Crocs Vs Birkenstocks: Which Is Better For Your Feet?

The post-pandemic world has seen many changes. One of these changes is seen in the way people choose their footwear. Many companies are opting to work from home, so people are shifting their love from shoes to sandals. Following it, crocs and Birkenstocks have returned to the market with their comfortable slip, sandals, and shoe. 

And that has heated the debate, “Crocs vs. Birkenstocks, which footwear is better for your feet. Also, which sandal and shoe brand are suitable for foot conditions, including planer fasciitis.?” 

Birks come with a neutral design and shape that suits most adults. Also, Birkenstocks are known for their support during hiking and walking. On the other hand, crocs are almost always cheaper. You will also find its three different toe sizing highly beneficial. 

As you see, both footwear brands have their unique advantages. Thus, it would help if you went through their pros and cons to see which fits your feet better. You may also consider their design, style, durability, variations, and affordability to choose between Birkenstocks and crocs. 

Crocs Vs Birkenstocks: The Real Differences 

Crocs and Birkenstocks are two of the leading sandal and slip-on manufacturers in the American footwear market. These two footwear brands have unlimited models for men and women. Also, they focus on workers to ensure improved comfort and safety in the workplace. 

With all such high-end features, these footwears have many significant differences. Therefore, when deciding between these two, you must go through the distinctions first. 

The material difference:

Crocs and Birkenstocks are easily differentiable by their material. Crocs are mainly made of EVA midsole and clogs. Also, it has thermoplastic material. However, the manufacturer has never revealed their products’ material list. 

Of course, we know it has the famous Croslite material. However, we don’t yet know what the manufacturer uses to construct the Croslite material. So, there’s a lot of debate about using the element in crocs. 

On the other side, Birkenstocks have never been shy of telling their footwear material. They use jut, cork, and leather. Their authentic cork material is ideal for many foot conditions. 

The difference in design:

Another striking difference between Birkenstocks and crocs is in their design. Birkenstocks mainly offer open-structured shoes. The toe remains open, while the heel has a strap for quick adjustment. It has only a few closed-toe models only to match crocs’ comfort. However, these aren’t as impressive as the original crocs are. 

Conversely, crocs have both open and closed-toe designs. You can choose from these wide varieties depending on your preference. If you love barefoot, you better go with the Birkenstocks. Crocs don’t have that excellent barefoot feeling, even with its open-toe design. 

Ventilation and appearance:

Crocs have brilliant ventilation as its models have holes on the upper side. Although it has a rather dull design, crocs are more practical. You will admire the breathability with the holes on almost everywhere. It will keep your feet swear and moist free. However, with thermoplastic and Croslite material, it looks more like plastic. 

If you are looking for something modern and stylish, these don’t suit you. 

Birkenstocks have excellent ventilation too. The upper side is open with open toes. Also, its jute and leather material soaks moisture and sweat to keep your feet dry. On top of it, these sandals have an excellent design. You can easily match it with your types of denim and pants for a perfect casual look. 

The difference in functions and usability:

Crocs are mainly for workers and casual occasions. However, if you are a nurse or chef, you will love the versatility and support the sandals bring to your feet. In fact, there’s an ongoing debate on crocs vs. Birkenstocks nursing shoes. 

During the pandemic, crocs have become a staple for healthcare workers. With their arch support, stability, and natural stretchiness Following it, the sandals have become popular among restaurant workers with their water resistance and deeper lugs. In addition, it helped the workers stand and walk throughout the day without foot aches or pain. 

On the other side, Birkenstocks are for more serious jobs. These are perfect for walking and trekking with a supportive design. You will find stability and high-quality material suitable for walking, trekking, and even jogging. 

The difference in toe design and sizing:

Most importantly, Birkenstocks don’t offer any adaptive sizing for the toes. The toe is open mainly with only a few closed-toe designs. Conversely, crocs have three different sizing for the toe. These are:

  1. The standard toe for normal feet 
  2. The relaxed fit for a snug feel 
  3. The roomier ones for wider feet 

Thus, depending on your feet’s width, you can choose from these three toe sizes. It will help you get the snuggest fitting. This fitting improves comfort too. Sadly, Birkenstocks don’t have such variations in size and shape. In fact, this toe design is unique to crocs. 

Crocs Vs Birkenstocks

Similarities between Crocs and Birkenstocks 

Although crocs and Birkenstocks are market competitors, they share a few common things. First, these two pieces of footwear will easily slide on your feet. You won’t require more than seconds to put on and take off the sandals. 

Also, these sandals have natural contouring facility. Thus, they will easily match the natural shape of your feet. It is a great benefit because most of the footwear on the market will hardly match the contour of the feet. 

On top of it, both brands share excellent comfort and grip. The sizing is flexible and accommodative for both brands. Thus, you will enjoy a securer fit. It is multiple times better than the shabby flip-flops. 

A rather unusual similarity between the sandals is that they get stinky too quickly. If you sweat a lot, it will be troublesome. Thankfully, cleaning them is easy and fun. The traction of this footwear is also surprisingly good. Thus, you will be less likely to fall off the ground. It improves your standing and walking confidence on wet surfaces too. This enhanced traction is beneficial for workers in different places. 

