Are Doc Martens Business Casual? Can You Wear Them to Interviews?

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You might have already heard that you will be all good to go if you style things correctly when it comes to clothing. But have you ever seen someone wear Doc Martens to an interview? There is a high chance that you have not. 

So, are Doc Martens business casual? Can you wear them to the interviews? 

Yes, Doc Martens are business casual. By pairing them with a dress or pantsuit you can create a business-casual look. In addition, Doc Martens are available in a wide range of colors and styles, making it easy to find a pair that suits your personal taste.

Well, we are here to finally unravel the truth!

Are Doc Martens Business Casual

How Can You Wear Doc Martens Professionally?

We are going to go ahead and state that Doc Martens are good shoes to wear at a professional interview. You might then question – can I wear Doc Martens to an interview out of the way.

But there is a big if, which involves you styling it in the right manner. And in this segment, we will talk all about that. So, continue reading if you plan to feel confident and set a bold statement while wearing Doc Martens.

Doc martens with a Double Breasted Suit

Suits are outfits that scream professional. And you can wear a double-breasted suit with a pair of Doc Martens without having to worry one bit. Get yourself proper pants and rock it with your Doc Martens. A proper example of such type of pants would be suit pants.

However, do not tuck when wearing suits with Doc Martens. That will make you look unprofessional. Also, you need to consider the type of Doc Martens you are wearing. We suggest wearing a high-top over a low-top because it will make you well-dressed. It will also allow your suit pants to rest properly on the boots.

When it comes to the color of the boots, you can wear a pair of black boots. In fact, many would prefer black as it is a universal color and will blend easily with any business casual outfit. You will also want to wear a striped tie if your double-breasted suit shirt is blue. Other ties will make you seem a bit less professional.

Regular Suits with Black Suit Pants

Don’t have a double-breasted suit? The regular suit with black suit pants is your answer to look bold in the workplace. And in this case, your choice of Doc Martens should be pair of shoes that come in black color. In fact, it is the best shoes that you can wear as an employee of an office or as an interviewee.

If you look at the boots collection of the Doc Martens, you will notice there is something called 1460. That would be a perfect pick for this outfit. Those boots have a stylish black color and are very easy to shine. But that does not mean that you can not get your style going with other shoes. Any black boots of Doc Martens will do.

On that note, if you get the suit pants in black color with a white shirt, you will set a very bold statement with the outfit. The black shoes cannot go wrong with these professional looks.

Other than that, we recommend a plain black shirt with the shoe. That will make the boots blend well with the office outlook. And you will set a bold figure on the interview. Also, you can tuck the suit pants with this dress. The shirt really calls for it.

Now, when it comes to the tie with this style, a bow tie will make you look good with what you are wearing. However, a wine striped or patterned tie will go well with this dress style as well. Also, it will be totally a good idea to wear a beltless suit in an interview.

But, whatever you do, do not make the Doc Martens come out too bright. In fact, bright dress shoes do not go well with professional clothes at all. So, make your office dress-up look brighter than your shoes.

Blend Black Blazers with Doc Martens

If you are a female interviewee, it would be best if you wear black blazers. This will be a sign that you are professional and you have somewhere professional to be. And instead of wearing heels or sneakers for the job interview, get the Doc Martens. 

Heels or sneakers will give you more of a casual look, while you will look professional if you wear Doc Martens with that dress. Also, it would be best to get yourself a white inner T-shirt with a black blazer for an interview-ready look. Again, that will be a sign that you are giving off a bold statement in terms of looks.

Is It Okay to Wear Doc Martens to Work?

Doc Martens are highly versatile boots. You wear the boots as regular, casual, or even semi-casual shoes. Also, as long as your Doc Martens are not worn-out, you will be capable of wearing this type of shoes to work. It will make you achieve a casual yet work-ready outlook.

On that note, the features make the Doc Martens an excellent shoe for work. Most of these shoes will have a slip-resistant trait. They will even offer you total overall protection on your feet. 

Furthermore, unlike people’s regular shoes to work, Doc Martens are highly comfortable. You can stand with these shoes on for hours without feeling discomfort. So, if you think that you do not have any shoes to wear to work, the Doc Martens should be your go-to choice.

Can You Wear Doc Martens with Jeans?

If you think of wearing a casual outfit, let us assure you one thing: the Doc Martens will indeed blend well with it. In fact, the Doc Martens 1460 will go stellar with the normal jeans. And if you wear that outfit, you will look pretty casual.

Now, if you want to wear the best combination with jeans, we recommend wearing a plain T-shirt and a leather jacket. That will make you stand out a lot in the crowd. Furthermore, the black leather jacket will blend exceptionally well with black jeans. And the best part is that this outfit will be ideal for both men and women.

Will I Look Good with Skinny Jeans and Doc Martens?

Skinny jeans are pretty trendy. And the great news is that you can undoubtedly make them blend with the Doc Martens. However, we would recommend the Vegan Fashion Boot from Doc Martens more than the others in this case. It will make your skinny jeans blend perfectly with the overall outlook.

Now, if you want to take this outlook to the next level, you can wear a full sleeve T-shirt or sweater with a pair of sunglass. That will make you look exceptionally well. Also, if you do not have black jeans, do not panic. The blue jeans will go reasonably well with this overall outlook.

On that note, we would recommend the round necks when it comes to the full sleeve T-shirt or sweater. Those have a touch of classiness to them. And they will undoubtedly make you look like someone with a great fashion sense.

Can you wear doc martens with shorts?

As we have mentioned earlier, you will look great if you can style things correctly. And the same thing goes with the shorts. However, the shorts would be a bit inappropriate for a work environment. And it will make you look very unprofessional.

However, you can definitely pair the Doc Martens with your shorts for casual outings. And the case applies to both females and males. If you plan on wearing shorts, it would be great to get an oversized T-shirt if you are a female. It would be the most classic way to wear Doc Martens with shorts.

If you are not really comfortable wearing oversized T-shirts, you can switch with something that will go with the outlook. Switch it up with regular-sized T-shirts, for example.

Nonetheless, the short version of the story is that you cannot pick shorts for an interview. Considering that, the shorts should not be your choice with the Doc Martens if you are going to an interview.

Final Words

So, if you are still wondering are Doc Martens business casual or not, they are! Even though many will dislike wearing boots to the workplace, Doc Martens can help you look apart and make you stand out. However, before you do pair the boots up with your choice of outfits, keep our suggestions in mind.

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