related problems?

You cannot use Birkenstock shoes to treat foot-related problems, but you can only use the correct foot problems and aid the healing process.

List the foot problems that you can correct with Birkenstocks.

Some of the foot problems you can correct with Birkenstock shoes are ingrown toenails, bunions, calluses, foot pain, and flat feet issues.

How do I care for my wet Birkenstocks?

What you need to do when your Birkenstock shoes are wet is to dry them under the sun. Do not dry your Birkenstocks near a radiator, fireplace, or stove – it can lead to soles shrinking.

Birkenstocks shoes have how many layers?

Birkenstocks have four layers: the topmost layer, the cork footbed, the two middle double layers that help regulate moisture, and the bottommost, also known as the base.


Those who have tested Birkenstock shoes can testify that it is one of the most comfortable shoes in the world. Aside from comfort and stability, they also provide some health benefits for their users.

You can put on the shoes with or without your socks. If you want to wear it with your socks, ensure that the color of the socks matches your outfit. If you are looking for one of the most convenient shoes that can match most summer outfits, you should consider Birkenstock shoes.

One beautiful thing about these shoes is that you can wear them in all seasons – the winter and summer. Another benefit of Birkenstock shoes is that they can last for several years if you care for them properly.

Birkenstocks have several benefits, but you will find the top 7 reasons to buy Birkenstock shoes in this article. 

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