Why Do My Crocs Squeak When I Walk? (Causes & Solutions)

Last updated on September 18th, 2022 at 08:42 pm

Crocs are the best clogs designed to be comfortable and effective for plantar pain, aching feet and bunions. The shoes are so pleasant to wear anywhere. If you have used Crocs before, you may be familiar with the squeaking sound of Crocs.

The most common reason for Crocs to squeak is because they are wet. When Crocs get wet, the material they are made from expands and contracts, which causes the characteristic squeaking sound.

The squeaky shoe noise from your Crocs is sometimes very annoying for users. Sometimes it has a shoe rubbing effect. So, many Crocs users are searching for the answer of causing squeaking noises. Some solutions can take you out of this problem.

Why Do My Crocs Squeak When I Walk

Why Do My Crocs Squeak When I Walk?

It is hard to say the specific reason behind squeaky crocs. However, it can be caused by the rubber sole material of the shoes. Besides, the tiny holes available at the clogs’ top can cause a squeaking sound.

But the main reason may be that when you walk with your Crocs, your foot and sole make friction, and the sound appears. So, it is not the fault of the Crocs. Besides, when your clogs sweat, you can face a squeaking sound.

So, it seems that to hear squeaking sound from Crocs is a common matter. But the sound is indeed annoying. When you walk in the crowd, people can notice the sound, and you feel uncomfortable.

A squeaking sound also can appear if dirt gets inside the rubber shoes. When you wear your clogs and walk for a long time, it is common to build dirt inside the shoes. So, you can clean the dirt daily to eliminate the annoying sound.

Why Do My Fuzzy Crocs Squeak When Walking?

Creating a squeaking sound is common for a pair of Crocs. But it is hard for me to specify the real cause because you can face this problem for different reasons.

When you walk for a long time, your get sweaty feet. The Friction between sweat feet and Croc soles makes a squeaky shoes sound. It is annoying when you are with other people outside. After long use, your clogs can get dirty. So a pair of muddy Crocs also makes the sound.

How To Stop Crocs From Squeaking

How To Stop Crocs From Squeaking?

You can follow some ways to get rid of squeaking Crocs. You can easily select the effective way and try it for your clogs. First, let’s see how to stop the squeaking sounds from a squeaking shoe.

Talcum Powder Or Baby Powder

Talcum powder is a useful thing that helps you to eliminate the squeaking sound of your Crocs. This common ingredient is available in every home. So take some talcum powder in your hand and rub it in your shoes.

When you use talc, it fills the cracks of your shoes and also takes moisture. So, when you walk, you do not hear any squeaking sound.

Dry Your Shoes

When your Crocs get damped, it is common to face squeaking. So, drying your Crocs shoe soles out is another good decision. You can keep them near a fan and blow the fan directly towards them. Thus, you can dry your shoes quickly.

Clean The Soles

Another useful thing to do is to clean the soles of the Crocs. Use a nail brush to clean the bottom side. For this, you can take some soapy water to remove all the dirt properly from the soles. Thus, you can stop squeaking Crocs.

Break The Shoes In

It is another better idea. You should wear your Crocs every day after purchasing them. Then, when the shoes break in and become softer, you may not find the annoying noise while walking. Wear them in the house and walk speedily.

To lean break in crocs quickly check this croc break in guide.

Use Chalk

Chalk not only absorbs moisture but also works as a lubricating agent. So, take chalk and use it in your shoes. Then use your hand to rub it finely around the shoes. Thus chalk gets into the holes in the surface of the shoes. Keep your shoe rest for 15-20 minutes.

Silicone Spray

Another good thing is silicone spray. You will get this lubricant in the hardware stores. Buy a silicone spray bottle. Then spray the silicone directly in the sho0es. Do not use a large amount. Now with fingers, properly rub it in the whole area.  

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How To Stop Crocs Strap From Squeaking?

When you fail to purchase the right Crocs for your feet, the long or short straps can make a sound. However, I am here to show you the solution. Why do my crocs squeak when I walk? Let’s continue.

Ensure The Right Size

The reason for the noisy Crocs may be purchasing the wrong size. The straps can make a sound if your Crocs are small or too big. In addition, the friction of your feet and straps creates noise. So, first, ensure the right size when purchasing the Crocs.

Wear Socks

Clean and dry socks can stop the squeaking of the straps of your favorite Crocs. It prevents friction between your feet and shoes. Besides, if your shoes are bigger, it is the right solution.

Use Oil

Using mineral oil can stop crocs straps squeaking. Just a few drops of mineral oil all the around of crocs strap to move the straps with hand a few times. It will stop the squeaking completely.

FAQs in Crocs Squeak

Why Crocs Nurse Shoes Squeak While Walking?

If you are a nurse and wear nurse shoes, it can squeak for several causes. Your Crocs Nurse Shoes can squeak for the types of the floor. The glass floor in the hospital is mostly responsible for squeaking Crocs.

Why Do My Lined Crocs Squeak?

For lines, your lined Crocs squeak. However, to get rid of the noise, you can clean the lines gently. Use warm water and mild soap.

Do All Crocs Squeak?

No, not all Crocs squeak. Many users reported that their Crocs don’t make any noise at all, while others say that only certain styles or models of Crocs squeak.


I hope you are now getting the best solutions to the question; Why do my crocs squeak when I walk? Try any of them. If you find one ineffective, you can try another. Squeaking noises of Crocs are annoying when we are outside with other people.

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