Birkenstock Style And Wearing Tips (Helpful Guide)

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Birkenstocks are a kind of sandal that are comfortable and versatile to wear. For many years it has been one of the hottest and trendy footwear. People can wear it with any outfit due to its adaptability to color varieties. These shoes are not only stylish but also durable and long-lasting. 

The design of Birkenstocks is also fabulous and suitable footwear for any season. So let’s dive into the best Birkenstock style and wearing tips.

Birkenstock Style And Wearing Tips

Birkenstock Style And Wearing Tips

Birkenstocks became famous footwear not just for their super comfortable feature. But they are also trendy among younger generations. Even celebrities and famous people wear them to look fashionable and feel good. Which leads Birkenstock to earn more popularity. 

Not like any other sandals, The footbed of Birkenstocks is molded to match the shape of our natural feet. The design of natural shape helps support the feet.  Birkenstocks have a wide range of different styles. These are also manufactured from different materials. 

Birkenstocks are also popular for various designs, footbeds, and bright colours. 

You will be able to decide which style of Birkenstocks is best for you after reading this article.

Best Wearing Tips For Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks shoes can be worn with any outfit. But if you follow the tips below will make you more fashionable. 

For Men

  • Slim and skinny-fitting jeans are the best to wear with Birkenstocks. To reduce the bunching of denim they can be rolled up at the hem.
  • In the milder months period, wear chinos instead of jeans with neutral tops. Brown Birkenstocks will fit perfectly with those.
  • In any formal occasions wear black instead of blue and wear matching black Birkenstocks. To look smarter black is preferable to blue Birkenstocks. 
  • Birkenstocks with chino shorts can be a great option for both formal and casual events. Navy tee shirts during downtime days and light blue will go when you need to impress. 
  • For street style Birkenstocks, team up denim shorts with Birkenstocks, and to make it whole wear muscle fit tee shirts. Also, denim shirts are much preferable.

For Women

  • The most versatile style for women is the Arizona sandals which look fabulous for both formal and casual events.
  • Birkenstocks are an alternative to heels with skirts of any length or designer dresses. This way women can experience comfort without compromising personal style.
  • Make sure to wear Birkenstocks that match the same color as your jumpsuit and keep a small accessory.
  • While wearing Birkenstocks to work, make sure to choose black or dark brown instead of plain and light colors.
  • In summer Birkenstocks look great with sparkling outfits or black and white denim.

Which Style Of Birkenstocks Is Best

Birkenstocks are mostly known for extreme comfort rather than stylish. Nowadays the younger generation and celebrities wear these shoes for the elegant design. Besides, no other shoes can provide so much comfort as Birkenstocks. Even long walks are easier and more comfortable wearing Birkenstocks.  Most casual sneakers cannot provide the type of feel like Birkenstocks. 

In any formal events or casual events, Birkenstocks is must-have footwear. These are elegant in design and stylish. Below are some descriptions that will help you to find which style of Birkenstocks is best for you

1. Birkenstock Arizona

Arizona is one of the most iconic from Birkenstocks brand. This shoe boasts a signature footbed of cork and a two-strap design. The straps also feature a flexible buckle that can be fit on any leg. The footbed also has three layers for extra comfort. 

Birkenstock Arizona

Arizona shoes come in color variety and manufacturer materials. But the black Amalfi leather is an especially preferable fashion style.

2. Birkenstock Boston

You can also check out Birkenstocks Boston for a bit more coverage as a classic combo. These sandals recently became more popular for their elegant style and toe concealing feature. You can wear them as regular sandals for any casual occasion or event. Boston also has a tri-layered foam footbed that provides good perception. 

Birkenstock Boston

Boston has a wide range of leather but the most purchased and favorite model is the taupe suede model. It keeps things sophisticated due to being manufactured with premium material. 

3. Birkenstock Barbados

If you are looking for more fashionable and modern sandals, you can also check Barbados. The sandals are casual and completely waterproof. These are 100% EVA which makes them washable and lightweight. And wearing socks is not necessary for this one.

Birkenstock Barbados

The footbed of Barbados is cushioned and molded as our feet design that provides us Birkenstock level comfort. In various colour designs, the silver one is more eye-catching and premium which will look good with swim trunks and tee.

4. Birkenstock Zermatt

Birkenstock Zermatt

There are house shoes made with wool that are extremely comfortable. The shoe also features a removable footbed to make the upper easy to wash. These are not designed to wear outside. But they will upgrade your experience while working at home.

5. Birkenstock Gizeh

Birkenstock Gizeh

Gizeh sandals are mainly for women which have deep footbeds that naturally surround toes. It also has straps that can be adjustable. The footbed is made out of ergonomic, foam, and sunken cork. The simple design will go with any dress you wear.

6. Birkenstock Milano

Birkenstock Milano

Milano has been designed the same as Arizona but with more walkability, the design of the front looks the same as Arizona. They also feature two leather straps that are adjustable. But at the back, there is another strap that will provide secure hiking. The footbed is try-lard, so no compromise in comfort. 

