Are Birkenstocks Earthing Shoes? (All You Need To Know)

Last updated on May 3rd, 2022 at 06:55 pm

Earthing shoe or grounding shoe is a trendy topic in recent times. The electromagnetic field of the earth is connected to this type of shoe. It helps the ground electron to come to your body, and free it from radicals. But the looming question is, are Birkenstocks earthing shoes?

The answer is a resounding yes. The natural soles of Birkenstocks provide the customers with overwhelming good feelings. Birkenstocks is a notable shoe company with a lot many stylish features and diversified collections. 

That’s not the end here. Birkenstocks earthing shoes or ground shoes come with a number of benefits. If you dunno them, hang on. We are gonna unravel them in detail. 

Are Birkenstocks Earthing Shoes

What does Earthing or Grounding mean? 

To put it simply, grounding means reconnecting humans to the earth and its vast electronic charges. It is a scientific phenomenon that describes how we can get benefited from the electron charges of the earth. 

So when someone walks barefoot, the conductor of electrons or the earth, neutralizes any free radicals, antioxidants, inflammatory properties, and whatnot. Basically, it revives the idea of going back to prehistoric times of our ancestors when we had a better connection with the earth. 

Does it have any scientific backing? 

This grounding therapy has numerous scientific evidence backings and more extensive research is on the queue. The first-ever research was done by the polish and then American scientists in the 90s. 

They believed that the reconnection to mother earth helps to regain the biological rhythm. The electrodynamics of blood and the recapture of the immune system are some of the well-known facilities predicted by scientists. 

Electrical conductivity helps to improve mood, sleep condition, and immunity according to the researchers. Recent studies also show the same type of result. 

Does earthing carry any risks?

Walking barefoot can pose some risks as well. People with sensitive feet can stumble into sharp objects and hurt themselves. Moreover, diabetics should be more careful, for the injuries on them can be risky. 

Therefore, it is optimal to use footwear while walking. Earthing shoes can provide the same benefits while protecting the feet from unwanted objects. 

What is Earthing Shoes? 

Earthing shoes are naturalized shoes to connect us to the earth. This type of shoe has copper buttons to plug your feet into the soil. While other shoes disrupt your connection with the earth, earthing shoes provide a positive impact with the thin, soft sole.

It is a floating island of excellence amidst the ocean of mediocrity, we can say. The earthing technique only works when you walk barefoot. But it is not possible to walk shoeless all the time, is it? Therefore, we need to take the help of specialized shoes. 

The embedded copper disc on the sole doesn’t hinder your walking, by the way. It helps the induction and conduction process of electrons from the earth to the body and vice versa. 

With the advent of moderns shoes, we have lost electrical connection with the ground. Modern shoes are insulating that prevent any electron transfer. The shoe soles here are mostly made with synthetic or rubber material. While earthing shoes use eco-friendly, natural materials.

What are the Advantages of Earthing Shoes? 

There are several benefits of wearing earthing sandals like pain reduction, stress relief, anti-inflammation, better sleep cycle, etc. Clint Ober pointed out more advantages in his epoch-making book named Earthing. But let’s now probe into the elaborate benefits of grounding shoes.

Shoe Earthing Book
Earthing Book by Clinton Ober
  1. Inflammation Reduction 

Chronic inflammation can be a great concern for some people. The domino effect of inflammation may last for years. So, what to do then? 

Well, you need to get grounded. You shall receive free electrons from the earth in the process. The antioxidant properties will reduce body inflammation and neutralize neutrophils oxidation. 

  1. Pain reduction 

Scientists have found significant evidence that wearing earthing can lead to pain reduction and wound healing. It works in the same manner as the inflammatory response we get from the ground. 

Studies show that having Grounding shoes with copper on can lead to a speedy recovery from swelling, arthritis, wounds. It may be due to the placebo effects. But the pain healing process is true to the core. 

  1. Biological Rhythm Restoration 

Think of our ancestors centuries back. They had a circadian rhythm of sleeping and waking. But now we barely have a good sleeping cycle, let alone a rhythmical one.  Vegan grounding shoes can restore that internal clock of our body. 

The balancing factors of the earth can resolve our serious issues like insomnia, mood swings, and fatigue-feeling. That’s more or less can solve our other related problems. 

