Are Birkenstocks Good For Achilles Tendonitis? (Real Facts)

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Birkenstock shoes and sandals are good for preventing and healing Achilles tendonitis. Unlike other shoes, Birkenstocks have a deep heel cup that helps support the Achilles tendon and prevent it from rubbing against the back of the shoe. This prevents irritation and inflammation of the tendon, which can lead to heel pain and discomfort.

Whether plantar fasciitis pain or Achilles tendon pain, proper care is important. Achilles tendonitis or Achilles tendinopathy is a situation in which a person feels pain in his or her backside of the feet. It is mainly called heel pain or Achilles tendon pain. 

Some people call this situation foot pain. But heel pain can also be caused by plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis causes heel spur. Fasciitis or plantar fascia is different from Achilles tendonitis. Now, let’s explore how much are birkenstocks good for achilles tendonitis.

Are Birkenstocks Good For Achilles Tendonitis

Are Birkenstocks Good For Achilles Tendonitis

Birkenstocks are the ideal footwear for someone with Achilles tendonitis. It sold its first pair of shoes in 1896. Master cobbler Konrad Birkenstock first improved flexible footbed insoles. In 1902, he developed contoured arch support. Proper arch support helps to prevent Achilles tendonitis. Also, it helps in the healing of Achilles tendonitis. So, Birkenstock is good for Achilles tendonitis. 

People with flat feet or who are obese face Achilles tendonitis. The Achilles tendons weaken with age. Middle-aged males are prone to Achilles tendonitis for this reason. 

Sandals or shoes, any of these two is essential if you have Achilles tendonitis. The best shoe or sandal with contoured arch support will ease the pressure on the tendons. A supportive shoe will help in the healing process. 

Birkenstock is famous for its contour arch support technology and its style. Moreover, Birkenstock uses environmentally friendly adhesive to make its shoes. They have been selling shoes in the American market for over 50 years now. 

Their sandals and shoes are comfortable, stylish, and have contoured arch support. There are hardly any negative reviews of Birkenstock shoes on Amazon. Their sandals and shoes are verified and prescribed by doctors.  

What Is Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is an injury of the Achilles tendon. The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body. It connects the calf muscles of the lower leg with the heel bone. Achilles tendonitis occurs because of overuse of this tendon. 

There is a limit that the Achilles tendon can take. There are ways to increase this limit gradually. But sudden increase causes Achilles tendonitis. Runners are the main sufferers of this situation. Suddenly increasing the intensity and duration of their runs causes Achilles tendonitis. Also, middle-aged people who play basketball or tennis once or twice a week suffer from it.

Achilles tendonitis is treatable with simple, at-home care under a doctor’s supervision. Self-care is essential as repeated cases can end up with a rupture of the tendon. 

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Does Wearing Shoes Help Achilles Tendonitis

Shoes can help treat Achilles tendonitis. Though proper rest is required to heal the tendon. But properly designed shoes for a specific activity can help the healing process. 

A good supportive shoes distribute the pressure on the tendon evenly. This helps the tendon from stretching. Shoes designed to help Achilles tendonitis give excellent arch support. 

There are shoe brands for walking, working and playing. Each good supportive shoe gives over the contour firm arch support for the collapsed or flat arch. Proper resting and footwear with stretching is necessary. Icing will help to reduce swelling. 

What Shoes Do Podiatrists Recommend For Achilles Tendonitis

Birkenstock Unisex Barbados EVA Sandals are noteworthy among other Birkenstock men & women’s sandals. It can be considered the best shoes for achilles tendonitis. This lightweight sandal will give you flexible shock-absorbing foam for heel support and comfort. Birkenstock uses Ethylene Vinyl Acetate EVA to make these sandals. It has a great durable rubber outsole.

Unlike vionic sandals, Birkenstock molded this model on a cork sandal. It has contoured footbed features like four arches. This helps in even weight distribution. Good ankle support is a must for being the best sandals or best shoes. It also helps with proper posture. This sandal has deep cradles that properly cushion the heel bone. Cushioning heel bone is essential to prevent and heal Achilles tendonitis. Raised deep toe box helps the natural gripping motion of the feet. 

EVA midsole sandal is waterproof and machine washable. EVA is odor neutral. It is also skin-friendly for even the most sensitive skin. 

IF you are looking for sandals for achilles tendonitis, you may check Birkenstock Milano Unisex Soft Footbed Leather Sandal. It is suitable for walking. Using this sandal while walking will help to prevent Achilles tendonitis. Also wearing while having Achilles tendonitis, will also help in the healing process. This sandal has a deep heel cup for the deep heel cup bone and raised toe bars. This distributes the pressure on the Achilles tendons evenly. 

FAQs in birkenstocks Achilles Tendonitis

Can Sandals Cause Achilles Tendonitis

Yes and no, depending on the sandal. If you have a sandal with a heel, then it may put more strain on your Achilles tendon and cause Achilles tendonitis. If you have a sandal that is completely flat, then it likely will not cause Achilles tendonitis.

Do Arch Supports Help Achilles Tendonitis

Arch supports may help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with Achilles tendonitis by providing additional support and cushioning for the foot.

Can Birkenstocks Cause Achilles Tendonitis

Birkenstock sandals are generally not behind Achilles Tendonitis, but there is some concern about the impact. Some people may find that it helps to relieve their Achilles tendonitis, while others may not find them to be helpful at all.


Achilles tendonitis is a very common condition. At this point, you should be clear about “are birkenstocks good for achilles tendonitis”. There are preventive measures for this condition. But if you develop Achilles tendonitis, you can choose from the eye-catching designs of Birkenstocks. 

Ordinary flip-flops give almost no support to the Achilles tendons. A running shoe, athletic shoe, or walking shoe is always a better option than an ordinary flip flop. Sometimes dress shoes can also cause achilles pain. People with soft microfiber footbed cover should always buy their shoes or sandals with care. Achilles tendonitis can develop into Haglund’s deformity. So everyone should treat heel pain with care.

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