How Do You Wear Fashionable Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are now trendy and fashionable for every man and woman. Different sorts of shoes can be worn with various outfits to look cool. So the reason is no matter what you wear with it, it still looks fabulous. There are varieties of styles for men and women.

How To Wear Men’s Birkenstocks

  • With Arizona, Skinny jeans will look great. Just make sure to roll up the hems to avoid the bunching of denim. A casual tee and watch is the perfect outfit to complete the look. 
  • The Gizeh is smarter flip flops that can be worn with distressed jeans. Pair it with an appropriate top for an elegant look. Also, you can wear it with a thin jumper on slightly chilly days. 
  • Birkenstocks also can be worn depending on your wardrobe. For example, blue fit jeans and a gray tee would be a standard look. 
  • White shirts and black Jeans are smarter outfits that can be worn with Arizona Birkenstocks. Make sure to wear socks and matching Arizona with slim fit jeans. 
  • In summer white denim paired with a thin jumper will work perfectly. It would look great with tan strap Birkenstocks.
  • Also during summer Chino shorts with Birkenstocks Milano sandals will upgrade the looks. Completing it with a short and fitting tee shirt and a hat going to make them look more fabulous. 

How To Wear Women’s Birkenstocks

  • Women’s Birkenstocks will look great with jeans. Make sure to choose denim that is above the ankle. You can also roll up the jeans to uncover the sandals. Arizona two straps going to inject attitude into your denim outfit.
  • During summer wear your favorite dresses combine with flip flop Birkenstock comfy sandals. They provide you with comfort with a soft footbed. The footbed is shaped like your foot to give you a good walking experience.
  • Black leggings and a light blue shirt will fit you perfectly if you wear with black one strap Birkenstocks. 
  • You can also wear a jumpsuit with Birkenstock. It would be an alternative to heels. We know heels are best with jumpsuits. But the comfort Birkenstock will offer the most. Just keep in mind to wear matching sandals with the Jumpsuits.
  • In winter choosing sandals is difficult. Because you don’t want to freeze your toes. In this case, you can try Birkenstock Boston. These shoes will go perfectly with jeans and biker jackets. They will protect your toes from getting frozen and give you a comfortable experience. 

Are Birkenstock in Style 2022

Yes, Birkenstocks are really keeping their pride still in 2022. Birkenstock are popular and stylish in 2022 as it was in the past few years.

The Arizona is one of the known and purchased Birkenstocks. Arizona still has popularity due to its comfort. The footbed of Birkenstocks is made of soft cork. It is molded in the shape of the natural feet. You won’t feel this good wearing any other sandals like Birkenstocks. 

Arch Support

The heels are designed like a deep cup that firmly carries the pressure point of our feet. The arch support of Birkenstocks manufactured crossways across the shoe. This design helps you to keep your balance firmly and avoids wobbling while walking. 

You will also find toe gripping that helps increase blood circulation of the toes and roll your foot naturally. 


Unlike other shoes, the footbar of the Birkenstocks is made of cork. Which is incredibly comfortable and flexible. The edging of the Birkenstock is elevated to protect your toes from crooked surface obstacles. 


Also, the sizing of the shoes is great considering the heels and the cups which fit nicely on the feet and toes. The footbed is soft and gentle to our feet. To help flow the blood circulation of our body freely they manufactured an asymmetrical foot designs.  

Trend & Celebrities

The shoes are also fashionable and stylish. You could wear any type of cloth with Borkenstoke footwear due to their featured design. You’ll also find various colors and models to choose from.

These days celebrities wear these shoes as a style. The Use of Birkenstocks has increased day by day. Just because of what they offer and their unique design Birkenstocks became the fashion of 2022.

White Birkenstock Trend

These days white Birkenstocks have become a trend for everybody. During the summer the heat began to rise. To prevent heat from ruining shoes the design industry manufactured white Birkenstocks. These are not oil paints. 

Summer is perfect weather to wear white Birkenstocks. The footbeds are comfortable and also fashionable for those who wear them. Young generations are wearing it with the proper outfit to make white Birkenstocks trendy in 2022.

FAQ in Birkenstock Style

Which Birkenstocks Are Trending?

Ans: Arizona is the most trending Birkenstocks. Aso Baston, Zermatt, Gizeh, and Milano are the most purchased footwear of Birkenstocks.  

What Birkenstock Styles Come In Narrow?

Ans: 80% of women’s feet are narrow. You also find Gizah, Arizona, Madrid, and Salina. These are the Birkenstocks for narrow feet. They all provide straps to adjust your feet if you need extra narrow shoes.  

Which Birkenstock Style Is Best For Wide Feet?

Ans: For wide feet, Arizona is best. These shoes have two adjustable straps. You can easily widen those up to fit the wider feet. 


Birkenstock sandals are one of the most popular and well-loved types of footwear available. They are comfortable, stylish, and durable. They have been designed only to provide great support for our feet. To keep our feet in a natural and healthy shape these shoes play a great role. Each pair has its unique and well-designed footbeds which hold our feet nice and firmly. 

Over a decade Birkenstock has evolved and still continues to deliver the best quality products to support our feet greatly. Birkenstock has earned our trust. So without any doubt, we can say that Birkenstocks are good for our feet.

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