  1. Cardiovascular Health

Wearing shoes like the Birkenstocks ESD can improve your cardiovascular health and blood flow. These shoes can increase the red blood cell charge. AS a consequence, your blood viscosity is reduced automatically. 

This is not the end here. You can improve your HRV from the experience of grounding. Therefore, you get a healthy heart and balanced blood flow. 

  1. Other Advantages 

The electron mechanism coming from the ground can enhance brain functions. Earthing mats or earthing sandals can regulate the neurological balance to the optimal. Moreover, the electrical flow is said to have positive impacts on stress management. 

Are Birkenstocks good earthing shoes?

Though most Birkenstocks shoes are of earthing types, you should check them before purchasing. Some stylish freaks might buy the wrong sole and find no benefits. 

Thick Birkenstocks shoes are not earthing. They are for style and fashion. But most of the thin-soled ones are grounding. So if you choose the right bargain, you can get the maximum benefits from Birkenstocks. 

Birkenstocks is a famous brand in the shoe industry and most of their products are reliable and stylish. It uses orthopedic insoles and natural latex for healthy foot cushioning. 

Are Birkenstocks good for your feet? 

Ordinary shoes are prone to causing pain. Especially, many shoes are uncomfortable and can make your walking near impossible. According to some statistics, 75% of American face foot problems in their life. 

To counter this, Birkenstocks shoes have leather and carbon in the shoe soles. It’s quite flexible and comfy. It can vanish your foot pain and other foot problems. So Birkenstocks is a good option for keeping your foot health intact.

Birkenstocks sandal
Birkenstocks sandal

Birkenstocks Earthing shoe Alternatives 

So, Birkenstocks are the best earthing shoes. But this is not the only option. There are two shoe brands namely Earth runner and Pluggz in the sector offering the same facility. Let’s know them in detail. 

Raum Goods

Raum Goods is one of the pioneers of earthing footwear. Though based in the USA, they supply their shoes in American continents, Europe, and beyond. You can choose from the various colors of Raum goods. 

Raum Goods uses copper metal discs for the electron charge flow from the ground. As they don’t use any synthetic materials, you can comfortably wear them.


Pluggz is similar to Birkenstocks earthing shoes for winter that connect you to the earth’s energy. It offers significant diversity in styles including flats and flip flops. They are both suitable for males and females. 

Pluggz uses rubber and carbon for better conductivity. The soles here are made of natural substances and you feel like walking shoeless with them. The comfy foam provides the users with maximum health benefits.

Earth Runners

Earth Runners is another familiar brand in the conductive shoe industry. It offers an ergonomic design and comfy laces for better walking experiences. Earth Runners sandals help to engage you with the Circadian lifestyle. 

According to the users, Vigram outsoles are more or less highly comfortable. This brand is optimal for those who love outing and traveling a lot. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens when you get Birkenstocks wet?

Birkenstocks is made out of sustaining rubber soles. So it can withstand the adversity of the weather. Though long-term exposure to water can deteriorate the shoe condition, it is not the usual case. 

However, if your shoe gets wet, you should make it dry instantly. Never dry shoes near a fireplace or similar heat sources. 

Do Birkenstocks get smelly? 

It is a common problem for all sorts of shoes. If you wear them all the time, shoes can have a stinky smell. But regular cleaning can remove any foul smell. So Birkenstocks can also get smelly. 

How do you clean Birkenstocks without ruining them?

To clean the Birkenstocks, you should get a clean cloth first. Then, soak the cloth in lukewarm water. After that, clean the shoe with the cloth without completely wetting them. Never hold your shoe ino running tap water. And never wash them in pools or rivers.

Are Birkenstocks good for long walks? 

Well, Birkenstocks shoes are quite good for long outings. As they are comfy to wear, you can explore and travel a long way with the electrical flow in your body. That necessarily means you can utilize these shoes for long walks.

Conclusion about are Birkenstocks Earthing Shoes?

Birkenstocks shoes are definitely one of the best earthing footwear ever made. If you want the soil’s energy to flow through your body, you should definitely try out this brand. 

Once you start using the magical sandals, you shall feel the difference for yourself. You can feel the chronic pain gone, stress relieved, inflammation dealt with, and your sleep cycle recovered. Overall, you can be a revived soul.

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