Lastly, the footwear is suitable for those recovering from foot injuries and surgeries. They sit perfectly in-between stiffness and softness to provide your feet with greater comfort. In addition, your feet will feel relaxed as you wear them for extended hours. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crocs 

Crocs are famous for their comfort, contoured design, easiness of cleaning, and longevity. But, conversely, these shoes have a dull appearance and are not a great choice for everyday use, except in workplaces. 

Pros of crocs:

  • These shoes are water-friendly with a somewhat plastic construction. So, you can wear them on wet surfaces and puddles. It will further safeguard your feet from falling off with the deep lug and tractions. 
  • Crocs are cheaper, way cheaper than Birkenstocks. You can get a standard pair of crocs at around $30 to $40. These pairs will easily last three to four seasons due to the exotic thermoplastic design. 
  • Crocs with closed-toe designs will cover your feet and toe. Thus, you enjoy better support and security. If you hike a lot, this toe covering is essential. You will know its importance when your feet hit a rock, and the cover protects your toe. Birkenstocks don’t have much toe covering for enhanced security. 
  • The rubber used in crocs’ construction is flexible. It will stop the small objects that possibly can hit your feet. Also, the flexibility is comfortable for working throughout the day. 
  • You can adjust the straps with ease for the best fitting. The strap adjustment is easy and ideal for adventure lovers. 

These sandals have better adaptability, accommodative design, utterly waterproof design, and cheaper pricing. So. crocs are for all. Whether a worker or adventure lover, it’s there for you. 

Cons of crocs:

  • Crocs, with their distinctive design and color patterns, are easily recognizable. Although it won’t affect your workplace necessity, it isn’t made for parties. You will look like a fish out of the water. 
  • Crocs look ordinary. In fact, they are never for a style statement. What’s more, the welcome you will get wearing this footwear at parties or other times isn’t so pleasing. So, you may only choose it for workplaces or adventures, not everyday use. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Birkenstocks:

Birkenstocks are famous for their trendy and high-style design. These sandals look genuinely fantastic with authentic leather, natural jute, and clogs. Nonetheless, they are more expensive than crocs. 

Pros of birkenstocks:

  • With a neutral design, these sandals are suitable for everyone over 13. They have the proper support for both plantar fasciitis and flat feet. 
  • With exclusive designs and exotic names, these footwears are perfect for casual and everyday uses. Mocha, Stone, and Taupe designs are so stylish that you can wear them on almost every occasion. 
  • Birkenstocks are designed for use in walking, hiking, and trekking purposes. So, you will admit its superior support for sure. 
  • Birks, with their trendy and high-style look, will never disappoint you. In fact, birks will always elevate your fashionable appearance in public and private. So you won’t feel embarrassed about them. 
  • Birks come in many colors, shapes, and designs. Thus, you are free to choose from the widest collections.

Cons of birkenstocks:

  • These shoes are expensive. You need to pay a reasonable amount to buy a pair of these shoes. With $100 to $135 pricing, it’s almost 4X more than crocs. 
  • The sandals have open toes. So, it has less protection for the toes. It is a tremendous setback for hikers and trekkers. 
  • Birks are made of genuine leather. So, diving into pools with these leather sandals is not a good idea. Also, they lack water resistance. Working in rigs, lubricant, and chemical industries will be a problem. 

Crocs or Birkenstocks: Which Is Better For Your Feet?

There’s no definite winter of Birkenstocks crocs. These shoes have unique applications. If you need footwear for the workplace, you should go with crocs. Crocs are designed for workplaces with enhanced traction, water resistance, flexibility, and lightweight Croslite material. You will find it supportive and superior in nursing, restaurant, etc., jobs. 

Conversely, Birkenstocks are suitable for more casual uses in everyday life. You can wear them for walking, hiking, trekking, parties, etc. Plus, there’s no comparison of crocs vs. Birkenstocks sizing as they differ. 

So, here’s the answer:

“You may choose crocs for workplaces and where there’s water. On the other side, Birkenstocks are for casual everyday uses. You may have both footwear brands in your shoe racks.”

Crocs or Birkenstocks for Plantar Fasciitis

Birkenstocks are always better for plantar fasciitis than crocs. These shoes have natural clogs that provide ideal support for people with fasciitis. When you choose sandals for flat feet, look for the following points in your Birkenstocks:

  1. The sole should be well-cushioned and thick. 
  2. The fitting should be comfortable without any tight feel. 
  3. Your feet should get enough space to move freely. 
  4. The arch support needs to be medium, not too much or less. 

Also, Birkenstocks clogs have a natural contour design. So it will match the shape of your feet. When you continue wearing the sandals for a couple of days, they will expand to provide better comfort and support with every step. 

You may look for crocs vs. Skechers for a more competitive look into it. However, you can easily buy Birkenstocks and crocs on amazon through online orders. 


Crocs vs. Birkenstocks is a never-ending debate. However, there’s a fine line between the two top-tier footwear. Crocs, with their support, stability, sizing variations, closed toes, and waterproof design, is mainly for workplaces. Conversely, Birkenstocks are more for everyday and causal uses. As a result, there’s no actual competition between the two footwear brands. 

We recommend you get a pair of both footwear. It will serve your all-day needs, from workplaces to parties. 

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